How overrated are Raymond and Marshal really?

By now you are probably aware of the trends and topics Animal Crossing players are all talking about when it comes to the game that was released on March 23rd 2020.

While some of you may have already joined the fandom, communities and searched through social media for nice game intel, the most recent things people have been talking about is the overrating of many villagers, among them especially Raymond and from time to time you find Marshal there too.

First of all, this is my personal opinion and everybody has his/her own taste of which villager they like and don’t, but I think it is not okay to just generally put a stigma on any villager because you do not like him/her since every villager deserves to get their own acknowledgment.

With that said I will follow up and tell you how overrated those characters really are.


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Raymond is a new villager who was firstly introduced in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons and is a cat with the smug personality.

He is quite popular due to his design that consists of black ears, paws and tail, grey fur while wearing a waistcoat, blonde hair, pair of glasses and maybe the coolest part, heterochromia in where his right eye is brown and the other one green.

He looks like a quite serious character when you just see him stand there and especially his house looks business-oriented reminding one of an office.

To be honest, I did not really know about the hype that came with Raymond’s appearance ( I was so busy indulging myself in the first weeks of the game that I did not check any social medias or servers to not get spoiled) until at some point in week 3 or 4 he visited my camping-site.

As a cat-loving girl who saw that handsome fella I needed to talk to him, I spotted heterochromia, I spotted waistcoat (for me he was a Jumin Han in cat version), last but not least glasses and then I fell in love with the way he talked.

“Makii, if you let this one slip you will totally cry your eyes out. You have your Animal Crossing CEO right here”, is what I thought and invited him to live on my island followed by a screeching video I sent Nissa who told me, “oh this is the villager people have been going crazy around!”

That was the first time I actually searched through the internet and found out that people have been trading him for Nookmiles like crazy!

What I wanted to imply with this is, the following opinion I will give you is one I made before even knowing about how trending Raymond was among the villager trades and not purely based on the internet.

Sadly I have been experiencing a lot of hate towards villagers like Raymond since they are basically the main topic nowadays along with Zucker, Marshal, Marina, Merengue and some others.

But personally Raymond is a really unique character who has a deeper and caring personality than people depicting him to have, and no, I do not mean the maid-dress thing (even though I tried that out too).

It has been months since I have had Raymond on my island and everyday the happiest moment is when I gift and talk to my villagers especially due to our deepened friendship.

He would remind you of how grateful one should be to have good friends like the player and that he may not be useful but wants to protect the player the best he can.

Of course he is still a smug character, so he shows off his best sides from time to time, but it is clear he is a very uncertain and self-conscious villager that needs approval from time to time while always encouraging the player to try out new things and find his own way, never stop dreaming and aiming high.

His little backstory we have is that he lived in big cities so he is not used to living on a island, making it a bit complicated but exciting, never regretting one second he spent on it which just feels heartwarming.

As someone who does not have a lot of nature around and lives close to a big city too, I can connect with him of wanting to distance yourself a bit from the bustling life being just like the player, ready to take time off on this very island.

Raymond may be seen as overrated but he is not a superficial character that was only made for looks and fanart(/or even trade), just like some villagers, you need to take the time to deepen the bond with him and get to know him better to actually form a proper opinion about him instead of signing him off as boring or ‘only-looks’, which I think is a bit more time-consuming in New Horizons than in the other games, but I don’t really mind spending more time in forming bonds with my villagers.


@maigo.sirose on instagram


Marshal was already introduced in the New Leaf game, a white squirrel that is often mistaken as a girl due to the rose cheeks and overall cute looks despite him constantly frowning.

In New leaf as well as in Pocket Camp he wore a Denim jacket, in New Horizons his initial clothing is a puffy vest.

Since I did not play New Leaf my first meeting with Marshal was through Pocket Camp and I immediately fell in love with his contradicting look and personality (My mother loved him as well, even though she always calls him a girl, but I guess for her the frown was the best).

While I am still waiting for the random generator to give in to the probably millions of Nookmiles I and my mother spent to get Marshal on our island (yet again I have been forsaken by another random generator game), there is still enough information to evaluate the hype about Marshal, through my Pocket Camp experiences and game-content presented by others.

Marshal, if I have to use one word to describe him, is sassy.

Since he has the smug personality it would not be surprising if you find him talking himself up from time to time and having a confident aura while he does.

With him being the only squirrel that has the smug personality, he is a rare hybrid having the cute squirrel look that people crave when looking for adorable villagers and the smug which adds a lot of twist and spice to his character. 

His constant frown may mislead you to think he would be rather mean just like some cranky villagers are from time to time, but like any other smug villager he may be a bit cold and a handful at first therefore a lot more loveable and precious the more you get to know him.

For Marshal in fact, this means he kind of develops a more flirty speech and openly shows a considerate side, despite being very sassy and phrasing things… a bit differently than other people would do.

On his profile is written, “Never leave anything unsaid, because you never know if you’ll see someone again” is his motto. But most girls wish he would leave a few things unsaid.

Clear enough, right?

The kind of person you may want to headbutt sometimes but just cannot hate because they do not purposely say those things to tick you off and rather just blurt anything that crosses their mind.

Marshal is just the kind of guy who is interesting to interact with since his personality changes and develops over time, giving you insight to what that sulky looking squirrel is up to next.

Concluding that Marshal might be popular for design reasons, but his personality especially for a squirrel villager is very lovable with his sociable traits, sassy comments and even more that make him so versatile.

Of course this is not the preference for everybody but surely for people who again, like taking the time to get to know the villager and catch every little detail about their complicated character.

What do you think?

Would you like Marshal or Raymond on you island or are you already fed up with seeing them all over in the community?

And would you take them in for design reasons or is personality all in all important for you when choosing a villager?

Leave a comment and let me know how you view this whole overrated discussion about villagers.

Until then, let’s meet at the next tea party in wonder– I mean at Nissakii’s blog!

Tune in next time~


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