Goodbye my dream part 02

Next to me on this white coloured wooden bench sat the black-haired guy, tall with a frown looking at his hands, hiding his eyes that looked like little blueberries to me.

Quite the opposite of the bench we were sitting on, his uniform was black, orange and white almost like a crow sitting on it.

He was still looking at his hands, frowning in confusion.

“Oi, I don’t understand this”, he just grumbled to himself or to me I really couldn’t distinguish as I looked into the nothingness.

Everything around had a grey-black colour, there was no sky nor scenery only this bench and him.

I started to play with my hands fully aware what would happen.

“It’s just like I told you”, I muttered a bit angered.

“You are telling me this is not real? It can’t be. I mean I see you and I feel you”, he grasped my shoulder with one hand and tightened his grip.

I could fully feel his touch.

“See?”, his frown cleared and he waited curiously for my answer, but I couldn’t respond for a moment biting my lip to not start out screaming or crying.

He made it worse with no bad intention, on the opposite I wanted to believe it to.

“Just a bit longer”, I made that little wish and detached my fingers that I had intertwined a while ago.

Another confused look from Kageyama as his hand slid off my shoulder and he looked at his shoes, moving them back and forth clearly uneasy about this situation.

“I don’t understand what is wrong… as long as I can feel you there shouldn’t be a problem, right?”, he inquired and suddenly he turned to me again, “there shouldn’t be, right?”, this time it was a bit louder and had a little frustration in it.

“Kageyama”, I started and he was clearly surprised that I called his name so suddenly as he flinched and tensed up next to me, “imagine you give me a toss, can you do that?”

He closed his eyes and moved his fingers in accord, “yes.”

“But imagine your toss would never arrive to me and I would suddenly stand on the other side of the court, halls away from you instead at the position where you threw the ball”, he slowly opened his eyes, “would that work to still give me a toss under those conditions?”

“That doesn’t make sense, it’s unrealistic. Why should I toss to someone who is not next to me”, and the bench split into two parts separating us.

“It’s the same. This is a dream and soon we will be separated as well. So no matter how much you would like to toss to me, it wouldn’t arrive”, like a boat already a distance away my part of the bench was slowly floating on a non-existent surface.

Kageyama’s body looking much smaller from the distance.

I saw him heave his hands and put him next to his mouth to shout.

“Then I will make sure to toss to you until it will arrive!

-Kageyama Tobio-



picture @Kkumri instagram

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