Goodbye my dream part 03

Orange fluffy hair, sticking into all directions and still it had something soothing and organized to it.

Maybe because it was the orange hair you would recognize every time you see it, whether it was a dream or not.

The young boy who didn’t have overwhelming height but still an overwhelming presence, stood right in front of me on an iron fence looking into the distance, eye focussed like always until he had made up his mind.

Meanwhile I had leaned against the iron fence, slowly and cautiously trying to imagine what his answer would be.

“Oh well”, he just shrugged and stared down at me giving me his widest smile, “who cares if it’s a dream anyways, I mean I can see and feel you, it’s kind of enough.”

My heart wanted to burst, it was something I should have expected but it pained me over and over again.

Every time I knew he would not care the slightest bit made me wonder if he even had realized it was a dream to begin with.

“You think it’s enough”, I held back the rest.

But the chance that we will meet each other again is narrow.

Hinata titled his head and I avoided his glance, he jumped to the other side and again I avoided him.

I can’t tell him, I have to protect his cheerful smile at least here.

I couldn’t even finish my thoughts since he had jumped right in front of me, a loud sound and some dust as he landed on the floor and there he was right in front of me.

“Look, you may think I don’t know stuff, and honestly there are a lot of things I really don’t know”, towards the end he started to scratch his head in embarrassment.

“But if there is a point you may have to wake up and if this is just a dream, then let’s a least make the best out of it, that’s what I think matters the most”, again those focussed eyes, the much bigger presence that didn’t come from his height but his sheer willpower.

I admired that very sentence that I teared up and smiled.

“You are right. I— “, I was so dumbfounded that my words seemed to be stuck in my throat.

 He stretched out his arm and almost reached out for my hand, I as well stretched out to grab his.

“We can do our best tog— “, and as our fingertips brushed against each other, as I heard his voice suddenly screech and fade away like a broken recorder, Hinata had cracked open before me.

As sight so horrible that my guts twisted and then he had burst like glass, into little particles that faded away like snowflakes in the gust.

My fingertips that he had touched a moment ago seemed to have cracked a bit too as I put them close to my ears, I heard a little voice.

“Next time, surely we will do our best together!

-Hinata Shoyo-



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