The Milkbread Thief pt.1

It’s been weeks. Literal weeks.

This was not a misunderstanding, this was not a game.

Tooru was done playing games.

Practice was long over, everyone went home as the dark orange sun dipped itself into a plunge of lilac clouds.

His bag slung over his shoulder, he made his way home but not without his eyes scanning everything around him.

Everyone always joked about Oikawa loving milk bread, rightfully so it was a gimmicky snack to have as a favorite but alas, everyone has their preferences.

It was his favorite snack especially after practice, after pushing his limits everyday and getting kicked out by Iwaizumi last minute, he thought of the freshly baked and bought treat in his bag.

Except for the fact that it wasn’t in his bag.

“Again?!”, he gritted through his teeth, trying to cool himself.

This was a common routine now.

At first he expected his teammates, but they were all claimed innocent.

Next was himself, did he really bring the bread that day? Maybe he forgot?

I mean who doesn’t forget their lunch at home sometimes?

After two weeks he was certain. This was some other kind of thief.

The following week he eyed his bag with more rigor than ever, and he actually found the culprit.

The person must’ve been around his age, their uniform not saying anything about them.

It was infuriating.

Especially today.

Oikawa leaned back until his back bumped the brick wall behind him and he let out and ragged breath.

This is over.


Gripping the strap of his bag he started walking in an almost trott, scouting out the close vicinity of the school.

Nothing suspicious.

Cutting a corner around to an alleyway he heard a rustling sound.

Stopping in his tracks he slowed his movements, still hearing the rustling of what could be plastic wrapping.

No, that’s definitely what he was searching for.

He threw himself around the corner, trying to engrave the sight in front of him in his head. 

“Ha-!”, the sound almost involuntarily escaped him as he looked at the most confused creature he ever saw. 

Just on top of a container, sat a girl, her mouth stuffed with his milk bread and her handa playing with its wrappings. 

As quick as he found her, she jolted up and disappeared behind the containers towards the next alley. 

“You little-“, Tooru gasped and darted towards the girl. 

She had already skipped to the next alleyway, he could see her figure skipping over some garbage before jumping over a small wired fence. 

The fence took away some of her speed, and she hurriedly struggled over it.

Taking a step back to assess the situation, his eyes panned over his options. 

“So we’re playing hide-and-seek huh?”, a smirk crept onto his face as he registered the challenge in his head. 

His thought process was elaborate, bringing every alley and opening of the nearby streets to account. 

One quick breath in and he sprinted full speed out of the alley he was in. 

Skidding around the next block he continued to run straight instead of tumbling through the dark side streets like his target. 

“I’m gonna get you”, he thought, determined to put an end to this heist. 

Surely he heard a ruckus from the close vicinity of the main street, indicating someone’s messy parkour through the back alleys. 

The smirk on Tooru’s face was evident, absolutely sure that in about the next alley he would cross in-


He crashed into his target, both staggering and falling to the ground on impact. 

Still, Oikawa wasn’t going to lose this petty battle. 

His palm supported his fall and before he hit the ground his legs steadied him to a hunched squat. 

Meanwhile the girl tried to escape again, kicking herself up and holding a steady hand on the wall. 

As she pushed herself off of it to get a head start, her attempt to run was pushed away, 


by him. 

He didn’t touch her per say, his hand only instinctively grabbed at the wall behind her to trap her, his breath running unsteady. 

She angrily stares upwards, ready to slip at any moment, but to no avail. 

This chase was over. 

“So-“, Toorus voice was strained and his breath laboured. 

He looked up to feel the cold breeze hitting his face and let his head fall back for a second, still catching his breath. 

“I caught you”.

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