MBTI x Haikyuu!! Shuffle: The Diplomats

Another day another MBTI x Haikyuu!! Shuffle! As you may or may not know, on our blog we cover the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) a lot! It’s a very interesting tool that defines everyone’s personal traits with various letters that indicate how they interact with the world!

Makii and I have analysed two characters in more depth already: Oikawa Tooru and Kageyama Tobio, but this here is the second part of the MBTI Shuffle! To explain a bit more, I analyse the four different personalities that reside in the four categories, and apply Haikyuu!! character in that whole process! The first part about the analysts is already up for you to read here, so check that out first if you haven’t yet!

What is MBTI?

For those of you who aren’t familiar, let me quote myself!

“[…]It’s basically a personality test that divides every person into a set of letters that combine a certain type of personality. There are 16 types in total, and they’re divided in four categories: the analysts, the diplomats, the sentinels and lastly the explorers.”

And this time, we’re going to dig deep into the diplomat’s category to see what kind of Haikyuu!! characters fit the descriptions and what that tells us about them! Mind you, this is my personal opinion and in no way absolute fact, if you have another take on this I would love to see your contribution in the comments below!

The Diplomats: compassionate and caring

All diplomats share the N (Intuition) and F (Feeling) which makes them extremely compassionate and creative as well as prone to being idealist. 

Empathy is a key word when it comes to them, as they have the natural urge to help others in one way or another. 

Their habit of being empathetic and sensitive to other people’s emotions also means that they strive for good in anything which makes them jump quickly when they feel someone has been hurt. The E (Extroversion) and I (Introversion) in the types balances their need to jump in and not every personality is an altruist, but diplomats tend to sense people’s mannerisms and emotions quite more easily.

Diplomates love big dreams and ideas. They fantasize about reality and what can’t be contained in it on the daily while putting their passions into something that might make them come true. The bigger the goal the more fascinating it becomes!

These personality types connect with others easily and love to delve in deep conversations with them. Small talk is fine, but engaging in conversation that diplomats are passionate about is their favorite thing to do. 

A diplomate loves to express themselves in any kind of way. Be it art or any other kind they always find a way to put their own little spin on things.

The last thing diplomates want to be is lonely. They strive for deep human connection and hate the thought of never sharing anything with anyone ever again. They try to live their lives to the fullest and often believe in some kind of higher good. This is what drives them to be better and change the world around them.

While it’s easier for them to push others to their fullest potential, they might forget that they themselves have to actually push through to give themselves what they desperately crave. 

So! Now that we’ve gone through a basic foundation of how diplomats work and think, let’s go meet some of them! The four personalities that reside in the diplomats category are INFJ, INFP, ENFJ and ENFP.

INFJ (Advocate)

INFJ’s are the rarest personality type there is! They make great advisers and strive to live their lives looking for the deeper meanings of things. Advocates tend to be quiet and reserved but they definitely leave their mark in society with their creative mindset. 

Having the urge to connect to others, it’s especially easy for this personality type to understand other people and give them the help they need to flourish. 

Although their strengths lie in helping others and seeing the deeper meaning in everything, their own personal struggles are locked within. Advocates don’t open up very easily and like to stay on the sidelines. Sometimes that might look like they’re uninterested or cold when they’re just trying to keep themselves out of the situation. 

Perfectionism is nothing new to the diplomat category, and an Advocate often feels like they need to give their all to attain the goal they set for themselves. They stick to their principles and can get sensitive when criticised harshly. 

The INFJs I would like to present are Sugawara Koshi and Takeda sensei.

Takeda is the first who gets the ball rolling for the Karasuno Volleyball club. He gives his best to get his students the famous coach Ukai (junior, but hey that’s something!) and continuously strives to push the club towards success. His happiness about their development is clearly visible in season two after they’ve won against Seijoh crying and repeating “I’m so happy!” over and over. 

Now with Sugawara, we have a little more content to analyse. As the previous setter he had the crucial role and most contact with the ball before Kageyama appeared. After seeing his “talent” he started giving up his own deserved seat, to give his team the best chance. It shows his altruistic nature and how he would deliberately stay on the sidelines to give his comrades the best chance. 

ENFP and ENTP are really compatible with this personality!

INFP (Mediator) 

At first glance INFPs might seem very shy, but there’s a passion lying inside them that comes to the forefront when they feel comfortable. Their unpractical and fantastical thinking might make them look childish and they get misunderstood easily as frail and weak. Quite on the contrary mediators have set ideals and principles they like to pursue and they give their all to live their life the way they imagine it to be best.

INFPs think out of the box and may have unconventional methods to solve their problems. They can be impractical in their daily lives, sabotaging themselves due to self criticism and fear. Conflict is something Mediators like to avoid, they dodge uncomfortable situations or bury their complaints to a point where their emotions can overtake them.

Ennoshita and Yamaguchi are our Karasuno examples of INFP personalities.

They both love to be successful in volleyball, still they both had moments in which they have inhibited themselves from pursuing their goal.

Ennoshita’s backstory shows us how he ran away from volleyball practice when he saw how excruciating it actually was. Although he wanted to become a valuable player for the team he started skipping practice until he later realised that volleyball was a greater passion than he expected. Even as he got switched in for Daichi in season two and the whole team was supporting him, he had trouble perceiving himself as ready to fill the position of captain. 

Yamaguchi has endured a similar yet still different feat. As a player he admired the rest of his team who all had different strengths.While he was continuously on the bench he realised he had to forge his own path and learn to do something no one else in his team could do: 

The jump float serve.

After starting to practice on his own with newfound resolve, his self-consciousness overtakes him everytime he actually stands on the court in season two. He tries to play it safe instead of giving his best effort, for which he was almost scolded. Here we see again the self-obstruction that both of the characters exhibit. 

Another thing Yamaguchi shows as an INFP is extreme idealisation. While Mediators have a beautiful way of seeing the world in their idealistic way, they also tend to idealise their partners and close friends. Tsukkishima is always trailed behind by Yamaguchi, who sees him as his closest friend since elementary school. Whatever Tsukki does is great and amazing until he realizes that everyone has insecurities and flaws just like himself, and he becomes a crucial pinch server for the team.

ENFJs and ENTJs are the most complatible to this personality type!

ENFJ (Protagonist)

Don’t get me started on ENFJs. I love them.

ENFJs are another extremely rare personality type that is often misunderstood and misrepresented. As the protagonist personality you would think these types like to shine in the limelight and boast around, but it is actually quite opposite.

Protagonists have a natural occuring charisma and know their way with words and feelings. They can determine how other people emote and check their mannerisms really quick. Versatile and accommodating are good words to describe them, as they strive to improve not only themselves but also everyone around them. They shine most when they’re passionate and advising, giving other people they care about everything they need to succeed. This is why other people often push them into the role of the caregiver and leader, even though ENFJs don’t really want the attention on themselves.

You can rely on a protagonist to help you when you’ve got a puzzling problem in front of you, since they feel uneasy with leaving some open. They’re very tolerant and accepting of others and have a very high affinity of being altruistic. When you find an ENFJ by themselves they’re probably throwing their whole being into something they have to accomplish. They spread themselves very thin to keep to their own standards and no one is harsher on them than they are themselves.

Our Haikyuu!! ENFJs are the captains Oikawa and Daichi! 

This is only shortly tapping into their mannerisms, but if you want to read a full length analysis on why Oikawa is an ENFJ, click here to read Makii’s post!

Captains automatically have a huge burden on them. They need to keep their team in line and flourishing while pushing themselves to their personal best. If their teammates are successful it fills them with glee, and they’re always ready to love and support them to bring out the best in them. They’re both awfully humble and down to earth when it comes down to it. 

Daichi has his own way of keeping the childish part of the team in line while encouraging the rest to reach their heights. Daichi is responsible and caring and considers the team first place in his mind. As long as they can reach the goal of going to nationals he pulls himself back instead and looks for everyone else. After losing the first match against Seijoh he was ready to leave the club to the second year students so they could shine.

Now Oikawa on the other hand works a little differently. I personally think that one thing he does most is observe. Be it in the earlier manga chapters or in the entirety of the anime, Oikawa is always seen focused and observant when it comes to volleyball. He works himself to the brink and beyond to reach his goals and is prone to overworking himself which we can see by his knee injury and the recaps of his middle school days. For anyone thinking that Oikawa loves the limelight let me offer this as a rebuttal: he keeps talking to the fangirls out of politeness and doesn’t mind the excessive cheers to not be a downer. His facade of the prince-like perfect person is a coping mechanism to not show how gloomy it can get when he gets into his overwork mode. We can see with the first year students Kunimi and Kindaichi that he gives them the space they need, to flourish properly, which only shows how much he cares for his team.

The most compatible personality types of ENFJ are ISFP and INFP!

ENFP (Campaigner)

The ENFPs I wanted to mention are both having their debut in the land vs. sky OVA.

The characters in question are Alisa and Akane.

As ENFPs they should be inherently curious and love to explore the big wide world. They love to take in everything surrounding them be it good or bad and have a feel of freedom and exploration about them. The atmosphere Campaigners bring is carefree and loving, and they’re often very popular among others.

Communicating is an easy piece for them. If it’s deep talk or small talk it doesn’t matter to them, they know how to voice themselves with ease and can move the discussion to their benefit in a seamless way. A carefree and independent life is the most founded principle in their life. Campaigners want to live their life like they want to, restrictions in any way makes them uneasy and could damage strain relationships faster than expected.

When it comes to practical skills and focusing on more “boring” tasks ENFPs have problems adjusting and would rather continue living their fun life. Although they seem happy and excited all the time they tend to overthink a lot and get stressed regularly. 

INTJs and INFJs are the most compatible with ENFPs!

How do you guys feel about this assortment of personalities? Do you think they fit? Are there any types that should be different in your opinion? Let me see that brainstorm in the comments please!

Ah~ I thought I still had some earl grey tea…


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