I found out my Quirk, now what is yours?

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Time for brainstorms!

I’ve covered the factualities and interesting topics around My Hero Academia Quirks in my BNHA theory time, if you’re interested in that please click here!

Now, now, this post here is there to make you think about one question:

What would your Quirk be?

To establish this I did some research on Quirks in general and made a small little step by step guide to help you find out what your power might be!

There are generally three categories of Quirks. Emitter, Transformation and Mutant Quirks.

The most common Quirk in BNHA lore is the Emitter Quirk, followed by Mutant and then Transformation Quirks.

Emitter Quirks:

“To emit” means to launch or activate. Emitter Quirks are the most common Quirk from the information we have so far and they are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of superpowers. Examples for Emitter Quirks are Todoroki’s Half-hot Half-cold, Bakugo’ Explosion, Uraraka’s Zero Gravity, Deku’s One For All, Aoyama’s Navel Laser and Yaoyorozu’s Creation. With an Emitter Quirk you get the power to control something without it affecting your body. The Quirk has to be activated and isn’t always in use.

Transformation Quirks:

With a Transformation Quirk you can change your body for a limited period of time to something else. While using your Quirk your body changes as well. Some good examples would be Kirishima, Mt. Lady, Sato and Toga. These kinds of Quirks are a bit rarer than Emitter Quirks, but can still be found a couple of times.

Mutant Quirks:

These kinds of Quirks are the most uncommon Quirks so far. Mutant Quirks give you a non-changeable body. Therefore the Quirk is always active, as it is a visible part of the body. Prime examples are Hawks’ wings, Tokoyami’s head, Principal Nezu in general as well as Hagakure.

Interesting right? Being aware of the system behind the story is always a huge inspiration for headcanons and self-inserts!

So, now that we have established what kind of Quirks there are, let’s start brainstorming on your possible Quirk!

Of yourse, maybe you’ve already had your perfect idea on your Quirk and if so, please share it in the comments! But, if this is your first time thinking about this, let’s develop our Quirks together!

First you should try and think for yourself what category your Quirk should reside in.
Be creative! What would be the most comfortable for you?

Grab a pen and paper and note down what’s most interesting for you, let’s brainstorm!

An Emitter Quirk let’s you control an element or conjure some kind of force, if you want to roll further with it, give it a fun gimmick for example: the Quirk is only usable after you do a certain action or only in a ridiculous situation!

Are you okay with your body changing permanently? We see extremely cool characters like Tokoyami and Hawks, if you find that appealing try to think of something that can mutate your body!

If permanent makes you feel queasy, why not try for a Transformation Quirk? Changing your body for a considerable amount of time during combat or usage! Maybe one of your limbs becomes stronger? Bigger? Smaller? Invisible?!

Remember, your Quirk doesn’t have to be perfectly usable and it doesn’t have to be a pro hero Quirk either! Like Izuku’s mom has her smaller scale Quirk you can imagine yourself as a “normal citizen” with a cool ability! You have all of the options, as long as you stay in the possibilities of the lore.

If you find it hard to decide because you have multiple candidates, write your ideas on pieces of paper and choose one with your eyes closed! If you want it to be really realistic, make a bunch of options and stick with the first you pick!

That could be considered close to real circumstances of fate, right?

Here are some examples on how to make a maybe basic idea, more interesting!

Flaws and Drawbacks:

Telekinesis? Very cool but such an overused concept!

Telekinesis but with a drawback every time you use it? Yes!

Maybe you can only use it for a very short period of time, or only on one person per day?

Giving yourself a hurdle to jump over makes the narrative of your Quirk more interesting I believe!

Now that I have explained everything you need to know, go ahead and try it out! Below i have posted a template to “introduce” your Quirk and make your self insert debut!
Don’t be afraid to just jot down your first ideas!
You love math? I dunno, create a Quirk that relates to mathematical concepts or maybe your mind gets a boost every time you do something related to it!

(I really don’t understand math… uh ask Makii!)

You love literature? You’re a writer?

Maybe everything you write down becomes reality! Like a good Deathnote? Or maybe you have to pay a small price everytime you “write” something?

If you don’t have a passion you want your Quirk to resemble, try to find your ability in a concept!

For example: conditions!

If you want a certain power boost you have to create a condition to balance it out. Similar to Nen abilities in Hunter x Hunter. “I will be able to run the next 10 meters in double my normal speed if this coin shows heads!”


You now have yourself a Quirk!

Give it a flashy name like “Math Boost”, “Writeup” or “Conditionals” and then you’ve got it!

Have fun in creating your Quirk and don’t let already existing or very flashy Quirks intimidate you! Take inspiration (without copying or stealing of course) from others or the world around you and make it your own.

Because YES you too, can become a HERO!

Now let’s get to the template!

Quirk name:

To give you a better sense and an example, here’s mine!

Name: Nissa

Quirk: High Sense

Nissa is highly sensitive to her surroundings. Her Quirk makes it possible for her to feel, see and smell things a lot better in a close vicinity to her (about 5 to 10 meters when all senses are sharpened).
If she focuses on one of her senses alone she can for example see a person even though there’s a wall between them, or smell something or someone even further away than 10 meters. She can feel other people’s heartbeats that are close to her.

Drawbacks: She gets overwhelmed very easily, if she uses her Quirk too much or if she sharpens all of her senses for a long time she loses control. Her eyesight shifts, her sense of smell is disturbed and she can’t feel things properly anymore. This induces anxiety attacks since she can no longer feel herself in her body.
She is also highly sensitive even if she doesn’t use her Quirk actively, she carries around noise cancelling headphones and gets agitated when in a high pressure situation.

So? What do you guys think? Too overpowered? Too many drawbacks?

Put your thoughts into the comment section! I would love to read them!

Makii might comment as well, who knows?

See you next tea time!


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