Theory Time: Boku No Hero Academia Quirks! Part 2

Onward it goes, since it wasn’t enough that Nissa made a theory time about Quirks it is now time to pass the baton.

Since I read her post I started immediately brainstorming and theorizing about all the possibilities and conclusions drawn from Nissa’s blogpost until she told me to write one myself because it already escalated into a post in our conversation.

So here I will present you some theories I have concluded from Nissa’s theory time about Quirks.

If you haven’t read it, here you go!

I would advise to read it first since she made a good head start and explains a lot about Quirks and the functions, as well as her own theories from which I will continue onward.

Shortly before we start, I do not read the boku no hero academia manga and have no knowledge what is going on there, so my conclusions are only driven by Nissa’s post.

Quirk trauma

In the previous post Quirk malfunctioning was mentioned in which Nissa explained the difference between overuse and malfunction.

If someone experiences a malfunction of a quirk let’s take Uraraka as an example like she did, the fear of making someone or yourself float and not being able to undo it unless Eraser-head uses his quirk, what would it cause if that might really happen?

The certainty of a hero not appearing in time or not being around is just too low for someone who experienced such a horrifying event once or twice.

With Uraraka’s quirk it’s not even about making someone float but making someone experience crushing gravity as well.

There are even far worse malfunction scenarios if we take Todoroki or Bakugo as example, both of them could self-destruct if their bodies would either burn away or explode, this is not a simple thing Eraser-head could make go without big casualties.

Would you use your quirk knowing it could malfunction or even malfunction again?

Maybe losing another limb or even worse the damage wouldn’t be on you alone but on a bigger scale.

Excessive fear of such scenarios could lead the brain to even restrain the person to use one’s quirk due to past trauma, just like some people forget or restrain memories to overcome a childhood trauma or because their mind would not be able to take it.

Quirk trauma could lead someone to partly forget how to use one’s own quirk due to the past experience or excessive fear of malfunction.

Mutation and Natural selection

In almost every episode Midoriya starts off with the explanation about how Quirks have become the norm of the world, making people with Quirks 80% of the world’s population.

Meaning only 20% are quirkless.

But here is the statement that makes me overthink if it was the case all the time, which is clearly not.

Midoriya explains that it wasn’t always a norm since the first baby with a quirk was born suddenly.

Meaning that the baby must have genetically speaking a change, also called Mutation.

In season 2, Episode 11 Deku’s mentor tells him that he was quirkless too even when it wasn’t as rare as it is now, it was still uncommon.

Meaning that the number of quirkless people used to be higher just one or two generations ago.

Now how does a human being with a rare genetic trait suddenly make the world, let’s say 80% of the world have that trait too?

Selective fitness and natural selection.

For the ones who hated biology class let me explain, both of this term refer to reproduction and the natural way known as “survival of the fittest.”

If the Mutation, the genes are more dominant when reproduction occurs then through natural selection and selective fitness the genes for normal or here we say quirkless people become less dominant, which means it will take longer for people with that gene to appear in general.

For that let’s take the mendelsche rules, we know they do not really apply for humans since our genes are way too complex to limit it to them but they are a nice basis for an example how things work.

If we have a red flower (being dominant) and a white flower(non dominant) and we try to breed them, with mendelsche rules in the first generation we will get four red flowers with both genes but since the red flower is more dominant in appearance it will look red.

When we do this a second time but with the “kids”, there is a more likely chance to get white flowers now since the possibility of a “kid” getting only the white genes is now higher than at the first time.

Now let’s add a factor, let’s say red flowers can only live when they have at least three white flowers and enough sunlight, while the white flowers can live anywhere.

Who do you think has better surviving chances?

Technically if we try to apply this to quirks, it is rather easy to say that for people who have certain quirks it’s easier to stay alive or protect themselves in danger.

Concluding from that we could say that the percentage of 80% may have come through the dominant nature of quirks in reproduction and also have a higher chance to withstand natural selection to someone who is quirkless, making them more and more common to appear in the population.

But we can’t know if there were other scientific ways of interfering and maybe purposely changing the way quirks have taken over the world and maybe it wasn’t a natural process in the first place.


@kkumri instagram

As Nissa mentioned in her post, quirks can be hereditary and therefore quirk marriages exist.

If we add the new information of the way animals and plants can be bred to gain the traits one desires, it’s not far off to think that there are “Quirk breeders” out there.

Even in our world there are scientists who freeze certain sperms of renowned people to search for a perfect woman who has special traits and could bear the perfect child, it’s nothing uncommon or fictional, an example would be the sperm of Albert Einstein still being stored somewhere to try and get another genius centuries later.

In this case we even have the prime example of Todoroki’s father Endeavor.

As seen in season 2, Endeavor clearly refers to his son as it, that thing or my creation, which shows that Endeavor doesn’t see Todoroki as an individual, but rather as something he had created or let’s say bred.

Since in Todoroki’s flashback we see three other siblings playing ball together, Endeavor tells him that they are in another world than Shoto, referring to him as his masterpiece as he posses both ice and fire quirk that he had inherited from both parents, not only those he take after them in appearance but also in their abilities.

Why do you think I am calling this Quirk breeding?

Well, since Endeavor frankly shows no interest in the other siblings, one even taking appearance-wise a lot after his father, he only shows interest in his latest creation called Shoto, who possesses the desire abilities and power to fulfill his goal and dreams.

Even a father wouldn’t call his own son a masterpiece, creation or it, he is clearly emotionally detached, always indicating that Shoto possesses Endeavor’s blood and emphasizing the fact that due to Endeavor he could gain this abilities in the first place due to his blood.

Here again if we use the principle of gene distribution the fact that Endeavor had tried four times until he got the desired child with the abilities he wanted shows that things like Quirk breeding could be an existing problem in the world of boku no hero academia.

Since in that case it was something he did while marrying the person, imagine things like underworld breeding or human traffic would occur to breed special quirks.


Since Quirks are a genetic thing we cannot miss out the part of genmanipulation, right?

We already see that in our everyday life, fruits, plants even animals they are all part of genmanipulation to produce the best results, taste, quality and more important quantity.

If there are possibilities to even gen manipulate cells and their functions, then the possibility of interfering with the natural way Quirks work wouldn’t be too far away.

The Nomus are a prime example of unnatural quirk possession is possible while we have All for one as someone who can steal Quirks and insert them into other people, there might be a scientific way of interfering with quirks since breeding seems to have a similar effect of creating new quirks or alternating an already inherited quirk while pairing.

Of course we are not talking about legal Quirk intervention here, those are probably things that would occur in the underworld of society forcefully trying to experiment with quirks or even using DNA of other people to manipulate and clone similar quirks, a short reminder in biology lessons it was said that scientists already found ways to insert RNA structures into the RNA ring of bacterias and altering their original RNA without the bacteria dying.

But that’s just a reminder.

Also in season 2 it was mentioned that the Nomu’s had mixed DNA and somebody tempered with their bodies in order to fit in multiple quirks which still needed somehow All for One to work anyway, but here we are not talking about multiple quirks, but single quirks being inserted into the body with not much of tempering of the body.

Another option would be that just like organs people might donate part of their DNA or even a way to donate quirks when they die, making it possible to give someone else a quirk.

Inserting the DNA or forcefully inserting a quirk in someone else’s body through scientific means.

Quirk blackmarket and Quirk mismatch

Last but not least, to complete the underworld quirk scene in this post I present you the Quirk blackmarket and Quirk mismatch.

Since I mentioned the possibility of interfering and donating Quirks, there will always be bad guys if that would be possible.

People would start to abduct orphans or children with amazing Quirks or maybe even steal part of their DNA or kill them off to gain access to their quirks.

And if someone would want a super new fancy Quirk, let’s say someone rich and influential or a villain, we could have an entire black market where people would sell Quirks ( rare quirks as well) for exorbitant prices.

Just like the real world’s black market with humans, organs and so on, we now got Quirks on the sell list…

And here we get the mismatch part.

We already got to see Deku’s mentor telling him to train his body before he passes on One for All to him since the mismatch of his quirk due to his physical state could lead him to reject the quirk and even worse his body being severely damaged since he could not inherit the quirk.

A mismatch.

If somebody would donate his Quirk to someone else, just like organs the receiver must be sure the Quirk suits his body and doesn’t mismatch or get rejected afterwards.

This would lead to scammers on the black market since if somebody would lie to get a high price for an amazing quirk, the fact that the quirk could mismatch would be to his disadvantage.

It must mean he would have to let the buyer try the quirk and see if it would not mismatch, the chance of not getting paid or a bad deal would only be a failed opportunity for the seller.

And with that I conclude my thoughts on Quirks possibilities in the world of boku no hero academia.

Any other ideas?

want to donate me a quirk?

Just kidding I am out of tea so let me refill it with my quirkless body, meaning heading off.

See you next theory time,

quirkless Makii with no tea



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