Does Ray/Unknown/Saeran have DID?

Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist nor do I have DID myself, I tried to research everything in respect of the DID community and only used scientific and up-to-date material to properly portray this. If you have DID and feel uncomfortable with anything I have said, please feel free to contact me and I’ll go over it! (Also Ray route spoilers of course!)

There is a lot of stigma around Dissociative Identity Disorder, if you want more information, please educate yourself and try to find people with DID that want to share their stories!

So Ray huh? What else is he called, Unknown or his actual birth name: Saeran.
You start the game in a different timeline than the routes before and everything’s different.
As you talk more with to Ray, you can see how attached he is to MC.
From the get go he talks about MC staying with him and not leaving him behind.
A person he has just met.
After talking and seeing him multiple times, you get accustomed to Ray and may trust him a bit more. Maybe.
According to the choices you make as MC, at some point a drastic change happens.

So before we talk about Ray, I’m going to shortly explain important terms that I will use.
DID develops very early due to repetitive and severe childhood trauma, mostly before the age of nine, as that is the time where the child forms its personality.
Due to repetitive trauma, the brain uses barriers of amnesia to cope.

Some people might know this phenomenon, it is also apparent in people who have PTSD or other mental or traumatic issues. The brain willingly represses and forgets memories because it is aware of the fact that the person can’t cope with these memories.

So, when a child is repeatedly abused or put in traumatic situations, the brain uses multiple amnesia walls between these memories.
This results in the split of the personality and the start of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Again, I am not a licensed professional but I am trying my best to only use professional and accurate terminology. If you have personal experience with DID you can advise me in the comments if something seems incorrect.

Back to the topic.

When the personality isn’t perfectly developed yet in the childhood years, the walls of amnesia create alters.
This is an important distinction.
People with DID don’t have multiple personalities! DID used to be called “multiple personality disorder” or MPD but that term isn’t used officially anymore. The altering states of conciousness are therefore not called personalities, but alters instead.
Their one personality never really integrated into one whole personality, but is instead fragmented into multiple alters.

These alters can have different ages, genders and identities.
They might not even be human.
There are some categories that alters can be confided in.
The person “fronting” the most, fronting meaning being in the body and controlling it talking and being in front of the consciousness, is called the host.
The host is not the original personality and can change.

A persecutor can be a more violent alter, exhibiting traits of the abuser.
The protector is a more soothing and caring alter, that may front often when another alter is overwhelmed. Alters can even be formed after comforting characters that are fictional! Other identities can also be the kid alters or “littles”. These small and young alters hold memories from the very first parts of their childhood and are very fragile. There are recorded people with DID who can have up to 100 alters. The average is about 10 to 20 alters per body.

The whole number of alters in one body is called a DID system.
They all try to communicate and work together to help each other and live a fulfilling and normal life.

People with DID are not crazy or violent.
This is a very sad and often made misconception, which I want to mention.
They are people just like us and have suffered through very severe trauma.
This is why the stigma in movies and even real life is very disappointing.

Now that I have established a base of information, let’s apply this to Ray.

The first time we see Unknown in the Another Story is when he kidnaps you and brings you to Minteye, you encounter seemingly the same person in a whole different demeanor. Ray.

This would indicate the first switch in alters, right?
Which would mean he has DID, right?

Well, there are records of DID systems with only two alters, which is the case here with Ray and Saeran.
Still, after doing my research I don’t think that Saeran has DID.

There are some indicators that align if you squint your eyes.
If we, for the purpose of this discussion, assume Ray and Saeran are both alters of one system.

We see in some chats that Ray feels a headache coming, he starts slurring his speech and alerting that “he” is coming.
This sounds like switching from Ray to Saeran, the obviously more violent part of him.
Ray has stated that he is afraid of Saeran and does imply that they can in fact communicate. The switches aren’t that frequent, but they appear to be distinct and severe.

Sometimes you can detect the memory barrier, Ray remembers things differently than Saeran, and on other occasions they have the same memories.
This is strange however because as we established before, when the personality splits during childhood the different alters hold only their own memories that are very different from one another.

I think the setting and characteristics of Saeran really do resemble DID, but the reason why I don’t think that the representation is accurate, is because the split of Ray only happens later after Rika brainwashed him and drugs him.

That is not how DID works.

If he would have shown signs of the different alters of Ray and Saeran in his abusive childhood, that would have made a lot more sense. In that instance, Seven would have known that he developed DID.
Also the fact that Ray is “made” by Rika.
She establishes in his route that she made Ray with the nice traits of original pre-split Saeran.
The fact that she did that with drugs and manipulation confirms that Saeran may have a lot of mental health issues, but not DID.

The big term of “dissociation” is embedded in DID.
Someone who has it dissociates a lot and can sometimes not know where they are or what they were doing before.
If an alter fronts, they will most definitely be confused and not know their surroundings. When Ray switches to dark Saeran, he immediately knows what’s happening and just continues after Ray.
They may be different people, dress differently and have different memories, but I sincerely believe that Saeran does not have DID.

I think the developers tried to make him an overly complex and scary character that needs saving and a cure, sadly DID is not curable and an issue you live with.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Please leave them in the comments!

See you soon!


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