Emotionally Strongest Female Characters in Anime

Right, so what happens when you google “strongest female character in anime”? 

Easy, you get a list of absolutely great female fighters. Overpowered abilities or typical shounen-power induced fights. Of course I will never say that Erza Scarlet from Fairytail  isn’t one of the most powerful characters I’ve seen so far (since she keeps popping up everywhere when I search for powerful females) but I am looking for a different kind of strength.

You know a situation when anyone else would scream and wail and cry and there is that one character that just: stays calm, accesses the situation and acts accordingly to help others with no sense of their own survival? Heck yeah, that’s what I call strength. That’s also the reason why I let Erza slide, because she is strong in a physical sense, but especially in an emotional sense. Just watch some fight scenes of her, you’ll see. 

So what I want to do now is, list a couple of women in anime that have shown another type of strength. One that you can’t really put up on statistics.

You know who is really strong? My mom. I’m pretty sure a lot of people can agree on that, mothers are badass. Especially when their child is in danger. You know you fudged up when you hurt a mother’s child, they don’t care about themselves anymore and strive to do anything to save their kid. So without further ado, here’s my first badass double x-chromosomed wonder:

Eren’s Mom (Carla Yaeger) – Attack on Titan

You read me right! Maybe she won’t be able to kill any Titans on her own, but again we are looking for emotional strength here!

When the Titans attacked and she was crushed under her own house, did you hear any “ouch” or “help me?”. No! She was adamant that her children escape out of that dangerous place as soon as possible, immediately understanding that she was not getting out but her children could. Eren and Mikasa tried to help her of course, but she knew that it was the end for her. Her voice was shaking, yes, but she kept her own crippling fear in her head as she screamed at Eren to take Mikasa and run away. If you look at that scene again you will see how she slowly starts to realise her fate and still fights for her children to have a future. If that ain’t strength than I don’t know what is!

Kaori Miyazono – Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April is a beautiful anime in a lot of aspects, but why choose Kaori in this list? She is a girl in middle school without any immediate threat except for broken violin strings! Wrong! Kaori has realised in her very young life that she will die soon. Instead of having a whole anime arc on the fact that she will, she took a deep breath and said I will enjoy my life. It’s heartbreaking that we find this out at the end of the anime, because of her personality I thought she was a bit stuck up. I was so terribly wrong! Imagine a young girl accepting something that we are all afraid of: death, swallowing that down and starting her life anew. A young person that sees her parents cry at night that still strives to live the last part of her life with earnesty. She finds the love of her life and accepts she won’t have her perfect life with him. To find the strength and resolve to do that is astonishing to me, and that’s why she deserves her place here.

Yona-hime – Akatsuki no Yona

Yona starts as what I would like to call a prissy good for nothing. Sorry, but I really didn’t like her in the beginning. I believe it wasn’t really her fault, she was coddled by everyone around her since she was born, I mean she’s a princess! Still, there are two kinds of people. The one that crumble under disaster and the ones that rise. And my god, did Yona rise! She realises that she will not amount to anything if she continues to whine around all the time, I mean her father was killed in front of her eyes by the person she loved the most and for what? For a position of power. For the throne. For politics. Things that Yona never had to associate with, things she doesn’t understand. So what does she do? She makes her own position of power. She makes herself powerful by training and pushing herself to the limits. A girl that was only just a princess that was sitting around. She became a force to be reckoned with! Also, did you know that Su-won and Yona are cousins? This is no spoiler as the anime mentions it at the very beginning. Have fun with that knowledge! 

Sophie – Howl’s Moving Castle

I.Will.Never.Stop.Talking.About.Sophie. I  believe she is such an underrated character! Sophie is someone who is always there for everyone. She keeps her father’s shop running (we never find out if he dies or disappeared or what happened to him), she visits her sister and always stays late to care for the shop. Later in the movie she throws her whole life around to save Howl and Calcifer, as well as everyone else. Does she squirm? Does she whine about it? No! You know who was whining around? Howl! Not Sophie though, she took every opportunity that was thrown at her and every misfortune that was in her way, and used it to strengthen herself. She was cursed and her life was destroyed, then she was put into a war and had to fight to get the love of her life! I find her whole story arc heroic and powerful!

Akemi Homura – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Oh dear Homura-chan, what can I say? At the beginning of the anime she is the strongest magical girl around. She’s the most seasoned and cold of them all. The other girls see her as the apathetic and menacing one you shouldn’t mess with, but skip to the end of the story and you see what Homura actually was. The person she used to be. Her ability was weak in combat, she was always afraid and walking behind everyone else. Madoka was the one leading her to victory and pushing her to her limits. When the events of the anime unfolded and she realised Madoka was going to become a witch every time and leave her behind, she took matters into her own hands. She would let nothing get between herself and her best friend and she did everything she could. That’s her strength. Replaying the same pain over and over until she would get her happy ending. Sacrificing herself so Madoka can live. Strength my friends. That’s strength.

Maka Albarn – Soul Eater

Catch me simping over Maka all day any day, that girl is amazing. I mean yes, she is also physically strong but we won’t talk about that today. This absolute baller has endured literal insanity. You know like being insane? Yeah, she pushed through that! She was infected with the black blood just like Soul did and I can’t forget her resolve and power in the last episodes either. She saw her partner get sliced in front of her, endured multiple traumatising incidents, never failed to be the best student in her class, juggled the housework at home and still kept a level head. I mean I get stressed when someone cancels a plan abruptly like how do these girls do it? Did I mention that she had a pervert father and she probably had to pay herself for tuition and housing? 

I’m telling you guys these women are a whole other set of awesome. But these are just a couple! Do you have any more cool characters you would like to mention? Write them down in the comments and let’s discuss!

Wanna see Makii’s opinion on this? Check her part out here~



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