BNHA Quote time: part 01

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“You can become a hero.”

Toshinori to Midoriya

The quote that had the most impact in the series and shown to be always repeated over and over again, “you can become a hero.”

A sentence taken lightly or even as a joke by others, but what is the actual weight of these words said by Toshinori Yagi to the young Midoriya?

Despite the fact that the main character of the series starts off quirkless and inherits the quirk of his role model figure, this sentence shall not be taken just as it is.

Therefore many aspects regarding society, insecurities and Midoriya himself have to be taken in account to realize the true potential.

As a human being on a daily basis we are encountered with several obstacles, problems, crimes and injustice despite living in a non-supernatural environment.

Does it make us less special?

Truly not, in that sense Midoriya is the perfect example displaying the “boring” and “not special” side of human beings, not that Midoriya isn’t special here but compared to other characters the first impression he leaves is sadly the one of an ordinary boy.

Ordinary people have no redeeming traits or skills, being quikless is basically a depiction of our society, those who are geniuses are the ones who thrive it forward and those who are just ordinary are left behind or should fill the lower ranks.

With this parallels what does it mean when someone, especially someone you look up to tells you those certain words.

To become, means one is still about to be something meaning still not at the stage he should be at.

For Midoriya in this case you can become a hero, means he may not be one yet but surely has the potential to be one despite the fact he is labeled quirkless or in our society one would call ordinary.

In a world where people make fun of each other, degrade each other or talk someone down instead of counting in the good traits or skills someone has, words like these give hope to ordinary people, those who are always being ignored or thrown aside.

With expectations set high from the beginning no matter how much you work, there will be always a big difference between a natural talented hard worker and someone ordinary who works hard, yet it may look like that from the outside.

Toshinori looked inside, he acknowledged the abilities Midoriya holds.

The essence of a hero that in the world of boku no hero academia started to deteriorate and already be forgotten.

Is it about being the strongest?

About fame or money?


It is the simplest thing yet you can’t find them in those special people or geniuses however one calls them.

Despite the heart of a hero Midoriya has amazing skills he developed due to the fact he was quirkless at that time, polishing his observation skills, predictions and analysing his allies as well as his enemies.

“You can become a hero”, is not a sentence only meant for Midoriya but for every single one of us.

Everybody is capable of being a hero in his or her own way, you just need to find your own strength and reach out to help someone.

Then you can become someone else’s hero too, you can be one as long as you try over and over again.

Because in the end it depends what is deep down inside of you and not only about raw strength.

.- Makii


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