10 Things Haikyuu characters taught us

There are a lot of times where you may have thought, “Hey this anime kind of showed me something” or, “This character taught me this.”

Sometimes the things we learn are not always based on real life observations and experience, there are times where we may be inspired to do amazing things and feel consoled by the not so real life observations.

Here are the top ten things that Haikyuu characters taught us, with or without us noticing that they did.

Hinata and Nishinoya:

Height does not matter.

Pursuing your dreams despite people coming your way and tell you you are not qualified enough doesn’t matter as long as you, yourself think you can do it and work for it.

Hinata Shoyo wants to become Karasuno’s Ace and is a middle-blocker despite his height that everybody comments would not match his position.

Being always called shrimp or small, condescending comments before even seeing you play: that’s what Hinata has to endure his whole life and still he never stopped believing und working for his dreams of becoming the next little Giant, making use of his height in being more flexible, agile and jumping higher than others.

Nishinoya Yuu who is even shorter than Hinata, known as the Libero of Karasuno perfectly underlines that, he is one of the most talented players that you can observe in the whole series, having a strong will and outstanding personality that not only pushes himself but others to work even harder.

Nishinoya is a sunshine and someone who is treated with respect when it comes to his receives.

Height does not matter as long as you let it matter to you, this could be applied in every matter.

As long as you believe you can do it, you can just like Hinata and Nishinoya.


@kahmurio on deviantart

Fear and weaknesses should not stop you.

Yamaguchi Tadashi first starts off as a character you won’t remember that easily.

Someone who gets easily scared and is seen as a weak person, even called coward at times.

Not being good in a particular thing, being one of the weakest in his team and started off not even considering to stand on the court, but he is as well the one who showed us that even if you fear things, even if you may be the weakest at the moment, that being weak and cowardly surrounded by talented and hardworking people should not stunt your growth but be the fuel to go much further beyond what you might have dreamed of.

Yamaguchi proved that once his weakest presence turned into a much stronger aura when he enters the court as the pinch server of Karasuno.

He worked his hardest, not in the spotlight and yet he shone clearly on the court with the one thing he thought he would never master.


@suncelia on deviantart

If it doesn’t work once do not stop from trying a second time.

Asahi Azumane was introduced as the former Ace before he re-entered the team on demand of Nishinoya who refused to play without him.

The reason was his fear of constantly getting blocked due to the match Karasuno’s team had with Dateko where Azumane’s spikes were blocked all the time resulting in him losing the will and motivation to play.

Him being a very self-conscious and actually easily intimidated character makes Azumane even stronger for working on his fears again after getting scold and cheered up by his teams and friends.

Afterwards you can see the very same Azumane who feared Aone, the iron wall of Dateko more than anything else when it came to his volleyball plays, facing him many times, getting blocked even after he tried again and trusting his teams and himself that he will someday push through the iron wall that once had forced him down.

Sometimes it takes more than once to get through, but if you try many times and trust that it will work someday, then it will for sure!


@kkumri instagram

Relying on others is important too.

Oikawa Toru is shown to be a very perfectionistic, hardworking and ambitious person.

Despite him being called the best setter he has his flaws too, telling other to rely on him while he, himself sometimes overlook the fact that he can rely on others too.

Iwaizumi needed to get him that fact straight and clear telling him that Volleyball is sports where six players are in a team, meaning he is not the only playing and to blame if something goes wrong.

Sometimes it is important to work on yourself and try your hardest, but it is just as important to not pressure oneself only and rely on your friends and especially on your team.

Because this world is just build to not live alone but rely on each other when times get hard instead of pushing all the work on one person. 


@suncelia on deviantart

Listening to one’s heart.

Yachi Hitoka entered the series in season two where everyone was already developing and heading ways, she was a very cautious and frightened character especially by the Volleyball club.

Being in-between her mother’s wishes and expectations, and the desire to become part of the Volleyball team being the new manager, Yachi was seen indecisive not being able to decide what she should do.

Until the point Hinata gave her a push and made her realise what she really wanted to do, making her overcome her fear and speak up for that what her heart desired.

Yachi did not back off and made one of her biggest steps in life telling her mother front up where she wants to head to, showing us that sometimes the best thing one can do is listen to our own heart which can be much easier and become the best solution in some situations.


@taren.lena on instagram

It’s not only about winning in life.

Terushima Yuji also known as the Captain of Johzenji shows us with his easy-going attitude, that it takes more to play well to get where you want to. 

Johzenji was described as the party team in the series, obviously being qualified enough to enter the Inter-High match  against Karasuno but thanks to their Captain never lost the spirit to try new and fun things even in a serious atmosphere.

No matter where, Terushima seems to take the most exciting things in life and tries to enjoy it to its fullest, if that means losing to someone else than may it be since it is not about winning but about the experience and memories you made that moment.


@_01ki_ on instagram

Not everything is how it looks.

Kenma Kozume is always seen as very reserved, introverted and calm person who may look like a loner or even a pushover but despite his delicate looks he is friends with a lot of energetic people one of them being Hinata later on. He seems like nothing interests him despite his video games, but on the court his whole image can change he still may seem calm but his reflexes, way of logical thinking and processing are the core of his team making him a hidden treasure in the deep sea.

Someone who you may misjudge when you see him but is the proof of a quiet cat making itself ready for hunt.


@kkumri instagram

Is there a reason care for someone?

Akaashi Keiji, a person you will always see taking care of others and that applies especially when the name Bokuto is mentioned.

He is a very observant person, making sure that everyone and everything is fine even though he does not have a particular deep relationship with people.

Example would be when Kageyama almost choked on his food in season two and Akaashi immediately turns around to hand him a cup of water despite the fact he was facing him with his back meters away.

In Bokuto’s case he takes even more counter measurements to ensure that it won’t come to a situation where Bokuto his either dejected or feels any negativity, in return Bokuto and other people put their trust in Akaashi’s diligent and caring behaviour.

He does not really profit from it and you can see that he is still caring for those around him no matter how overly annoying or energetic they seem, but he shows us that there is no reason needed to care about someone if you just want to genuinely do so.


@a-zebra-was-here on deviantart

Everyone has a weakness and gets down sometimes.

Bokuto Kotaro one of the top five Aces in the country whose voice you could probably hear miles away screaming eagerly either Akaashi’s name or praising himself.

He seems to have no weak points, presenting himself in a high-spirited manner and makes the best out of any situation, even hardworking when you analyse the conversation he had with Tsukishima when it came to his frustration of getting blocked several times in his previous year.

This is something someone may overlook when seeing Bokuto’s amazing skills and strong personality until of course… he turns on his emo-mode.

He may not always show his weak side but when he does there is no sugar-coating because he clearly shows that even one of the top five Aces has that side of easily feeling dejected and overwhelmed sometimes even to the point of not feeling worthy to get a toss from his setter anymore.

But it doesn’t stop him from striving to become better, despite the fact he needs his team to realize that from time to time and give their best to cheer him up.


@a-zebra-was-here on deviantart

To restrain yourself does not mean to give up.

Sugawara Koichi was the previous setter of Karasuno before Kageyama joined the team meaning his position was snatched away easily, or wasn’t it?

The fact that Sugawara still is fighting, training and pushing himself to improve shows that he never gave up his position in the first place but restrained himself to give Kageyama and Hinata a chance to improve their teamwork and on top of that increase the team’s motivation overall.

He is someone who acts in the background but has a core role of cheering up and not only that, he challenges Kageyama when he realizes that he is not motivated enough that he would eagerly take back his place if he sees he is lacking the will and strength.

In the whole series you can see that Sugawara never once gave up on his position but rather restrained himself to let the team bloom even more beautifully, being maybe one of the few teams who have two talented setters.

See you next time when you spill the tea!


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