Yachi’s Magic Academy – Prologue


The young witch’s fateful encounter

A flock of crows flew over my head, slowly and slowly spreading their wings ominously overtaking the sky like a big cloud about to darken the whole country.

They turned and twisted until they divided and left again, a short but worthwhile show for itself.

Memories of them engraved flew into my little head as my mentor placed her index-finger on my forehead, the heat of the orange light was still a weird sensation.

A vivid way to tell stories of her own.

“Mentor Kiyoko, why do you always tell me those tales about crows?”, I dared to ask after a long silence as I regarded her dark purple witch hat that was right in place, her intense eyes that were staring at me as she leaned down and the blueish black hair strands that fell into my hands as I spread them out, much much  smaller than hers.

“Yachi”, she simply muttered and I had looked up my overly big baby blue witch hat covering half of my sight now as I tried to face her, “every witch has her personal symbol and partner, as for you”, I heard her shuffle.

For a moment I took my hands to adjust my head only to see her facing me with her back.

In my mere young years my family had decided to send me to her in order for me to become a proper witch, in my age where kids would still play around with their magic and hear lame tales I was already pushed into the arms of a Mentor that felt a bit too much to handle.

A considerate and always helping young lady but she was very silent and strict sometimes, a little bit cold if I had to say.

But she was always warm in the evening when she snapped a fire to tell me some tales about the kingdom of Miyagi and the many clans and tribes.

The stool that was too high for me almost fell over when I wanted to look what she was bringing over.

“Close your eyes for a second”, she said in a muffled voice when she disappeared in the room next door.

“Okaay”, I yelled while slapping both of my hands over my eyes, a tad too hard.

Some moments later I felt something heavy on my lap and it moved causing me to stiffen and screech.

“Shh, you will scare them”, she took my hands in a gentle way to calm me, took my hat as I looked down on the two baby crows sitting there on my lap.

One had a bit of orange colour close to his head while the other one was pitch black with some feather sticking out.

“Are those real?”, I stared intensely at my Mentor who nodded and took my hand to stroke them.

“The orange one is named Hinata and the other one is called Kageyama. Both of them were abandoned by the hill upwards so I took them in. Since you don’t have any partners for your journey yet, how about you form a bond with them?”, she smiled widely, her beautiful mole clearly visible in my eyes as I stared at the baby crows and back to her.

“I-I can? I mean are you sure?”, I didn’t even start proper training yet and have not decided if I am able to join an academy.

“I think you three will be a perfect match”, she pointed at Hinata who was already making his way to my hat and cuddled in, Kageyama vigorously following.

“Does that mean they like me?”, a laugh escaped my mouth as I put on the hat and felt both of them sitting comfortably under it.

‘Of course I like you or I wouldn’t be sitting on your head!’

I turned around swiftly as I heard a cute child-like voice resound in my ears.

“K-Kiyoko?! Did you hear that?!”

She giggled as she went off to prepare meal.

“It seems like you already formed a bond without you knowing.”

‘Bogee! Don’t take the whole place for yourself!’

Another rough but still child-like voice resounded.

“I-I don’t think I will get used to that!”


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