Is Oikawa Tooru an ENFJ ?

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(This article contains spoilers, so if you have not watched until season 3, you have been warned!)

His favourite food is milk bread, his favourite motto, “if you’re going to hit it, hit it until it breaks!”

But did you know that No.1 from Team Seijoh, Captain and Setter well-liked and loved by everyone (well almost everyone), is most likely an ENFJ?

ENFJ? What is an ENFJ?

Maybe some of you may have already heard or even done the MBTI personality test, if you still didn’t I will link you the site below, it is free and can be done in many languages.

The MBTI personality test basically gives the tester four letters meaning you are either E or I, N or T, F or S, and lastly J or P.

I did the test and by surprise, it was pretty much accurate, a tad too accurate in many good ways.

But I won’t really explain everything about MBTI here only the relevant letters, if you are interested in the other 15 personality types, just check out the link later! Also if you want to know whether Kageyama Tobio is an ISTJ or not, Nissa covered his personality in another blogpost!

After researching a bit more and finding out new stuff about the Myers Briggs Indicator and more of the functional stack as well, also called functions, you can find a revamped and more in depth version of this post here!

So back on track, why would I assume Oikawa is an ENFJ?

Through the whole three seasons that I watched and even repeated, I have pretty much analysed a lot about Oikawa him being my favourite character and me being an ENFJ, I truly clicked with him.

I could basically identify myself with him which I never could fully with a character or person until now.

ENFJ, means according to the MBTI test E stand for Extroverted, N for intuition, F for Feelings and J for judgement.

In the following I will give you a little detailed journey through my own analysis I made on Oikawa and that there is even more behind the shallow traits that the fandom always depicts.

Let’s start with the four letters and go with the flow!


Ah yes, who doesn’t know that one person always surrounded by people and never been seen alone no matter how long you have known them, no?

So basically, extroverted person’s “Batteries” work like this:

Charges when around people and feel energized.

Drained when being alone and feel sloppy.

They automatically find themselves in circles and sometimes even made a new friend without really intending too.

Oikawa is always around with someone, may it be his team, changing or going home with his friends as seen after training.

In season three when Hinata encounters his many rivals in front of the bathroom (who would have guessed) Oikawa is accompanied by Iwaizumi without knowing beforehand he will meet either Ushijima or Hinata there.

On his day off when Kageyama seeks advice Oikawa mentions that he trains kids on his Mondays off and that due to his girlfriend dumping him he spent time with his nephew as well, which means he basically seeks for company.

He even goes to the extent of teasing people to have someone around.


Intuition under the definition of MBTI means here, that people with the letter N are very curious and open-minded, focussing on future possibilities and always are open to try something new and creative, rather than go strict after a plan.

His serves underline this feature as he sometimes even hits them out of court while experimenting and his members knowing that fact teasing him to buy them ramen if he misses, fully aware that he is not going for his safe but stable serves.

I think this point is really easy to see on Oikawa, no matter the circumstances he his always open in letting the person he is tossing to trying their own things and play-style, rather than waiting for them to adjust to him, he rather is ready to adjust his tosses just the way the others want them in their playstyle.

Which means he is not looking for stability but rather is excited to see what new things he can bring out of people a trait that even Ushijima compliments.

A little indicator on the ENFJ’s nature to bring the best out of people and support them in their roles rather than being the leader, even if they find themselves in that spots, if not chosen by others.

Here again Oikawa is the Captain but everyone trusts him and sees him as the Captain rather than him pushing that fact on his team, because he basically brings out the best out of his team.


People of the type Feeling rather let their decisions and behaviour get influenced by how emotional they are and how they feel.

Especially ENFJs tend to overlook the logical side of things sometimes, when they are overly emotional and in their tracks of feelings, because feelings matter more to them than hard logical facts, making them even one of the most empathetic personality types out of 16.

For Oikawa it seems to be the case too, after being confronted by people he does not really like he openly shows that he is not very fond of them in his own way.

When he is angry, for example here, with Kageyama he does not back off and even starts a dispute with him not letting his emotions cool down, sometimes getting called a child by others like Iwaizumi.

ENFJs as well tend to speak their mind and what they honestly think, because honesty is one of their core values, leading them to look sometimes a bit too naive by others or even harsh and cold.

In Oikawa’s case he is always honest meaning he even praises and tells his rivals what to do or how he feels and thinks about something.

Ushijima mentioned to him that if it wasn’t for his pride he could have become a big part in Shiratorizawa’s Team after he was defeated by Karasuno, leading to Oikawa telling him that he is not ashamed of that pride of his that kept him from winning, even accepting defeat over lying to himself.

Another example would be when they lost the game and we saw in movie three that he openly cried, showed and spoke up about how aggravated he was and how he feels responsible for losing.

Sometimes this trait could be mistaken as being overly confident, arrogant or being a mean person even I have encountered this in my daily life when I honestly give my answer to some topics, same goes to Oikawa when he declared he would meet Kageyama again on the court in episode six making sure he plays from the start.

This was meant in a good challenging way and just at is, since Oikawa is not only looking at his own progress but constantly watches the progress of the others.

He knew the quick attack of Kageyama and Hinata was an amazing skill they had quickly established but he already saw its faults immediately pushing them to polish it.


Last but not least, J.

Meaning here according to MBTI’s definition, being decisive, organized and planning ahead to make a situation as predictable as possible and working on it thoroughly.

I think here are only two scenarios needed to make you see, yes Oikawa Tooru has the J.

Can you guess them?

Scenario one, when Seijoh was about to play the first time against Karasuno the first thing Iwaizumi did was warn Oikawa to not watch the the DVD through the whole night.

Later on the viewer could see Oikawa cowering on a chair, fully focussing on the match and basically studying it to be as precise as possible when it comes to countering their attacks, leading Seijoh to even block the Quick-attack early on in the game.

It was mentioned that Oikawa closes his eyes in his break and takes a moment to recover since he is always so overly focussed and thorough while playing.

Scenario two and therefore the end of this whole analysis, a flashback that was shown when Oikawa was training until the point Iwaizumi made him stop since he wanted to continuously work on himself to not ever lose again against anyone especially Ushijima or Kageyama, making him overwork himself in the process which is an trait ENFJs have due to their perfectionistic nature, always competing with themselves the most.


This is a rather short version of Oikawa being an ENFJ and I could have stated even more traits but I left it here to not lose myself like him in his DVDs.

Many people may mistake him for a logic or observant type but he is rather not since he was oblivious to the fact why his girlfriend dumped him or wouldn’t be very emotional about the small details in the anime that you can observe.

For me Oikawa is the very depiction of an ENFJ and with a lot of observation you can find those traits easily if you may (hopefully since the anime is really good) rewatch the series.

Here is the link to the MBTI personality test, check it out and maybe even test yourself too!

I would be happy if you left a comment how accurate the Test was for you and what type you are .

See you next time when it’s time for–


Ah no, I meant another Tea talk!

–   Makii

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