How similiar are Hinata and Deku?

In a previous blog post I covered the similarities between Bakugo and Oikawa, finding out that both of those characters actually share more traits than visible at the first glance.

You can read it here, if you didn’t read it yet.

This time I will continue with another Boku no Hero academia meets Haikyuu comparison!

Deku also known as Izuku Midoriya and Hinata Shoyo, what makes them so similar? 

Role model figure

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In real life as well as in many stories the common role model figure is present, which the person that is the core of the story looks up to. 

Both Midoriya and Hinata have that kind of person that they look up to in an unnatural and almost shackling way, that drives them to become much stronger and grow out of their weaknesses. 

First of all we have Midoriya whose greatest role model and aspiring dream to become like him is Toshinori Yagi, the eighth holder of One for All.

Even before becoming his successor and inheriting the power of One for all himself, he always looked at videos on repeat of his favourite hero and role-model.

In his room as well as later on in season 3 when the U.A students moved into dorms, you can see Deku’s room filled with posters, figures and various other articles of him, making it more than a simple I look up to this person.

On the other hand we have Hinata Shoyo who overly admires the Little Giant, someone he feels connected to by their background.

Unlike Deku who found his role-model much earlier in his life, Hinata found his role-model figure around the end of elementary school.

He admired him for being such a strong Volleyball player despite his lacking height and amazing jumps that made Hinata wonder if he could do the same, and so Hinata started his path as one of the shortest middle-blockers being even shorter than the Little Giant as coach Ukai stated.

In the Karasuno team he even gets the shirt number 10, that used to be the number of the little giant and like Deku you can see the parallels between the successor and role-model

Both of them try to step into the footsteps of their role-models as close and in the same way, being shackled down by the fact that they are chasing to become them instead of developing an individual playstyle from the get-go. 

Another thing is that they are the two people who seem to be a little bit obsessed with the idea of becoming the next one after their role-model that you cannot see in any other character of the specified series, making them blind to their own weaknesses and potential as an individual, as well as their influence on their environment.

Off mode

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We all know that people who are overly passionate get into their thing and suddenly switch modes as they keep babbling and showing you the world they love so much.

But as soon as you move them out of their field of passion they tend to immediately become a whole different person, as if you pushed the off-button.

This trait can be seen especially with our two young men.

Hinata who is naturally energetic and cheerful is much more nervous and easily frightened when not playing Volleyball, at times he can be even socially-awkward when it comes to certain people like girls, upperclassmen or elders.

Even Oikawa, who he challenges in season 2 indirectly or talks cheerfully about how strong he is on the court, becomes a threat that scares him into shivers when meeting in front of the bathroom outside of the court.

Also he has the habit of throwing up or using the toilet before a match, making him much more fragile, sensitive and overly-anxious when not being in the game, even more than the usual anxious characters like Asahi or Yamaguchi.

Same goes for Deku, he is someone known for his easily intimidated and jumpy personality.

While he can talk clearly and loud when in a fight or in his hero mode, he usually stutters and mutters his opinion while becoming nervous, avoiding eye-contact and fidgeting with his hands.

Here it doesn’t matter if it’s the intimidating childhood friend Bakugo or the cute considerate Uraraka, even some other students who approach him naturally make him jump and stutter sometimes.


@Ruttika_Shin on twitter

Despite their looks and seemingly low presence when compared to their peers, both Hinata and Deku always manage to focus everybody’s eyes on them, due to several positive as well as negative reasons. 

Let’s start with the positive reasons on both sides.

Hinata surprised everyone with his seemingly never-ending stamina and crazy jump-ability, making everybody focus their eyes especially the first time they see it.

Combined with Kageyama’s setting technique, the freak duo quick is one of the things that people still gape at when they see it several times.

As mentioned Deku in his off-mode is someone of not much presence, but when he fights and talks seriously, he can make everyone look at him for being one of the view who possess the essence of a true hero.

He rather sacrifices himself to save anyone he can save, fully aware of his own inability power-wise in some situations.

The first one to act as well in a dire situation.

His attacks are always progressing, surprising, combined with his analysis skills and observation his quick judgement and ideas make him unpredictable and worthy of an opponent.

On the negative side, Hinata sometimes focuses too much on jumping and getting the ball, making him seem scary and reckless, also bumping into his own teammates.

After a long time of pressure he tends to become more easy to read since he is not on the brain side of things and purely acts on instinct and his trust in Kageyama.

His opponents focus on him, block him and can see when something is wrong immediately in Hinata’s expression.

Deku is also known for acting reckless, people view him as useless in fights  despite his analytical skills and strength.

This stems from his will to even sacrifice breaking bones and injuring himself in a fight to a point where he is immobilized.

An example would be the sports festival in season 2 where he indeed caught people’s eyes but in the end was viewed as crazy and reckless due to his fighting behaviour.

Judged by the cover

Like mentioned in the paragraph before, people underestimate Hinata and Deku.

Hinata for being short and Deku for several reasons, one would be that he used to be quirkless and can’t use his quirk properly another would be his shy and “wimpy” personality.

Yet they both always impress both allies and enemies with their outstanding power when they are serious about something.

Being mocked at the beginning of the battle just to make their enemies and allies wonder what more they could be hiding when doing their thing.

Therefore do not judge a book by its cover, since even a short middle-blocker can outplay you and even the former “wimpy” kid can become a more outstanding hero with an amazing quirk.

Helping hand

For the one who longs to be a hero it may be simpler to explain since it is immediately shown in the first episodes.

One of the very  reasons why Deku was chosen by Toshinori is the fact that he is the first one to help and lend a hand, pushing his own life into the background while doing so.

Even when he was quirkless he rushed to the scene to save his bully and childhood friend Bakugo while he bore the risk to be kept hostage or get killed in the process.

In many other scenarios it was seen that when everybody, even much stronger heroes and aspiring heroes froze, Deku was the first one to rush in and fight for others.

Two big cases would be Kota in season three when both were almost killed by a villain, despite Kota offending Deku and even hitting him… where it hurts.

The other one in season four when he was adamant of saving Eri, even facing Overhaul who injured and killed so many with his quirk already and almost getting eradicated by Eri’s quirk if it wasn’t for him breaking his bones constantly.

In other cases he also cheers up his friends and classmates, may it be due to his nerd-talk or just him being so innocently kind.

As a parallel we have Hinata who is not a hero, but a Volleyball player yet in many scenes we can see him cheering Kageyama up, adapting to his pride by making it look like teasing.

In other cases he even tells him there is nothing to fear since he now has Hinata, giving him a safe space to move in.

Other cases would be him talking to Nishinoya to get him back in the team, as well as Asahi and cheering up Yamaguchi when he missed his pinch serve.

He all does that in a way that doesn’t make the other person feel pitiful but in his own way.

For Yamaguchi as example he told him next time he would get ten points back for sure or that they both get ten points each, and that he won’t lose to him being on the court.

With that he makes Yamaguchi feel like a threat , stealing his place on the court which results in Yamaguchi having the feeling of actually having potential and belonging to the team.

Another example would be Yachi.

When he heard her problem and story, even when she insisted she would be okay, Hinata literally dragged her to her mother and wanted her problems to be resolved.

He forced his help on her and due to his help she could full-heartedly become their new manager.


Earlier the negative side of the eye catcher was mentioned, concluding that both of them recklessly work hard to achieve their dreams and forget what is around them or even in front of them.

Again, Hinata fixes so much on the ball and wants to improve immediately that he forgets that there are other middle-blockers around, crashing into them.

Also when heated up or nervous he becomes easy to read and makes a lot of mistakes since he still lacks a lot of technique when it comes to his serves and receives.

He often gets scolded by Kageyama and Coach Ukai for this behaviour, they even think of him as a potential monster when gets into that mode.

Also Hinata’s habit of bumping into several of his rivals and wanting to start a fight when he gets defensive outside of the court makes him a bit of a troublemaker when nobody of the third-years are around.

It also happened that Hinata got lost several times while focussing on running faster than Kageyama or training in general, showing his naive and innocent side as he talked to Kenma the first time who was a complete stranger.

This all can be applied to Deku who basically breaks all his bones in a fight.

He attracts villains and rivals alike, due to his presence.

His reckless behaviour made him the focus of events.

Also in season three, after being released from the hospital he sneaks out to save Bakugo with a couple of students, he does get into a fight with Bakugo on the school grounds and his quirk that he inherited from Toshinori was labelled as very similar to his quirk.

Therefore Aizawa and the rest of Class 1-A, labelled him one of the trouble students.


@Kahmurio and @Suncelia deviantart

One thing both of them clearly have in common with not much words needed, an unbreakable spirit to go on with their dreams.

Even if it was shown that they both have suffered many setbacks, judgement and suffering (which they rarely show on the outside), they never stopped  working hard for their dreams, if not even harder than before.

As many people watch them, call them names and ridicule even mock them, they do not give up.

Instead, they give them that one look, which is going to show them how much they are ready to give and fight to become the person they want to be.


Last but not least, fanboys.

Not only do their eyes glitter and shine, as well as their voices sounding much more energetic, no they do not hide the fact how amazing and admirable they find the person in front of them.

May it be villains, heroes, teammates or opponents, nobody is safe from a little smooth compliment.

Their respect for the person in front of them is big and they do not underestimate or ridicule them at all.

Deku always analyzes his allies and enemies, noting their strength and technique until he breaks out into a mutter concert he cannot stop.

He does not hold back openly complimenting and letting his inner fanboy out, even flushing from the overexcitement as seen in several cases at the cultural festival arc and sports festival arc.

A case where Deku complimented a Villain would be in season four when he finally beat Gentle and told him he was the hardest opponent he fought yet and that he thinks he made the right decision when he turned himself in.

Hinata is not much more different, unlike Deku who in general analyzes Hinata simply sees things as they are and just is amazed by them like a child.

He even rushes over telling the person in an unknown excited mix of japanese and his own description of sounds, how cool and amazing they actually were and if they could teach him.

One example would be Nishinoya and his rolling thunder, another one is Bokuto’s feint.

Just like Deku even with an opponent he doesn’t hold back as seen in season one when he first saw Oikawa play in the inter-high preliminaries along with Nishinoya, he even gave him the name Grand king and talks highly of him as he keeps saying he wants to play against him.

Some opponents are even irritated when he directly tells them during a game or after how amazing they were.

For now this is all for our favourite tangerine and cabbage boy.

Did you see any of these similarities before?

Do you have more that weren’t mentioned here?

Drop it in the comment!

Now let me take a sip of my- wait who knocked my tea off with a volleyball?!




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