Arrival complete, commence information exchange.

Nissakii’s nocturnal tea time, what brought you here?

We may never know, but the most important thing already happened: You are here!

What is waiting for you, do you ask?

In our tea repertory we present you all kinds of content, from theory times that cover hard facts and deep discussions about your favourite anime or manga, to funny reviews that may make you decide on the next series to binge watch or read!

Want to know why your favourite character is a certain personality type or get some deep analysis in general, maybe even compare unrelated characters in a crossover post, you will find all kinds of stuff to read.

As well as several series that we have going for a longer period and different forms, you are more on the creative side?

Don’t worry even on-going long fanfictions or a short headcanon for the train ride to go, if you are craving an AU of your favourite series just check out the Fanfiction and Headcanon section.

Not everything will be about manga or anime only, especially in times of COVID but even for general issues we have a lot of reading content, tips and motivational posts that may make you see things from another perspective.

We are university students, which means exchange of tips for boosting your own study schedule or manage several things at the same time will soon be available right in front of you.

What does it cost?

Nothing but your precious time that we value, and every little comment would make us happy as well knowing your opinion is just as important to us!

Now that you are still reading this as it seems let me give the baton to our announcer!

@yuumei deviantart

Those case files are very confidential, but since it’s you Watson I can share a bit of this… secret agenda, how I personally like to call it.

I heard there is — I think kids call it Blog nowadays — going on this site and on top of that there are some strange individuals in charge of it.

Are you still following Watson?

Additionally it seems they even have a whole infiltration route under a code name called Update schedule, I may not be someone who follows a schedule of some kind, can you tell me more about what an update schedule is supposed to mean Watson?

Maybe this specific Update schedule?

I see, kind of shady if you ask me to upload one intricate posts in a week followed by one mini post, isn’t that suspicious?

What, you think the fanfiction and headcanon posts once in a week are more suspicious?

I am really curious now, they piqued my interest, those two…

Watson, what do you say?

Time for tea?

Watson that’s quite elementary if you ask me.

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