How much Yoosung do you have inside of you?

First things first, if you want to do a little quiz to see how much Yoosung you actually have inside of you, I prepared this for you!

Be honest and write down you points and calculate them.

Question 1: I feel like people misunderstand me so…

  • a.) … I do not care what they tell me since they are at fault for not understanding me     in the first place. (5 points)
  • b.)… I should maybe listen to what they have to say. ( 10 points)
  • c.)… just kidding I never feel misunderstood! (15 points)

Question 2: When I eat…

  • a.) …I prefer a healthy low-carb meal. (15 points)
  • b.)… anything is fine just let me get some company. ( 5 points)
  • c.)… convenience would do the trick! (10 points)

Question 3: I play games because…

  • a.) … I just want to have fun and got some time anyways!. (10 points)
  • b.)… I don’t really want to constantly think about everything so I kind of shutdown while playing ( 5 points)
  • c.)… someone forced me too, I never play games actually. (15 points)

Question 4: When I think about my future…

  • a.) … why should I think about my future, life is now CYA I am out!. (10 points)
  • b.)… I calculate every steps needed and make a plan, so I never feel uncertain that I fail or lose my way. ( 15 points)
  • c.)… it makes me wonder where I might end up in this weird and unfair world (5 points)

Solutions will be at the end!

Did you ever play Mystic messenger for a while and thought, “Wow that Yoosung guy is kind of getting more and more annoying in every route I am playing” or you just start to ignore him completely because it just seems too tiresome to handle a character like him?

Well you may be right, but let me tell you that his character is actually more accurate and closer to oneself than you think.

For those of you who are still in highschool or even younger, this might be relatable or not depending on how much pressure your school gives you.

As an university student on the other hand , and trust me I am one myself so I am telling you this from first hand experience (and I have Nissa backup on her way), then you will mostly likely think Yoosung is the most relatable character in this whole series, or even through a lot of other series you may have gone through.

Beforehand: I have been playing this game for a while, and when I say a while I actually mean a long while, more than four years to be accurate.

I started the game when I was still in highschool, meaning I kind of understood where Yoosung was coming from but I still did not really understand the struggle of being a fulltime university student.

Let me tell you now that I am one, congratulations to me, I have experienced insecurities about my life decisions more than ever.

Ten out of ten high-level pressure and who would have guessed, mental-health issues on a maybe this one will come next if this goes on list.

Okay, now that we got to the point where you are probably thinking, “Fine, fine this is all nice and stuff but why do I supposedly have Yoosung inside of me? What does that even mean?”, let me jump right into the topic and break down the points for you to check, how much Yoosung do you have inside of you.

Independence overload

Ah yes, puberty is over now for some of you, others could still be at the peak of it, but probably most of university students or the full-time workers among you may have left that part of life behind them, to freshly start the new phase.

Graduation in your hand, looking forward to the new experiences you could have in the future, maybe finding your next love or going to places you have never been to before, so many options.

Or too many options?

Independence mostly starts off at the part of your life where your parents tell you, “well now you are old enough to decide your path for yourself”, at the latest when you move out of your parents house and start living in your own household for the first time.

And then it starts, cooking for yourself, paying your own bills, having to take on many jobs and so on, all the decisions left to make and you are the one to make them now.

Was there a part in your life where you just thought, “Wow this is too much freedom I don’t even know what I should to start with or what to do next?”

Yes, this is the overwhelming feeling Yoosung mostly talks about directly or indirectly, struggling with the chores he has to do now as he is someone who freshly came out of his parents house and has his own household to take care of.

What to cook? Should I even cook when it’s only me anyway?

All those questions are some when people start that part of life, having many friends who just explained that overwhelming feeling of being overload with independence and responsibilities.

It is kind of understandable that Yoosung is very overwhelmed with that new part of his life which we all may and may not have already experience at some point.

Insecurities and uncertainty

With certain responsibilities and independence, there will always be insecurities and uncertainties.

Looking at Yoosung it becomes clear what this aspect means, he is a freshman, has his own household now and is helping out at RFA a charity fundraising organisation (which in the initial game setting starts off with no party coordinator and activities since the former one was declared as deceased).

In many chatrooms the player can observe, whether they are part of the chatroom or not, that Yoosung seems always unsure if he chose the right path, if his major is really that what he wants to do, why he is studying in the first place etc.

While Jumin, Zen,and even Jaehee try to give him leads and cheer him up that this is a part of life that he will at some point overcome he still just ignores the good advice sometimes and excuses himself that he is misunderstood by the others since they all have an already secure career path.

I could even evaluate this point concretely but for that I have to give insight into other characters perspective on this matter which I will cover in another Blog-post.

But to sum up this matter, Yoosung is like any other student who faces the uncertainty of his future every now and then when you hit the wall of stress, pressure and feeling of incompetence in your studies.

Those lead to insecurities in your overall life matters that make you even overthink (like in Yoosung’s case) if they may be the reason that you lack in other areas of your life (romance, friendships, finances etc).

A relatable fear that many of us share or experienced at least once.


You may have observed this one immediately at the start of the game or later when V first appears in a chatroom, but a question beforehand, did you already experience another person blame-shifting?

If the answer is yes, then you might immediately know what I am trying to imply to when it comes to Yoosung.

If no, then let me explain to you the perfect example of blame-shifting through Yoosung.

For those who played the game a bit longer (actually it doesn’t take you that long to see the behaviour in the chatrooms) you may have seen other members of the RFA talking to Yoosung and trying to give him motivational inspirations to go in life, work harder instead of slacking off and so on.

On the other hand Yoosung who is aware that his behaviour of indulging in gaming to overcome grief and shoving off his responsibilities is wrong will instead blame V for not caring enough for the RFA members and that he has no right to be the current head of the RFA.

In another case where Jumin reached out to Yoosung giving him tips as a CEO of what is important for his later job chances Yoosung, instead of seeing any fault in his behaviour or at least accepting them, instead tells him that Jumin won’t ever understand his situation since he was born with a silvers spoon and never had to worry about his future.

Even though Jumin commended Yoosung for his prior work behaviour in highschool and offered him an intern position in one of the biggest companies, which he of course retracted as long as Yoosung keeps his immature behaviour of blame-shifting.

That yet again Yoosung criticises saying he should just let his connections play the trick and help someone out.

Here again he was trying to blame Jumin for not being empathetic and considerate enough to just give him a job he may not deserve just because he feels out of place next to him or maybe even inferior.

There are even more examples but I guess around now you may have one or two that you found yourself, right?


Maybe one of the biggest topics when it comes to a lack of productivity or getting your mind of things.

Did you maybe have a hard time at work and university which drained you so much that you just space out, but you still want to enjoy the little time you have?

Then there could be some of you who may have went through the following situation.

It is known that especially nowadays and in certain countries students and workers are so overstressed that they just can’t calm down, they feel restless even when taking a break and doing nothing.

This is the result of overworking oneself and severe mental stress, (in Yoosung’s case the mental stress does not come from university alone but he was going through grief of his cousin passing away).

In order to escape this constant thinking mechanism, feeling like they cannot get their minds off or just won’t rest many slip into game addiction to distract themselves and flee from the cruel reality they live in.

Sometimes the people around them do not mind at the beginning since the only think they want is for the person to stop worrying or being sad, getting up again and living on, but just later on they realize this is not the right way to do so since what happens is far worse.

Instead of sorting feelings and problems out, those kind of people just flee from them and occupy their minds as long as possible even depriving themselves from sleep to not be confronted in any way, but this is not how our mind sorts out our problems because at some point they will only pile it up behind their backs until the hill of problems crashes over them and they are unable to overcome the following phase.

Here again this one is very clear, if you played some routes in Mystic messenger there will be a little story of how Yoosung started to become a game addict and Jaehee was very happy that he seemed more cheerful so she did not really interfere nor did anyone else.

But at some point when they realized it was far too late they regretted criticising Yoosung early on since his mental health just got worse whenever he turned off the computer which lead him to not turning it off anymore in the first place, distracting himself to a point where his grades and sleeping schedule just got rumbled up. 

Youngest member image

Last but not least, the youngest member image! 

Personally, I really feel this one since I was always one of youngest in my class and until to a certain point even in all of my friend circles (not anymore rip my cute Maknae image).

But we all know the place of the youngest, right?

When you have siblings you will certainly know, if you are the youngest congratulations you are just the person we are talking about, I am keeping an eye on you!

Now back on track, this one is about Yoosung the youngest member of RFA.

It has been signed from the beginning, cute and youngest member of RFA Yoosung Kim has his special privileges in the RFA.

No matter how much he complaints, or whatever he does even if it’s not always the right thing he can get away with it sometimes followed with a little scolding.

Even Jumin who is on the objective and rational side of things let Yoosung’s behaviour slip from time to time and even plays along sometimes.

Zen openly tells him he uses his youngest role to take advantage of them but he doesn’t really scold him for that and rather tells him he will eventually grow up some day.

Jaehee rather plays the big sister role who is some steps ahead in life and gives him advice throughout the game which he may or may not ignore from time to time.

But you cannot blame him, can you?

As the oldest out of three siblings I do have a soft spot especially for the youngest one even though I often try to be strict which is not really easy, maybe some of you can relate or some of you are on the other side relating to Yoosung using it to his advantage.

All in all after reading all of this, how much Yoosung do you think you have inside of you?

More than you thought or maybe even pinpointed?

Or were you the Jumin kind of person who just looked over this in a way you may not identify yourself with him at all?

Let me know what you noticed in Yoosung or other characters interacting with him.

Here are the solutions for the quiz!
  • 20 – 25 Points: Excuse me, but are you Yoosung himself?!
  • 26 – 40 Points: A little bit Yoosung is there, I can smell it like the next LOLOL event!
  • > 40 Points: Yes, hello? I think I might have Mr. Han here can you come over Jaehee?

Until then, enjoy another tea time hey hey hey!


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