Haikyuu!! Police AU

“Do not worry, this precinct is the most advanced in town. We have the best agents right here you will be in goo-“




“G-good hands. Uhm excuse me sir-“, the chief took a deep breath, “SIT DOWN AND STOP ARGUING!”

The two hotheads got silenced immediately and bowed apologetically.

“Sorry Daichi”, the smaller one muttered.

“Sorry chief”, the taller man grumbled through his lips and they both took off in the same direction not seizing to elbow each other and throw profanities back and forth in a hushed voice.

The chief sighed and ushered his client to his more secluded office while moving through the small desks with detectives and secretaries chatting away.

A loud bang as someone opened the swing doors of the precinct was heard when another young detective burst in with cup holders full of coffee.

“I got Starbucks!”, he bellowed as two agents already took their beverage from him while he went to his desk.

“Sugawara! You saved us, Hinata forgot to fill up the coffee maschine. Now it’s taking forever”, a young woman replied.

“Yeah, that’s why I went! I knew he would forget”, he threw a glare at the agent in question.

“I didn’t forget!”, the small one replied, “I cracked this cold case yesterday and I was spent, it was like my brain was all BWAHH you know?”

“No one knows what you’re talking about, Shrimp”, a low voice remarked.

“Leave it Tsukishima”, Sugawara warned.

He got a scoff as a response.

“So is anything new coming up today?”

As if the question of the young blonde triggered it, chief Daichi came out of his office.

“Okay people assemble, I got assignments!”

The detectives looked up from whatever they were working on to listen.

“Everyone who isn’t mentioned is on paperwork”, disgruntled moaning filled the desks, “no complaining! We need to digitalise our old files anyway so get to work!”

He took a glance at his clipboard.

“Yachi and Kiyoko, you’re on patrol. I’ve heard claims of a reckless driver-“

Both women got up grinning widely.

“-Sugawara get yourself two others and check this case out, missing girl since this morning. Get me testimonies and start investigating!”

“Ah, poor girl.”, he looked pained as he got up, “Nishinoya and Tanaka come on!”

“YEAH LET’S GO SAVE A GIRL!”, Tanaka roared until Daichi shot him a deathglare, “sorry.”

All three of them left the building with a bunch of files in their hands.

The chief continued while pressing the bridge of his nose, “So now for the big stuff-“

Hinata almost vibrated in anticipation and Daichi could see.

“Hinata, Tokyo precinct called this morning they want you on a case-“


“They should be arriving any minute now, it’s about a drug ring that needs to be dismantled they will be undercover”

“Sir, does that mean-“

“HEY. HEY, HEY! The best detective is in the house!”

“BOKUTO!”, the small guy zoomed over to the group that just entered.

“HINATA! MY DISCIPLE!”, a grey haired, owl looking guy bellowed back.

“Bokuto, he is not your disciple. Sugawara will get mad”, the calm man ushered both of them out again. 

He quickly looked back to nod at the chief.

“Is Kenma coming?”, Hinata asked.

“Kuroo and him are waiting in the van”, Akaashi replied.

“LET’S GO!”, he excitedly screamed in the hallway.

“Wait sir-” Daichi turned around to look at Kageyama, “why did u send off Hinata without me? I could’ve helped!”

“Well actually I wanted to, but I was told to hold you off. You are assigned somewhere else”, Daichi replied, focused on his clipboard.

“Where?”, Kageyama asked, desperate to get a case. 

“I don’t know, just finish the paperwork until you get a call”, the chief turned around and disappeared in his office.

Perplexed and annoyed, Kageyama went to his desk. Luckily Sugawara had left that iced americano on his desk.

Hinata is lucky, he thought. 

“Next time I’ll beat him”, he mumbled, sipping on the cold beverage and trying not to think about the all-nighter he just pulled.

He definitely needed something good to happen today, or he will fall asleep on the desk. 

After thirty minutes of file work, his eyelids falling close for more than three seconds he had to snap them open to keep consciousness.

The files didn’t help. Old closed cases that needed to be written in digital form, an intern could do this.

When his phone rang, he lazily picked up the receiver.

“Miyagi Police Department, 3rd precinct, Kageyama Tobio speaking”, he lazily dropped into the phone.

Suddenly he threw the receiver back in its place, fastened his tie, threw his weapon belt on, grabbed his badge and stormed out of the building.

Finally outside, he hurriedly looked back and forth on the street, only to see a parked car of the 5th precinct with a familiar hand gesturing to him to come over.

“Tobio-chan~ Over here!”, the man exclaimed and Tobio knew.

 This will be no sleepy day.

All his fatigue dragged out of him as he entered the car and was presented with a thick casefile.

“There you go”, Iwaizumi turned around from the front seat and shot him an approving look.

“The young agent opened it and found a surprise.

“This is the drug ring Hianta and the Tokyo precinct are working on!”, shocked, he looked up to the person in front of the wheel.

“Well, they wanted both you and shrimpy for the undercover work, but I asked for you”

“Why?”, Kageyama didn’t understand. If they were working on the same case, why send a whole different department and different teams? They could’ve just gone as one team to go undercover.


“Are we the backup?!”

“Indeed, Tobio-chan-“

The engine revved as Oikawa hit the gas, “we are the back up”.

“Let’s go save the shrimp team”.

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