Haikyuu Police AU pt.2

The posts on the highway zoomed by in rhythmic speed, the low hum of the engine rattling in Kageyama’s ears. 

His nose was buried in the casefile he was handed, trying to absorb every bit and piece of information it offered him. The only reason the car was filled with silence except for the one time where Oikawa honked at a car that didn’t let him overtake.

The location was farther away than expected, and even though both agents in front of the younger one made it seem clear that they were in a hurry, the car ride felt almost leisurely.

The file says that their location was an old warehouse surrounded by a parking lot. 

His eyes skimmed over the report.

The plan supposedly was to have a group working undercover getting in contact with the perpetrators just to get caught.

Just to get caught.

“WHAT?!”, Tobio bellowed in disbelief.

“Ah~ there we go”, Oikawa shot back.

“They’re scapegoats?!”, Tobio gripped the front seat to prop himself forwards, absolute disbelief displayed in his eyes.

“Not really, they’re still on the mission to scout out the field and try to arrest the perps there, but they will most likely be caught”, Oikawa said with a chilling undertone in his voice.

“We’re expecting them to get caught?”, the strain in Kageyama’s voice wasn’t evident for everyone but the duo knew better. He was worried.

“Calm down, you’re a detective aren’t you? Never been on a case like this?” Iwaizumi’s voice was low and almost too relaxed. 

Tobio shook his head slightly.

“Oh wow! The genius agent can’t even hold his emotions in a hostage situation? Why did I bring you then?”

“Oi, shittikawa knock it off”, Iwaizumi barked back.

“Stop calling me that!”

Iwaizumi grunted disapprovingly.

Kageyama leans back to his seat, the casefile on his lap.

“Don’t worry Tobi-chan, we know what we’re doing. Just watch the experienced adults handle this!”, Oikawa remarked with a smug expression.

Right, he thought, Oikawa and Iwaizumi have a lot more experience than I do. That’s probably why they’re so calm. I should calm down as well.

What he didn’t see was Oikawa’s hand gripping the stick shift so hard a vein popped in his hand or Iwaizumi’s strained leg that he kept flexing in anticipation.

The silence was cut when a phone vibrated.

Iwaizumi peeled his phone out of his pocket and threw a glance at the message he received. 


Without another word, he hit the gas pedal until it couldn’t give anymore and started to grip the steering wheel with both hands.

Kageyama looked to the side as the other cars were left behind, his gut wrenching a bit in the process. 

“What happened?!”

“A signal from Kuroo, they arrived at the location”, iwaizumi’s voice was still calm, but it had an edge to it, as if it was now getting interesting.

The speedometer riveted towards the 180 km/h, more screams of protest and honks to be heard.

Oikawa took a quick glance towards the clamoring but had better things to do than get aggravated by it.

“Sorry guys, we’re on a time limit”

Back at the station the captain was still talking to his client in the private room.

“We sent some of the best agents of the surrounding precincts to the location. They should be arriving there shortly”, Daichi’s stern gaze was prompted on the clipboard in his hand.

“What if they get caught?”, the guy responded to him, scepticism seeping from him.

“They probably will get caught, we sent another team of three behind them”, the captain reassured.

“Only three?! This could be a hostage situation! You need to send more!”

“Excuse me sir”, a smile etched onto Daichi’s face, his eyes closing,”I have sent my nest men in to dismantle that ring. I will know best of their abilities. Three are more than enough”

“Well they’re gonna have to be geniuses because I didn’t plant an informant in there for months only for you to send three detectives!” 


A vein popped off of his head as the captain’s voice became almost staticy.

“Iwaizumi Hajime, fifth precinct has been one of the most valuable members of his team. He has once single handedly cracked a cold case in a matter of 48 hours. That man is called the ace by his peers. Not only is he incredibly resourceful, but has the highest hand to hand experience so far.”

The client shifted uncomfortably in his seat but Daichi was not finished.

“Oikawa Tooru, not only is he an excellent detective but he has been working as a profiler for years, it is impossible to lie to him because he will read you like a book the first time you meet him. He was top of his class in the police academy and is currently working as the newfound captain of the fifth precinct. I have never seen the fifth precinct thrive more than under his reign. That man is a machine.”

“Well I didn’t-”

“And lastly, Kageyama Tobio. What he might lack in profiling skills he makes up with his unwavering and relentless work ethic. If he was together with another one of my agents he might prove to be unstoppable, but with Oikawa in his team that detective will go very far. Did I mention he was called a genius because he graduated early from police academy?”

“I wasn’t aware captain, I’m sorry for doubting you”

Daichi sighed as he came down from his lecture.

“I have my full faith in these men”.

They just have to come back in one piece.

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