Nier automata appearing in the Kingdom Hearts series?

Theory time: Nier automata appearing in the Kingdom Hearts series?

Disclaimer: For those who are still planning to play both games I would advise not to read further since it could spoiler you slightly (not too much, but I don’t want to take away a full-fledge game experience) and the more you know about the games the easier it will be to follow this theory.

Both of the games are a big hit produced and developed by Square Enix, first of all to give you a bit insight what they are about let me explain what those games consist off.

Kingdom Hearts is maybe one of the biggest crossover series when it comes to games, having Disney and Final fantasy worlds intervene their fate with the original story-line and new characters of their own series. 

If you are unfamiliar with the game’s flow of gameplay I will give you a slight inside of what the world of Kingdom Hearts is all about to connect my theory later on.

Basically the universe this series is playing in consists of several worlds that have been disconnected at some point, by whichever power you may call it, but in the game it’s called darkness.

While the main characters (which is not only Sora at this point), travel those worlds for several reasons they come to know what had happened in the past and what lead the world to disconnect, additionally creatures like  Nobodies, Heartless and Unversed appear throughout the adventure and they are not the worst problem the characters will face.

To keep it as short as possible to directly jump to the theory part: Kingdom Hearts consists of many worlds which have cross-over characters and stories in it for example Agrabah with a story linked to Aladdin altered a bit to match the game’s flow and connect the story-line.

While Nier: automata is a game that plays in one world, our earth to be precise which starts with a story that humans fled to the moon since Aliens and machines appeared.

The earth that we know is now a deserted planet in which apartment complexes and whole towns seem like ruins which nature is conquering again, beside some animals there are no signs of life anymore.

The main characters of this story are 2B and 9S, two androids who were sent to earth for some missions to scout and defeat anomalies, they are not the only androids bestowed with this task but as the player you will see their side of this story.

Since machines are taking over the earth and show weird behaviour, your task as the player is to defeat them and help several other androids in the process, seems like a simple task but the plot is much more heavier than what I am giving you at the moment.

I don’t want to take away your game experience, so I am just giving you glimpses of the game concepts.

Fundamentally both of those games have no visible comparison, even the atmosphere of both games is heavily different no matter how you look at it, so why would I assume that both series could have a connection?

First of all, since both games come from the same company it’s not impossible to think that Square Enix could let Nier:automata have an appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series, even though you might think they do not fit together at all let me explain why they actually could.

Nier:automata has a good base, the machines and androids, to let a cross-over happen.

Why are they the good base?

Because we have the concept of Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed, the first two being even more important.

Since in Nier:automata there is a lot of development going on at both sides, machines and androids, they start to develop an emotional awareness and a sense of ‘being an own entity’.

The confusion and irritation of those feelings can be seen as a bug or glitch in their world, but here we can connect the Heartless.

Heartless are basically creatures who steal one’s heart since they do not own one anymore, this topic is a bit more complicated since the heart is something which is still too complex and unknown even in the lore of Kingdom Hearts, so it wouldn’t be impossible to grasp that opportunity and put and even more complex topic like emotional awareness in it.

When a Heartless steals one’s heart, that person turns into one as well and if a strong will is still left in that person the body turns into a Nobody.

Since in Kingdom Hearts 3 even toys seemed to have a heart, we can assume that androids and machines can have one too, which makes them prone to Heartless and Nobodies to attack them causing them to turn into Heartless and Nobodies themselves.

Like in any other game we have villains in both Kingdom Hearts and Nier:automata, who could easily join forces with the same intention.

In Nier:automata we have a rather complicated kind of image when it comes to villains since we cannot just say there are one or two depending on how you look at it, but let’s take Adam as an example here.

Adam is interested in the human nature and he tries to research the complex thing called death, while death itself is something he can never understand there are even more complicated concepts coming up the more he researches.

The perfect target for organisation XIII, Xehanort and other antagonists of the Kingdom Hearts series to take advantage of, showing him the dark sides of the heart connected to the thing ‘hatred’ that Adam learned recently.

We can assume that machines would play a big role, since we know Heartless take forms depending on which world they are in, they will probably take machine forms confusing androids and other machines even more causing a big concept itself.

What will Sora or another main character of Kingdom Hearts think when they arrive in that world?

Or how will Sora’s feelings develop in such an environment?

A very interesting concept where the player will be thrown into a debate of emotional awareness and the awareness of one’s self, reconsidering what the ego or emotions actually consists of.

A question players already may have asked themselves in Nier:automata and even in Kingdom Hearts now connected in one, seeing androids and machines having hearts or even emotions which they always had denied they existed in the first place.

Especially interesting would be seeing Sora, Donald and Goofy in typical android uniforms, which could confuse other androids, making them either consider they are rebels who left since they are disconnected from the server or that they are actual humans which would throw them off even more.

Considering how the trio always arrive at a world and get into a heaty situation as a welcome it could be very possible to imagine that the first thing Sora encounters is a fight between weird machines which are actually heartless but the androids 2B and 9S wouldn’t possibly understand that fact until Sora gets the chance to explain the situation and join forces with them, or even encounter Adam or Eve fighting 2B and 9S surrounded by Nobodies making them wonder if they are from the organisation XIII.

A lot of content and gameplay if available with this crossover even if they seem fundamentally different, it would be a super interesting thing to see.

If pirates of the caribbean made it into the series, why not Nier:automata?

We already saw in Kingdom Hearts 3 that the atmosphere of even darker or more realistic looking games can be implemented into the series.

What do you think?

Is it an interesting concept or too complex to implement into the game?

Would you rather choose some more light-hearted topic since the series is already complicated enough?

I am curious what you guys think!

Meanwhile I am going to brew some tea, Pod 231 request tea herbs location!

– never got them herbs, Makii

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