Talking Through Air – a Oikawa Tooru HC pt.2

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He remembered his journey through the forest, the new terrain of nature that he explored before he fell.

Be sure to leave as soon as possible huh?

One swift move and he started to get up, his hand pushing him from the bedding.

Sudden sharp pain erupted from his torso, making him yelp louder than he wanted to.

His head started buzzing again, the pain in his ribs echoing steadily.

Quickly the young woman came back, startled by the noise and moving towards him.

He noticed a crinkle in her forehead, her eyes focused on him.

“I’m fine-“, he tried to reassure her, but the fierce look in her eyes didn’t waver until she checked his bandage for blood.

She sighed in relief, her face relaxing and her fingers retracting from his wound.

She nodded, more to herself than to him and gave a quick glance to his face.

Again, the cranks turning in his head were almost visible to her, and she took a step back.

He took everything in, the way she almost stumbled inside, her focus and quick manner.

Was she afraid something might happen to him?

Was she worried?

Meanwhile the young woman only replayed her first mistake in her head again and again.

If he starts bleeding again, it will all have been for nothing.

Check the head first. Check it first!


A gasp choked out of her throat as his voice brought her back to the present time.

He noticed how tense she was, it was easy to detect.

But why?

Calmly he scanned her face for clues, for anything.

A forced smile drew onto her face, she shook her head to reassure him.

He doesn’t know that I’ve made a mistake.

Now it was his turn to frown.

This smile was different, it didn’t feel genuine like before. Almost statue-like.

“What happened when you found me?”

She tapped her mouth again and he shook his head.

“Show me, I’m good at charades”, her mouth quickly twitched upwards with a glint in her eye that said more than words.

He interpreted it as playful, and it suited her a lot more than that worried frown.

Her hands started to tell a story.

She motioned with her hand from a high point and let two digits of her other hand fall from it.

“I fell”, he concluded.

Nodding, she continued.

Her hands motioned to her mouth and she opened it wide then to him.

His eyes darted from her gesture to the sheets to think.

“A scream?”

She pointed to him then to her ear.

“You heard me scream?”

She was amazed at how quick he was. Was it possible that he also took her facial expressions to account? He looked at her face and fingers telling every bit of the happenings and getting them immediately or after a few tries.

She now touched his bandage.

“I hurt my head when I fell right?”

She nodded, an almost clouded look on her face now.

She touched her body and limbs and motioned to his ribs.

“You searched for my injuries?”

Another nod, then she motioned to his head again.

He tilted his head to the side, confused.

She shook her head.

“No injury?”

She shook her head again. Placing her palm on his bandage she closed her eyes.

She didn’t see it.

“You didn’t see my head?”, he asked his voice suddenly a bit more mellow.

Her hand dropped, and so did her shoulders. Eyes scanning over the sheets in shame.

“And then you brought me here, nursed me and washed me, and kept me alive”

Her head shot up, a flush over her cheeks.

“You saved me”, his eyes were sincere and almost glowing not wavering a single time, “it doesn’t matter. I’m alive thanks to you”.

Her eyes broke off and stared to the wall, fist clenching into the sheets.

“From what I can see”, he leaned back to wall sighing and looking up, “you are an experienced healer who acted quickly in a high stress situation. I’m glad it was you who found me”.

His eyes stayed on the ceiling, almost knowing she couldn’t look him in the eyes now.

“So, after all of this”, now he caught her gaze again, “what’s your name?”

Her mouth dropped open for a second and he couldn’t swallow down a chuckle.

She helped this man for days on end and they even conversed through some way or another, still she had no idea who he was.

Quickly she closed her mouth and scrunched her eyes in thought.


She scooted a bit closer and motioned for his hand.

Confused bit with a smile he gave her his hand and she took it into her palm.

Her heart skipped a beat. It was so warm. 

Shaking her head her other hand started to draw lines on his.

“That’s smart”, he thought to himself.



He glanced to her concentrated gaze on her face and held back a chuckle.



The last stroke was finished and she shyly put her hands away.

“Lemsa?”, he smiled while saying it out loud, his voice having an almost warm undertone.

She smiled at him, nudging her chin towards him in wonder.

“Oh me?”

She nodded fiercely.




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