Haikyuu!! MBTI Shuffle: The Analysts

Haikyuu!! MBTI Shuffle: The Analysts

We have covered MBTI related content a lot on this blog, and if you’re generally interested in more of that you can check out Makii’s analysis on Oikawa Tooru and mine on Kageyama Tobio! Those are focused on the single character and go in depth a lot more!

This time, the general categories will be explained and delved into, and some of the Haikyuu!! Characters that I think are applicable to these types will be mentioned! How they work, what they do and how they’re represented! This is the first part, so three will follow in the future!

What is MBTI?

Now if you don’t know the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, it’s basically a personality test that divides every person into a set of letters that combine a certain type of personality.

There are 16 types in total, and they’re divided in four categories: the analysts, the diplomats, the sentinels and lastly the explorers.

Today, we’re looking a bit more deeply into the analyst category and see which Haikyuu characters fit into that mold! Quickly before starting: this is all just what I personally think, please feel free to elaborate on your theories and ideas in the comments below!

The Analysts: logical and enterprising

Analysts share the N for Intuition and the T for Thinking, both qualities that make them very rational but they’re intuition makes them think creatively.

These personalities have the balance of logic and rationality as well as practicality and creativity in them. They think deeply about what they do and how they do it, but will always reign in their surroundings. 

Another interesting point is that analysts love to think about concepts, and I do not necessarily mean overthink, but rather the actual thought process is so interesting to them that they sometimes forget to apply these processes to real life. 

Analysts aren’t antisocial, but they tend to want to have a certain amount of people that they trust and like around them. Some might be a bit more reserved than others, and a lot of it has to do with their intro- or extroversion, but they value time alone as well.

Just as the name says, Analysts detect and also like to solve problems. Sometimes that leads to them becoming too cocky and self assured or using a solution that is too abstract. Still, next to the other personalities they tend to have magnetic and almost leading pull wherever they go.

Now that you know a little more about the Analysts (or maybe you are one yourself?), let’s break the category down to our four personalities: INTJ, INTP, ENTJ and ENTP.

INTJ (Architects)

Architects have a thirst for knowledge and strive to learn in their own way. They are very rational and use knowledge as their tool to succeed in life. Their (J) Judging and (T) Thinking makes them excellent learners and strive to achieve any goals they might’ve set for themselves.

INTJ’s are one of the most rare personality types, still there are some residing in our Haikyuu!! universe: Tsukishima Kei and Akaashi Keiji.

These two are perfect examples of how different INTJ’s can be, also showing that just having the same personality type, doesn’t mean they’re the same person. Anyone who has seen Haikyuu!! knows, Tsukkishima is very reserved and closed off while always ready to spew a few snarky comments to whoever is in front of him.

Akaashi shows the more mellow side of things, he’s very logical and process oriented but not without emotion. He loves to help his team and is excited when he can be an asset to Bokuto. Still, we shouldn’t forget that even though he seems quiet he observes a lot and even keeps tabs on Bokuto’s weaknesses, showing his structured way of thinking. And let’s not forget that even though Akaashi seems gentle, he can be harsh in his own way. We see this when he calls Bokuto in that one specific tone which makes the ace turn in his tracks and run back to him. So the setter does know how to be strict and voice himself.

The ideal personality match for an INTJ is ENFP and ENTP! 

Slight reminder, even if two personalities are often described as “worst match” or “best match” doesn’t mean that they can’t have a relationship in any kind of way! It’s just interesting to see how statistics and core morals work with different types!

INTP (Logicians)

Logicians are a very rare personality as well as they make up 3% of the population. INTP’s are creative and find their own individual solution to their problems. They usually don’t flock with many people and are more private. The world is a playing field for them, they observe and learn steadily to get to their goals. 

From the outside they might show as closed off and condescending, although they just have a problem with explaining their complex thoughts thoroughly to people that don’t quite understand. When their attention is grabbed, they can spend a lot of time thinking about certain processes until they are satisfied. This makes them fast learners and very ambitious, but only if they can put their own spin on it.

Two INTP’s I would like to introduce are Kenma and Kunimi!

Kenma is shown as exactly that reserved and closed off guy who is not really interested in conventional things. He doesn’t like to be looked at and feels uncomfortable with typical hierarchical behavior f.e. in the volleyball club. 

Still, we see that when he’s actually interested he uses his own wit and thinking patterns to f.e. outsmart Karasuno’s quick attack. He even realised immediately that Hinata was from Karasuno, just from the small emblem on his shirt and never found he is too small to be a middle blocker. It shows that he thinks outside of the box than in typical practices.

Kunimi isn’t mentioned a lot in the anime sadly, but a big reason why he seems like an INTP is also his reserved nature. He’s very quiet yet knows how to pull his weight in the right conditions. With his character we can see that personal and irrational requests (Kageyama’s controlling nature and the requirement for Kunimi to jump higher) are very overwhelming and he started to strive more when Oikawa understood that he rather would like to conserve his energy to be valuable in the last minutes of the game when everyone else is getting tired. It is very helpful for INTP’s if someone understands their circumstances and gives them their freedom to approach their problems in their own way, like Oikawa did with Kunimi and Kuroo did with Kenma.

Also as an honorable mention, these characters are INTP’s as well: Matsukawa Issei (Seijoh), who has incredible observational skills and confides with Oikawa especially in the Seijoh games we see in the anime, and Miya Osamu (Inarizaki).

INTP’s supposedly ideal relationships are with ENTJ’s and ESTJ’s!

ENTJ (Commanders)

The first extroverts of the analysts are commanders! This type is often seen in leading roles as the name suggests, and they love to thrive and feel accomplished by leading others to victory.

They are assertive and thrive in situations where they can voice their opinion. Their strong will is what makes them tough and resourceful, and they love to see results and efficiency. 

Even though they sound very stern, ENTJ’s are passionate and love to connect to others through those passions. Getting the first word in doesn’t faze them at all, and their company is often aware of them when they enter the room. People around ENTJs respect them a lot and strive to be like them when it comes to living their own truth.

Futakuchi, the captain of Date Koygo after the third year students left is a good example of an ENTJ, even though I think he falls on the bit more playful side of the spectrum. He is a part of the feared Dateko wall that is feared among the prefecture so he plays a significant role in his team. A quickly forgotten is that even before he was captain, he was still the ace of his team, which shows his established position around his peers. He is definitely assertive and confident in his abilizes as well as the ability of his team.

Now the other ENTJ I want to mention is Washijo Tanji.

Coach Washijo? The Shiratorizawa coach? Small angry man? Yeah, him!

Now let me demonstrate a prime example of an ENTJ: He is strong willed, assertive and definitely in a leading role. He might not be captain, but in a highschool volleyball environment, the coach might be the highest you could be in the traditional hierarchy. 

He is adamant on efficiency and is shown to be very strict with his players. When something doesn’t go his exact way he is thrown off. It goes so far with him that his traditional way of thinking makes him not accept Hinata just because of his height.

INFP and INTP are the most compatible with these types!

ENTP (Debaters)

The Debaters are charismatic and energetic folks who love to challenge themselves mentally.As common for analysts they strive for knowledge and bring their own twist to things, but the extroversion in their type makes them speak out a lot in their surroundings.

They look at problems from all sorts of angles to analyse it, so they love playing devil’s advocate, brainstorming to get to the root of a problem or to accumulate ideas is a field they feel most comfortable in, and their flexible nature is what makes them so versatile in any kind of group work.

Now our Haikyuu!! ENTP’s are Kuroo Tetsuroo and another old man: Senior Ukai!

We don’t see much of Senior Ukai, but he is a valid ENTP for a couple of reasons. He sees change and evolution of things as interesting and loves innovation. We see this in the finale of the Shiratorizawa game, where it’s shown that he is open to new and exciting ideas. 

Now Kuroo on the other hand we have plenty of information on, and ENTP’s behaviour really resembles him! ENTP’s tend to be quick witted and knowledgeable, and their charisma carries them to all kinds of situations. We see that Kuroo is adamant on showing his teams skills and we also know that he loves to throw snarky comments around here and there.

They’re rational sides sometimes get a grip on them and they can come off as insensitive without meaning too, especially when they’re found a touchy subject of another person they did not know of. This literally happens to Kuroo when he teases Tsukishima in the trainingscamp. 

INFJ and INTJ are the personalities most compatible with our ENTP’s!

Konoha Akinori (Fukurodani), Hanamaki Takahiro (Seijoh), Miya Atsumu (Inarizaki) are also of the ENTP type.

Well, now that we’ve concluded the analysis of our analysts (haha, get it?) it’s once again time for your opinion!

Do you think these characters suit the personalities I sorted them in? Are any of them your compatible type or is there another fact you wanna mention? Leave it in the comments!

Until then, ah- I spilled tea everywhere!


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