Yachi’s Magic Academy – Chapter 03

Chapter 03: Giant’s curse

-So you haven’t heard of it, while you have been cursed as well?-

(picture @Ruttika_Shin on twitter)

I felt very tingly and impatient, needing to wait outside of the room for her to recover.

Since Kageyama is next to me there is a little comfort that I didn’t feel too much isolated in this new place, but being forcefully separated from Yachi not knowing who is taking care of her just makes me more antsy.

At the same time these weird feelings that warped the inside of me weren’t any better I wondered where they came from, they felt all dark and gloomy ever since I entered this academy.

No a little before Yachi set her path to attend here.

I titled my head from left to right, feeling the weight of every single hair strand shift.

Ah, being in this form is really weird and unusual.

If it wasn’t for that scary Kageyama I would never have morphed in this situation.

As if he was aware I was scolding him in my mind he shot me a glare from where he was standing, crossing his feathery arms as he leaned against the wall.

Only the door that led into the room where Yachi was in, separated us and I didn’t mind picking a fight with him right now.

“Why are you glaring the whole time?”, he suddenly asked me and my jaw dropped.

“Glaring? Me? I don’t want to hear that from a scary-looking guy like you who glares all day long even as a crow!”

He grabbed my head and scowled down on me as I could clearly feel the irritation he was oozing off.

“What? Did that make you mad glareyama?”, I chuckled and his grasp tightened.

Oh no, I don’t want to go bald like that other crow!

Again a wave of these emotions this time they were a bit stronger and I had to grab my shirt from the suffocating feeling I was getting.

“I didn’t grab you that hard! Stop pretending m-moron!”, his shaky hand didn’t match his harsh words, but I was a bit too focused on something else right now.

It did occur to me while we spent all those years together, but right now it seemed much more clearer.

As I looked up again he was taken aback, letting me go immediately.

Yet again, this is not what I wanted, maybe I was just too overwhelmed.

“Kageyama”, I dared to ask, this time it felt like I didn’t blink at all, “aren’t you feeling a bit weird too?”

“Not really, I mean we are just some hours in here but seeing you worked up like that don’t tell me you are chickening out now?”, as he provoked me it was the simplest answer to my question.

He did not feel it.

I looked at the door and back to him, straightening again and scratching my head.

The feelings drowned a bit now and I took a deep breath in.

Almost felt too nauseous to even talk…

My eyes scanned his arms and face, another realization hit my pride a bit.

He looks much more humanoid than I do.

I pulled on the feather ingrown in my face but it still stung when I tried to pull it out.

“Stop pulling them off, it will drain your magic usage if you keep damaging your body needlessly, you will be useless in actual combat like that”, just as simply as Kageyama has stated it with no afterthought of how the other party could feel, just as simply I dawned on me that I might be good in a stamina battle but nothing else.

From inside I could hear the ruckus and some people running in making me jump to the side as they slammed the door behind talking about some seniors and that they are on shift.

Weird crowns…

Kageyama’s eyes had a slight blue glow and he turned to me again.

“Seems like she will take some weird-looking medicine”, as he said those words the last amount of these weird lingering feelings vanished.

So… are these… Yachi’s negative feelings and her distress?

Do I feel her burden too?

I realized at some point that this must be the case, but here it was even stronger, does it have to do with this form?

I stared back at Kageyama who was crossing his arms now and heaving his chin.

“Stop acting weird already”, what a cold person he didn’t seem to have the same burden.

I was right all along, he doesn’t feel it, he never did.

It makes me wonder if my bond is too unstable, if I am really that useless.

He looks much more humanoid and doesn’t have emotional interference maybe he does get the positive ones?

Is that how it works?

Ahh- This drives me crazy even if I think about it now I won’t come to a conclusion!

“I am too stupid”, I just blurted out and scratched my head in irritation.

“Stop yelling you are stupid, you dumbass Hinata!”, Kageyama yelled back and the usual nagging started.

We kept this going for a while until an ominous presence started to approach.

An intimidating, immense magical power oozed off the young man who stepped closer and closer, a smile on his face.

I froze on the spot not being able to move.

Like little branches the magic aura shackled my body making me unable to move, but as my glance went to Kageyama he seemed impressed but not surprised, yet he seemed a bit too cautious of him.

I-I am scared but.

“W-What do you want? Want to pick a fight?”, I just blurted out and stanced myself ready to attack if needed.

He may have overwhelmed me with that power, b-but I didn’t come here to ridicule Yachi on the first day.

As he gave me a surprised but not hostile at all look, he fixed Kageyama for a while.

There was a weird silence as if they ignored me; they kept staring at each other, as if they had met before but then the brunette turned back to me.

My eyes went up and the gorgeous yet grand crown made of silver and light blue leaves gave him a whole new atmosphere.

G-Grand king? Is he a king or something?

“Oh, I never saw such a short bonding creature with such low magic aura in my life”, a swift movement only before he had approached me, closing in as he examined my face and scanned over my body in surprise and fascination at the same time, “quite interesting~”

I was still in my fighting stance, but it didn’t seem to matter at all as I started trembling nervously and heat went to my face.

S-short? Small magic aura?!

“S-Sorry, please leave him alone he is still-”, while Kageyama seemed much more nervous than he was before his hand wanted to go between us to interfere with the young man’s examination, but to no avail.

It didn’t even take a second until sharp tendrils cut into Kageyama’s hand making him retract it.


“H-hey you can’t just”, but I stopped talking when he suddenly pulled on my ingrown feathers on my face.

“Ouch”, it slipped out of me, “hey that hurts.”

He switched from my face to my arms and started pulling the feathers too that were ingrown.

I swung my arms up and down.

“Stop! It hurts!”, I jumped a bit too high making me hit the ceiling and falling back to the ground with a throbbing head.

Tears were dwelling up but the young man placed his hand on my head emitting an aqua coloured light with a smile, the throbbing pain vanished immediately.

“I apologize, I didn’t know it would hurt that much. I was simply curious since someone like you is quite rare. I wanted to see it close up”, he pointed at my wings.

“They are pretty small for your age too, I assume around your age”, his gaze swiftly switched to Kageyama with narrowed eyes, “shouldn’t be as big as his but quite into that direction.”

Again he touched my wings and pulled gently, but it still hurt since my wings were the most sensitive feathers over all, they fell off much more quickly.

He realized that too and saw the accumulation of feathers on his hand.

“Oh no, this is kind of bad”, he muttered as he focused on something.

I stood up and he patted my head to my surprise.

“But don’t worry, it will go away soon. This is part of growth after all, it won’t be easy since you are quite weak at the moment but you have three years to change that. It may bother you in comparison to others, the jump you did right now though proves your strength lies somewhere different”, unlike before his hand seemed much more warm and gentle, as if those words that nobody told me before meant to cheer me up mingled with the heat.

“Osu…”, it just came out of me and he nodded ignoring Kageyama the whole time who still kept trying to talk to him.

“Hey, I am talking to you! How did you heal him so fast and why did you-”, he cut him off.

“So annoying, aren’t you kind of rude interrupting me and the shorty for this whole time?”, he just muttered as another tendrils appeared this time much thicker and bigger who wrapped around Kageyama’s whole body, squeezed him a bit before throwing him to the other side of the hall, far. far away.

“Kageyama!”, I blurted out and with no delay I jumped after him, it took me a while to reach him since the halls here seemed like an endless maze.

That guy is sure scary and it seems he is easily annoyed by Kageyama.

I frowned.

Basically everyone is easily annoyed by Kageyama but he didn’t seem to hide it.

What I expected was him hitting the walls after that powerful throw, instead it seemed like another set of tendrils grew out of the walls and ceiling, catching Kageyama and fixing him in place.

He hung there upside down, his head slowly taking in a slight red colour from hanging and maybe a bit of his hurt pride.

The tendrils were tightly grasped around his body, no matter how much he struggled they just fixed him even more.

I couldn’t help but snort as I regarded the over-competent Kageyama looking so angry and frustrated while he was fixed by some tendrils hanging upside down in the hallway where most students passed by.

It kind of serves him right sometimes.

“Dumbass, did you just laugh?”, his face seemed even more red now maybe due to embarrassment or anger or both.

“What if I did?”, I came closer inspecting his angry face as I poked his forehead and now the laugh slipped out of me.

“Just wait until I get out of here you dumbass! Stupid! Moron! Get me out now!”, he grew louder and louder, even his struggling seemed more hurried and I imitated him.

“Dumbass! I can’t get out since I am always rude and glare at everyone, grr!”, I pulled my eyebrows down and moved my body like he did, wriggling like a caterpillar.

“Hinata!”, was the last thing he said until he grit his teeth, one could hear them grinding as he boiled visibly.

Ah, I forgot the students are watching.

“Okay, okay. Stop moving I will help you”, but as I reached out to remove the tendrils they grew harder and I couldn’t move them a bit, as if they were out of metal.

“What is taking you so long?”, Kageyama yelled into my ear.

I narrowed my eyes and gave him a helpless look.

“Is that how you treat someone who is helping you?”, I pushed the tendrils with the intent to make him swing and now they seemed to move, making him go left and right.

“Ah-”, it slipped out of me as he came back at full speed hitting me and making me tumble over in pain, the impact of hardened tendrils and Kageyama’s accelerated weight hitting my body.

“Useless crow! I told you to remove them and all you did is – damn I feel sick”, his voice faded and I tried to recover from the impact.

They only moved when I intended to swing him around, it means I am not allowed to remove them?

Whatever that Grand King was he was not someone to joke around with.

“I can’t remove them”, Kageyama shot me a death glare.

“Why are you smiling then?”

I didn’t realize it myself, but when he pointed it out it dawned upon me.

“I guess I am excited”, the corner of my mouth trembled and Kageyama’s expression softened until a shadow covered his face.

Out of nowhere little white and cream coloured feathers covered the whole floor now and my gaze went up.


“Hey, heey, heey!”, a young man with white hair black strands mixed in it stood there cross-armed and regarded Kageyama fixing him with his yellow eyes that seemed to absorb everything that he was looking at, like lights glowing for a short while.

Just a split second it took before I could see his feathers and wings disappear as if they never were.

“How cool”, it escaped me and he turned his head to me, a surprised look before he threw his head back laughing loudly and pointed at me.

“Right? I am cool, right? Look, newcomers remember this name, Bokuto Kotaro”, then he turned back to Kageyama as his hands started to glow in a slight yellow and white lights that formed themselves into little blades.

The hands that wore black gloves only covering the heel of his hand and his thumb, didn’t particularly vibrate but the air around them was very much alive.

He cut through the tendrils which dissolved, making Kageyama fall out of them, hitting his head on the floor and roll against the wall, making him lie there upside down as well.

His blades turned into gust and vanished with only a sound after.

He compressed the wind to become blades and cut through them?!

I never heard of this kind of power!

“You are a senior, right?”, I came closer and he eyed me with a wide grin.

“Yes short one, you can rely on me since I am your senior. I am your senior, you got that? I mean what better senior is there who helps his new disciples?”, with his firm hands he grabbed my shoulders and shook me while he laughed.

I couldn’t stop staring at him out of admiration and excitement.

“Senior, disciple. Gust, blades. It just came like pah! and then you did that shaa! before it went whoosh! Amazing!”, I babbled on processing what just had happened.

“You saw it, right? That was amazing, wasn’t it? Not anyone can do that. I am one of very few, but lucky you got me as a senior. This is a special technique only I can teach you!”

“You will teach me the whoosh! thing?”, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped as he told me that.

“If you can keep up that is! Bahaha! Oya?”, he suddenly leaned down staring at my face and I titled my head still smiling.

He narrowed his eyes and heaved an eyebrow.

“Is this part of the Giant’s curse?”, he as well pulled on my ingrown feathers in the facial area.

Another surge of pain went through my whole body.

Giant’s curse?

His eyes and aura were so intense that for a while I was forced to look down, making me realize he had different clothes than the Grand King from earlier.

He wore a tight black turtleneck tank top that had a gold chain with an emblem going from the one shoulder to the other of his white and gold Kimono, that hung loose exposing his arms, it seemed like something was holding it in place despite the messy look.

The pressure was so heavy not only were those glowing eyes scary but just like before this magic power he was oozing off suffocated me.

“What do you mean with the Giant’s curse?”, Kageyama suddenly inquired, rolling back and making himself stand straight again.

Bokuto was still eyeing me while making a sound in thought.

“Hm?”, he stood straight again as Kageyama walked up next to me and Bokuto put a hand on his hip.

“Aren’t you guys crows?”, he frowned and looked at Kageyama, “How can you not have heard about it?”

A black cat suddenly rushed by and Bokuto’s attention was gone for a second.

“I am going to catch you later, just wait!”, he yelled and both, I and Kageyama exchanged confused looks.

“Nevermind, as your senior I should teach you guys!”, the presence from before disappeared and he laughed loudly again.

“What does this have to do with being a senior?”, Kageyama muttered and I nudged him.

“Tell us Senior Bokuto!”, I said excited and so Bokuto started telling us about the curse.


When I stood up it was already dusk, at least it looked like that from the bed I was lying in.

“A whole day wasted”, I muttered while holding my throbbing head.

“Are you awake?”, the man with the sharp gaze asked me as my conscious finally hit back fully.

Iwaizumi it was, right?

Nervously I nodded and clenched my fists under the blanket.

He must have realized as his gaze went to the blanket and back to my face, scratching his neck while he averted his gaze.

“Since you missed the school guidance there is nothing much you can do for today. Don’t worry, I heard tomorrow they will show the first years the important stuff”, he pulled something out of his pocket and threw it on my blanket.

“Don’t worry young pretty lady I will lend you a hand since my shift is almost over! I will bring you even in front of your room, that’s what a senior is there for!”, a light-brown haired guy who parted his hair neatly stretched out a hand and I flinched.

Iwaizumi pulled him back and shot him a glare, “you will stay with me Yahaba, I will need some more hands since Oikawa is busy with the first years.”

The dejected man returned to the other student with freckles who was still asleep since my arrival here.

I stared at the paper on my blanket.

“It may be not much, but this is a map where you can find the dorms. There will be someone at the reception who will tell you where to go. Rest up and make yourself ready for tomorrow. They don’t go easy on you just because you are new, especially those who miss out on the protection spell”, he looked over to the other beds which seemed to be fully vacated.

My jaw dropped as my hand grasped the paper and I leaned over to eye the many students who lied there.

“T-That many?”, my voice stuttered without realizing and Iwaizumi sighed.

“Yes, it’s always like that. And every time it’s our turn to work overtime”, his expression turned frustrated easily, “at least he could do much more on days like these instead of focusing on guiding the first years”, he muttered rather to himself as he turned to the door.

“Now time to wake up and go. We need that free spot for someone. People around here are a bit too energetic, so even on usual days they keep filling the beds needlessly”, the more he talked the more I pitied him.

I could never deal with such a stressful situation, it would make me nauseous.

Keeping an eye on Hinata and Kageyama was already stressful enough, no matter where I am I kind of worry if they are doing well.

Swiftly I stood up, took my bag and looked for my hat.

I need to find them as soon as possible.

“Ah”, he must have realized but before he could reach out I already pulled the hat back to me.

“Magnetism?”, his eyes widened and a little grin formed on his face.

While placing my hat neatly on my head, carefully watching him before staring at my shoes.

“Y-Yeah, it’s not advanced but I can pull some things and small animals to me, as well as repel them when needed”, a slight helpless smile formed on my face remembering mentor Kiyoko carefully and gently teaching me.

There was a heavy weight on my back until I realized he had patted it a bit too hard and smiled.

“A nice trick, keep training it and it will come to handy. Not many first years can use Magnetism from the get-go, it’s kind of impressive. Ah-” he turned back to the door as a beat-up blonde with an undercut came in.

The bed I was lying some minutes ago was already like anew, no trace of me ever existing here.

“Terushima you rascal, you were here just this morning! Go back I won’t take you in!”, was the last thing I heard before scurrying past him and leaving the pharmacy.

Hinata and Kageyama seem to be not around this area, I am wondering where they are.

They seem to make trouble all the time, I just hope they are at least trying to keep it down here.

Carefully I looked at the tiny paper in my hands, it looked easier than it was on this big grounds, almost maze-like.

When I turned left it seemed almost like I popped back of the right side, my orientation sense was still a bit off.

I closed my eyes and focussed.

Remember, what do you do in a situation like that?

What did she teach you?

The paper felt warm all of a sudden and I focussed a bit more.

“Some objects have a spell on them that need to be activated. When you feel like there is something off in a place, try using the things you have.”

The paper was not the map, rather it must have been the spell.

I muttered something and tried to recall anything that had to do with encrypted spells.

“Look it’s a first year, doesn’t she look cute?”

“Cut it out, she is trying hard. Don’t stare, they get scared easily.”

“It’s getting dark already, I hope they still have some food left.”

All those voices passing by threw me off.

First, get in Yachi, close them off.

It took much of my energy to do so, but it worked at some point my conscious shifted and everything seemed dark around me beside myself and the paper, they were the only things I could see.

Now, focus on the paper and the encryption, since you are aware of it activate and visualize it.

The symbols popped off like little lights and formed into different shapes until they all merged.

An owl stared into my soul until it ripped the paper apart and disappeared.

I opened my eyes and only a scrap of paper was left but now a trail of green light was pointing into one direction.

So it was a navigation assistant?

Whoever came up with such a spell in such a short time must be a genius!

With fast steps I followed the light trail, running through hallways, gardens, even crossing a bridge.

This place is so big almost like a city!

Mentor Kiyoko always told me about this place and how much more different people were outside of my little world on the hill, but seeing the real thing-

“It’s scary, I want to go back”, I shivered and closed my eyes.

“Huh, but you just arrived?”, a voice said and I stared at the man with ash-blonde hair sticking into all directions while he frowned deeply, his eyes shaped sharply almost like he seemed angry.

He was standing behind a mahogany counter, stretching out wide almost seeming endless, behind it several big shelves filled with papers and keys also made out of wood and engraved with golden accents.

I feel out of place.

“Excuse me”, he waved in front of me and I flinched.

“Y-Yes?”, is this the reception he talked about, do students have to deal with it too?

He took the paper piece out of my hand and regarded it.

“I see you dropped right when you arrived, not the best start for a first year troubling your seniors like that”, with one snap the paper disappeared and a list appeared instead.

“Your name?”, his tone was very serious and not much emotion was in it.

“Yachi Hitoka”, his scowl never disappeared, when I arrived I thought it was due to my mumbling but it seemed even when he searched he had it on his face.

“Yachi Hitoka, you were trained by Kiyoko and yet you didn’t even manage to- ah nevermind”, he pulled something out of the list and the small light formed into a key.

It seems like all kinds of amazing people are here.

And they seem to be all scary.

“The girls’ dorm is on this side”, he pointed to a long hallway which had a crimson carpet laid out on it.

“Yachi!!!”, I heard a familiar voice before a crow crashed into my back.

“H-Hinata”, but I needed to prop myself on my knees since his impact caused my back too much pain to stand straight.

“You can’t take them in”, the guy crossed his arms as he picked up Hinata who was flapping his wings.

“Yachi, Kageyama and I were looking for you. I felt your presence close by and rushed over. Are you okay? Did that Grand King hurt you?”, Hinata was babbling on and Kageyama seemed silently making himself comfortable on my back.

That rude brat, doesn’t even consider that Hinata could damage my back with that impact?!

I stood straight again, ignoring the little stings and took Kageyama in my hands while stroking his feathers.

“I am okay Hinata, you seem very off come here for a bit”, I stretched out my other hand and the guy glared.

“Witches and Wizards are prohibited to take their bonding creatures into the dorms or to classes. They have seperate classes and dorms to ensure efficient independent training. You should learn to depend on individual strength as a witch and it starts with separating you from you crows, you will learn different kinds of communication skills through that and-”, he went on and on about the rules of females and males having different dorms it goes for the witches and wizards as well as for the bonding creatures.

It felt like a long lecture, I had to focus to not making him even more angry and I felt Hinata growing impatient in my hand.

‘Don’t worry. It’ll be over and you can fly again.’

Hinata moved to my message.

“You just emitted magical aura, stop using your power to communicate”, he searched in his list, “even for cursed guys like you to act like that it’s just obvious, first year crows Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama Tobio.”

His gaze was especially on Kageyama and I flinched.

‘Does he know you?’

‘I guess, I don’t know…’

‘These seniors are all so amazing and scary at the same time. I am so excited. Kageyama I see your wings flapping you must be too!’

‘S-Shut up! I am not scared! But… it’s really exciting to see so many different powers here.’

‘Guys turn it down for now.’

“I won’t take them with me if it’s forbidden, I missed the guidance how you mentioned earlier so p-please forgive me”, I stuttered but I felt Hinata’s uneasiness as he heard those words.

“Just a second, I will then part ways with them”, he nodded and I went to a corner where I placed Hinata and Kageyama on a pillow of the lounge.

He seemed a bit softer than earlier that scowl guy.

But his uniform is different than the others I saw until now, Iwaizumi’s was based on aqua colours and had a different vibe.

His seemed rather like a captain military kind of mix, white and purple. 

I wonder if he is from the Shiratorizawa clan…

“Yachi?”, Hinata had called out my name to bring me back and I placed my finger on his head emitting a warm orange light.

“Just a bit, okay? You seem very odd let me check on your memories to help me figure out, I will exchange mine with you as well”, my eyes darted to Kageyama but he shook his bead.

Yeah, you don’t like this at all don’t you?

I smiled and reassured him to spare him the trouble.

If he was with Hinata then it would be a waste of time to check on his for now.

“Do I seem that odd?”, he had asked me and I shook my head.

“I wanted to know what you saw, it spares me the guidance stuff and some trouble for tomorrow. As exchange I will show you who I saw since you seemed worried”, Hinata wasn’t very happy about the idea but a bit relieved about the exchange.

With his approval the memories started to slip into my mind.

I saw the scene as if I was in Hinata’s shoes.

“You guys don’t know about the Giant’s curse? It kind of became a big talk again since some of your people lost, a wizard from Karasuno, the one with the silver hair”, a white haired man said with a loud voice, eyes on me and Kageyama.

“I think he means Sugawara, the one from earlier”, Kageyama pointed out looking at me.

‘A he seemed pretty nice though, I can’t imagine him fighting…’

Are those Hinata’s thoughts on Sugawara?

“Yes, he is known to have a really strong bond with his crows, one of them being one of the strongest offensive types, of course not as strong as me I am among the top five”, the white-haired man started laughing loudly and wiped with his hands over the wall a light emitting from it.

“This is a memory saved from the match against Moniwa, the current clan leader of the iron wall of Dateko Kingdom. They were crushed, no offensive power made it through them on that day”, Sugawara’s lonely back was visible in the memory, his expression wasn’t visible but the atmosphere was grim, as the supposed offensive crow laid on the ground motionless, while two others were heavily injured.

A scene like out of a war if it wasn’t for the walls of the school ground.

“Rumors are still going around that he never attended a match afterwards with that one crow. If it would have been me, I would have crushed and go back until I make that iron wall shatter. At least until Akaashi doesn’t interfere with my training that is….”

‘I want to meet that Akaashi guy, if he can make Bokuto become so emotional and tame then he must be even stronger!

I stared at Hinata who averted his gaze.

“Come on, I mean of course I felt bad for Sugawara but that’s what I kept thinking”, he tried to defend himself.

“You say them losing is a curse?”, Kageyama was suspicious and asked.

“Actually the curse goes back some years ago, there was a small wizard a bit taller than the shorty”, I felt Hinata’s annoyance at that remark.

“He was called the little giant. An amazing guy if you ask me, the only one I could probably say I am not close to ability-wise. Crazy, the real kind of crazy”,  my vision widened and I grasped Kageyama’s sleeve who seemed confused.

“You can’t mean-”

The man who seemed to be called Bokuto smiled widely and nodded.

“Hey, heey, heey! Where do you think you are? This is the academy well-known for people like him attending here and people like me, you wouldn’t find them at any place!”

“Can you continue the story!”, I nudged Kageyama and he added, “p-please, senior Bokuto!”

The man’s eyes sparkled and lit up.

“Of course! In his last year there was a match where he used his crows, but for the first time in his whole three years attending this academy something strange happened, nobody knows why or how it happened in particular but he went haywire on the last practical exam when he faced off with another clan. He broke some rules and did not stop when the judges interfered, in addition he used forbidden spells since then Karasuno never won, never again. People were making theories but the most plausible one is that either the little giant cursed Karasuno himself or the judges who seemed scared of the spells he used at that day. Scared that the crow clan had some shadow business going on”, Bokuto’s eyes focussed on something else all of a sudden and he shifted into an owl flying after the black cat from earlier.

“Sorry guys, catch you later! Kuro you sly cat come here!”

The memory transfer ended here and I started with mine.

Hinata shook his head.

“So you didn’t see the Grand King, thank goodness. But those Johsai people seemed kind of nice and strong as well. Unlike Bokuto they are not wind types”, he babbled on.

Kageyama yawned and I stared at the scowling guy who seemed to tell me to hurry up.

“Okay get your keys, we will meet tomorrow morning”, I patted both of their heads and headed down the hallway.

The curse… of the little Giant.

I need to see it for myself.



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