Yachi’s Magic Academy -Chapter 02

Chapter 02: Blue leaves

-Blue Leaves dissolving into nothingness-

Only Daichi and Sugawara were left as they forcefully kicked everyone out of the room I was staying in.

It seems that Kageyama and Hinata, who were still a bit different than the other crows, got along well with the other one of them being the crow called Nishinoya.

As they were whispering to each other they finally had turned to me which made me shriek.

Calm down, I still have some defensive spells just in case and-

“I am very sorry, you must be very overwhelmed with the situation”, Sugawara shook his head looking dejected as he approached the bed I was still lying in.

Someone had removed my witch hat and placed it on a shelf, I just noticed after the ruckus when I tried to adjust it like I usually did when I was flustered.

“But to hear that Kiyoko, that Kiyoko is your mentor, you must be very close or rather special”, Daichi eyed me in curiosity while one hand was rubbing his chin and the other one rested on his hip.

Both Daichi and Sugawara wore black leather gloves that were reaching to their elbows but their black robes with orange stripes and sleeves covered them to the wrists.

Underneath they wore a black knit sweater matched with a white shirt and red tie, as well as khaki pants and black leather boots.

They kind of look scary and powerful, I never saw anyone beside Mentor Kiyoko who already looked a bit extraordinary.

Townspeople always seemed not flashy at all…

“Uh… I guess not special… but”, I stopped in my tracks cautious of what to say as I stared at the blanket I was wrinkling due to nervousness.

“Then are you her chosen disciple or the next-”, Daichi’s inquiry was cut off by a loud bang sound obviously coming from the door.

“You are telling me someone already fainted this early in the morning?”, a voice rose in the room as I only saw some blue leaves crinkled up on the floor.

The voice was deep and rough, not gentle at all but still a bit caring at the same time.

“Johsai”, I heard Sugawara whisper to Daichi with a frown on his face, his guard was up now at least he looked like that.


I kept hearing that name but it’s my first time hearing of them.

Crows of Karasuno, white eagles also known as Shiratorizawa, the iron wall of datekou kingdom and even the blood cats of Nekoma were familiar names mentor Kiyoko had taught me but Johsai was not one of them.

As if Sugawara understood my expression he gave me a helpless smile and suddenly nudged Daichi who blinked and looked at me.

It took him a while to understand and suddenly my ears started to ring.

Sorry, it would be rude to say it when they are going to take care of you for now but Johsai is the name for the people who belong to the blue castle nation Seijoh.

We call them Aoba Johsai or Johsai for short, you will soon see why.

The only thing I could see were my blonde hair strands falling into my face as I seemed to have held my head and leaned down in pain, the voice engraving itself in my mind.

It hurted so much that I couldn’t simply hold my head up, it felt heavy.

Daichi stretched out his hand but Sugawara slapped it away.

“Sorry for the trouble we will go now, rest up we will meet again for sure”, with that he nodded as a farewell which I could barely see and shoved Daichi out of the room as the other man who entered eyed them suspiciously.

“Are you okay? Is your head still hurting?”, the man who approached shadowed me and I froze instantly not being able to look up, the voice seemed a tad too rough and scary.

All I could see are little blue leaves that fell on my bed and at the edge of my vision there were aqua coloured clothes.

A fresh breeze of nature engulfed me and helped me calm down instantly, the fog in my head started to lift slowly.

“Sheesh, I clearly told them to inform me when someone comes to visit. They always make a ruckus especially about the newbies”, he seemed clearly irritated and angry when I looked up to face the man who had slightly tanned skin, olive coloured eyes and short spiky hair that was dark brown, his face stern.

He seemed tall and well-built, especially his arms which were covered in a aqua turtleneck sweater with a light brown leather-plate on top and a cream-coloured robe that he knotted around his hip instead of wearing it properly, matched with pants in the same colour of the leather plate.

A blue leave-crown seemed…ingrown… on his head?

Aoba… I see…

Blue leaves.

They are wherever he is.

My eyes glanced at his feet as there were some blue leaves lying around casually but dissolved after some seconds.

“Hey are you even listening?”, I woke up from my observations and felt the sweat rushing back to my forehead as he called me out.

“Yes they are blue. I meant no. I mean what… “, my voice slowly faded away like my will to exist as he seemed even more irritated and sighed.

“They should really give us more extra points for this shift”, he looked at the shelf where my hat was placed and back to me.

“It seems like someone used a spell on you even before you entered the academy, so when you entered the illusion spell was even heavier this time. With some medicine and regeneration magic it should do the trick. You will miss the first guiding day, but doesn’t matter at this point”, he stared intensely at me.

My head dropped.

I should have known better when Mentor Kiyoko was asking me all of those questions she probably played a little prank on me before letting me go.

She always told me I was gullible and should be more careful.

While I vigorously scratched my head in embarrassment and frustration, there were suddenly two more people in the room.

“Huh?”, I blinked several times.

I didn’t hear a thing.

The man turned around.

“There you are”, he sighed and patted both their shoulders.

“They told us to follow you and learn here, people from Johsai said Iwaizumi is the nicest out of the seniors here!”, another one with an ingrown blue leave-crown which was significantly smaller in size and had less leaves than the guy who he called Iwaizumi.

His head looks like an onion…

“But just for the extra points… “, the other one muttered, averting his gaze as he looked much calmer than his partner, with the same traits of the crown.

“Since you were unlucky let’s take it easy, I will give you the medicine right away just rest up and I will give you your space. We use dimension separation spells so you will feel like you have your own room”, I stared at the other empty beds but the one with the onion head had a crow in his hands… they looked woody.

“When did you enter?”, I asked them, still confused.

“A while ago?”, the calmer one simply asked back.

“But I did not see you coming in unlike him”, I pointed at Iwaizumi.

The two boys stared at each other.

“Through the window”, he pointed at the windows and I saw a slight crack on the windowsill.

Iwaizumi who noticed that as well, head chopped them and their heads dropped.

The onion-head seemed irritated while the calmer one was rather annoyed.

“What did I tell you? If you come in, then use your feet and come through the door like I do. Why do you morph into trees or twines all the time. Gosh… now we have to take care of that too…”, he wasn’t done scolding him and even I felt bad now.

“Senior Oikawa told us if we do those kind of things it might make us a bit more popular and stuff, he said our crowns will be as big as yours if we keep going”, with that it seemed like a vein in Iwaizumi’s head popped as he heard that.

He turned to me and back to them.

“Not now”, he muttered rather to himself.

“Give me that crow, I am taking care of it. You both go and tell the teacher about the window”, with no other words beside confirmation both of them left, the young crow with slight green feathers was lying in his crook as he frowned.

With his other free arm that suddenly shifted into a big blue tendril consisting of smaller tendrils that looped into each other he reached out for one of the high-located shelves and wrapped it around a bottle.

In one swift movement his arm was back into its former shape and the bottle was placed on his palm, the liquid had a glossy purple colour.

He threw it into my hands and I barely caught it.

“Drink up and lie down. It will make you drowsy, but you will surely recover quickly trust me”, he gave me one last side glare and made sure I drank it all.

It tastes horrible…

“Thought it would taste like grapes…”, I muttered and I heard him scoff.

“For a witch you sure are picky”, he looked at the crow and his body suddenly started glowing in a vivid green, as he muttered something.

The crow shifted into a young man with green hair and freckles, lying in Iwaizumi’s arms.

Just like Sugawara and Daichi he had the same attire only that his robe was completely black only one stripe of orange on it.

Iwaizumi laid him down on one of the beds and treated him with some herbs.

At some point my eyelids were heavy and I couldn’t hold myself up any longer as I fell back into my pillow.

The last thing I heard was a cheerful voice above me.

“Yo-ho~ I am here. You called?”

“Took you long enough, we have a lot of cases this year don’t you dare to go off to promote yourself around the academy”, a loud thud was audible and sounds of pain.

“C-Calm down! I just wanted to help the first years. Oh that witch seems quite out of it, did someone prank her already? And there were two crows making a fuss outside so I took care of them”, was the last thing I heard before I thought how annoying that guy must be and the bad feeling he was talking about my crows.



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