Goodbye my dream part 06

While I was used to the quiet noise of this place where nothing seemed to make any sense at all, there were oddly more sounds then I usually heard.

Stomps and running around until I found a silhouette running head on towards me while his arms seemed to move up and down, ready to tackle me any time.

Only to fully brake right in front of me the sound of his panting loud in my ears and the heat of it even from a distance reaching my face.

Oh no, not him.

The man had crossed his arms and was ready to make more noise, “Hey, heey, HEEY!”

There was no point in screaming when I was right in front of him but here he went on with it and I couldn’t really say it bothered me in particular but it was still a bit strange.


What would be strange at this place anyway, the only thing that is here is a street, a bench, some vending machines and this guy in his school uniform that seemed to say Fukurodani academy.

“Oh it seems someone it not awake yet, let me give you a nice and heartfelt welcome!”, he slowly moved his hands towards me and now I wondered why Bokuto was totally unaware in this situation, this place where anything would collapse when he physically touches me.

“Hey, hey, heey”, I just muttered and tried to stop him but it was almost too late, “no stop—“, I wanted to yell and closed my eyes.

Not so quickly, let’s not end it again.

It’s too painful to leave without even talking.

“Seriously”, I heard another much calmer and yet strict voice, as I opened my eyes cream-coloured feathers were flying around everywhere and I saw a tall man with sharp green eyes and short-black hair pushing Bokuto’s body away from me with his arms and keeping his distance.

While I was used to him frowning or looking nonchalant, his expression now was a bit… surprised yet annoyed?

He seemed to be shocked and still on edge when he pushed Bokuto back to keep his distance but at the same time he was observing me carefully, unknitting his eyebrows and pretending to be absolutely calm.

“Bokuto-san, you can’t just touch her so easily. Didn’t you listen when I told you— “, he was cut off immediately by a frustrated and emotional opposite that he referred to.

“But Akaaaashi, she just seemed like she was spacing out and ignoring me, me the Ace of all people, how could I not touch her when she was about to lose her chance of meeting me?”, his movements while he talked were very vividly , that white haired guy with black strands who looked like a owl was the opposite of the man standing next to him.

Like fire and water.

“Akaaaashi”, I imitated and the so-called Akaashi shot me a glance.

“It’s Akaashi, don’t take everything personal he says”, he was staring at me intensely and then pointed at my head and shoulders.

“huh?”, this was a first, meeting two people at the same time.

“Let me help you get those feathers away. As an Ace I still have to keep my image of being a gentleman as well”, he reached out again to get the feather but Bokuto slapped him away immediately which caused him to sulk.

“Didn’t you listen, for the second time?”, slightly annoyed, he watched Bokuto move backwards in a depressing manner.

“But I— “, I smiled at him and clapped my hands.

“Thank you so much Bokuto, it means so much that someone as amazing as you, is so considerate towards me”, and with that I restored his mood making him jump to the vending machines.

“Right? Right? See Akaashi I told you. Let me buy you guys drinks”, he seemed busy now perfect for me to talk to the guy who looked like he was much more delicate than Bokuto’s muscular being which came with a simple mind.

“As you see he isn’t really aware of what this is about. I told him earlier that he can’t touch anyone beside me but as you experienced”, he looked over his shoulder and back to me, “he is talented but a handful. I am apologizing on bis behalf”, the green eyes like little emeralds seemed like they knew a lot more about this place than the owl guy.

“You… know about this place? Ah, and don’t mind me I am kind of feeling refreshed when I met him, this is a first”, my smile grew wider as I picked the feathers coming out of nowhere out of my hair.

“A little bit. Still, it would be too much of a bother to go through scenarios I could easily avoid, don’t you agree?”, I stopped in my tracks as he had asked me.

First of all, he had popped out of nowhere while it was only me and Bokuto and secondly—

It gave me a little chill that he seemed to know more than me, while it seemed Bokuto doesn’t even know what was going on.

“See?! I got you a bunch”, while Akaashi and I were intensely involved in finding out how much the other knew, Bokuto had surprised us as he put an arm around each of us pulling us together and shoving the juice cans in our face.

“Who is the best? Hey, hey hey! Let’s drink all up”, Bokuto immediately stopped and froze up.

“Bokuto-san, why?”, Akaashi was visibly frustrated opening his eyes wide in anger.

“We could have avoided that, again!”, and suddenly Akaashi froze too while he was being angry at him.

Just some seconds later they had fallen apart, there body parts slowly dissolving and taking form into little feather coloured in white and cream.

I had picked one up and suddenly the loud noises went quiet, a bit too quiet.

The feeling of loneliness when I had forgotten for just a moment that it was possible again that this could happen, it was stronger than ever and even more painful this time.

Maybe because I was having hopes that Akaashi could handle it.

“Hey, don’t sulk around it’s not the last time you will see the great me!”

“Can you be quiet, Bokuto-san. I apologize next time I will make sure not to let this happen.”



-Bokuto and Akaashi-

@kkumri instagram

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