Goodbye my dream part 04

“I don’t really… get why you are upset”, a calm and relaxed yet very monotone voice mumbled while his focus was not really fully on me, “you told me it happened several times, and yet you always get sad or frustrated when it happens”, for a second he paused his game and looked up from the console’s display to face me with his cat-like yellow eyes that seemed to fix your very presence.

I played with the hem of my dress and looked down, his piercing eyes seemed like they could read me too well and while he was sitting on a brick wall I stood next to him looking up from time to time.

His hair was falling down, like little strands of black and blonde silk almost perfect the way they had positioned themselves on his head.

Usually I couldn’t really see much of his face but today was a bit different as he suddenly looked up to the sky and I could see his very features clearly.

“I mean… after some time”, he spoke very slowly it was easy to follow his calm and detailed thoughts that he gave you when he speaks at all, “shouldn’t it be the opposite? If every time it ends that way, why are you still bothered or shocked by it?”, he did not move his head, but his eyes yet again shot to me and pierced right through me.

“You seem to know more than the others I have met”, it just came out of me as I searched for my words carefully to not be too overwhelming for Kenma, someone who is not a fan of long talks and crowds, “just a question to you then”, I strained my neck to look at him who turned off his console to give me his full attention.

I see, I need to choose my words wisely.

“Just because you fall down many times, does it mean you don’t hurt anymore when it happens?”, and now his eyes widened as if he was caught off-guard and he suddenly turned away his head.

I did the same and waited some minutes for him to respond.

After I had noticed there was no answer, I strained my neck again just to see that one the wall a cat was sitting instead where Kenma was supposed to be.

A cat with mixed fur, white, gold and black, with eyes that looked like two ambers.

The cat had eyed me curiously as its tail moved from side to side.

I could hear a meow that sounded not like your usual cat and before the cat ran off I heard something else.

“I guess even if you get used to it, it might always still hurt, is that what you wanted to tell me today?”



-Kenma Kozume-

@Kahmurio deviantart

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