BNHA Quote time: part 02

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“It doesn’t matter as long as you reach the top.”

Bakugo Katsuki

The famous quote that represents the way Bakugo Katsuki handles things, seemingly on the surface.

While this quote might come over as raw brute force or someone who defies everyone standing in their way only, the image of egocentric and overconfident character, it’s quite the opposite.

Despite his rough attitude and hard to approach appearance he is far away from being egocentric and overconfident, “it doesn’t matter”, is not really directed towards other people but rather to himself.

Since I already compared Bakugo and Oikawa in detail here, the conclusion was that Bakugo is a very hard-working, perfectionist and ambitious person who is not someone who reached things in life by only luck or born strength, but rather through continuous strain, pressure and training.

The sort of training, pressure and strain that makes an earnest person want to drop everything at some point when seeing no progress at all or feeling like they are not meeting the expectations anymore that someone or rather themselves setted for them.

But clearly he says, “it doesn’t matter”, not in a way one would say I don’t care as long, no not Bakugo.

This quote seen from the perspective of a hardworking and earnest character is rather meant to convey, No matter how much you need to do, how many times you need to break, and no matter what sufferings you have to endure.

That is behind that simple first half of the sentence.

Which we can now easily connect to the conclusion drawn from it.

So it doesn’t matter how many times Bakugo had to discover his weaknesses and frustrate over them, no matter how many times he failed and experienced a set-back, no matter how many time he saw several people surpass him with ease or even holding back in the protest scratching his pride, as long as he reaches his goal all that doesn’t matter anymore.

“As long as you reach the top”, is that specified goal that he set for himself aspiring to be the next number one hero, the greatest of them all, if that means taking sacrifices, if that means going over ordeals over and over again, it doesn’t matter.

As long as he reaches his goal, Katsuki Bakugo will take any means and ways to reach it since he set that goal from the very start.

This was seen in the anime many times, when Midoriya first started to show great progress he worked even harder, when Todoroki used only his ice on him seemingly holding back fighting him with all his power, he felt unsatisfied with such a kind of win.

Here again especially with the win against Todoroki, one can see that he actually cared how he achieves things, so the, it doesn’t matter part is intended for himself and the set-backs than in any way possible.

Since he is the kind of character who takes on his opponent with a clear intent and goal in mind, he never underestimates anyone and he clearly does not back off when a new challenge arises, even being kidnapped by the League of Villains did not break his spirit (rather they were not the direct cause for his burden), but he still kept on fighting for his dream and clearly told Midoriya and Toshinori.

“I will reach the top”, continuing striving towards his dreams in full dedication.



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