Goodbye my dream part 07

As I opened my eyes, the vision was still a bit blurry and uneven, the smell of dirt and rays of heaty summer day engraved into my senses.

The picture of an abandoned playground was slowly dawning on me.

That’s a first…

No noise at all, no birds, beside the sun there wasn’t even a proper sky it looked like a half-finished version of a dropped project for a video-game.

For how much longer do I have to endure this?

“Are you sure this is the right place?”, I heard the voice of a girl behind me, footsteps approach slowly.

Not only one, more footsteps.

I didn’t dare to turn around, it seems she was not aware of me yet so maybe instead of getting into that cycle again I can-

“See, that’s what I told you Yachi!”, it was a familiar boy’s voice, too energetic and cheerful as I remembered our last encounter.


“Hey, we meet again!”, the happiness in his voice made me bite my lip.

I couldn’t possibly forget how that boy had exploded into thousand glass pieces last time, I just cannot forget.

While clenching my fists I put a smile on my face and turned around waving and hoping to see the orange-haired boy in whole pieces again.

To my surprise the female voice I heard some moments ago stood just a bit behind him, as if she was cautious of me even a bit scared if one could assume that.

Blonde hair that had a side pony-tail, a cute tie holding it while she wore her school uniform, the summer version.

He called her Yachi, so there is no doubt it’s her.

“Nice to meet you, and I am happy to meet you again”, my eyes fixed Hinata who didn’t seem to have a scratch on him.

Out of instinct I splayed out my fingers on my hand and watched them carefully, there was nothing left from last time either but as I turned it against the light my breath stopped for a second.

“Are you okay?”, Hinata had asked me worried while he tilted his head to the side and coming closer, a frown on his face,

“Yes, I am okay. Who is she?”, I hid my hand and pointed with the other one to Yachi who stiffened a bit.

“Ah, this is-”

“I’m Hitoka Yachi, don’t you remember me?”, she stuttered loudly as if she was about to explode and cut off Hinata who just was as nervous as her now.

He faced his palms towards her and making a gesture that she should calm down while he wasn’t calm at all.

Remember? Yachi?

I know her but we never met like this.

“I am sorry, I know who you are actually but I guess this is our first meeting… “, I muttered looking around and saw that the playground turned a bit less saturated than it was before.

Keep yourself together.

“Then uhm… “, she dropped her head but came closer, slowly reaching out her hand to touch me but the rush of memories made me overreact almost jumping away as I stretched out my hands to keep a distance.

“No!”, both looked at me with wide eyes, dumbfounded and yet very sad.

Especially Hinata had slight anger mixed into that sad and surprised face of his, as he faced me properly now.

“Yachi is trying her best, why wouldn’t you give her a chance to get to know you at least?”, he said frustrated while clenching his fists his brow knitted as the boy in his school uniform approached yet again.

The crack in my finger may not be visible anymore, at least not all the time but I could literally feel it, the cracking sound was engraved into my ears.

“Hinata calm down, I think there is a good reason-”, I cut her off.

I know I am being too anxious about this.

As I turned around seeing the playground that almost lost all colour, I knew with this attitude it wouldn’t help a thing.

“Yachi, if we touch then I may not be able meet you or Hinata again”, with the most gentle voice I tried to explain the thing that seemed to most simple yet most horrifying to me.

“But we met again, it doesn’t mean we can’t! I don’t get it”, Hinata ruffled through his hair, matching his messy school uniform.

Yachi was deep in thought, one hand on her chin while she suddenly gave me a firm stare.

“It seems you experienced something that was triggered through touching, right?”, she threw a glance towards Hinata.

“When Hinata and I walked here, I did not feel anything weird when I grazed him so I think it may not apply this time!”, she took Hinata’s wrist and heaved his arm up.

“Since I can touch him doesn’t it mean we can too? Did we meet a condition or something to not trigger that scary experience?”, she suddenly was all talkative and got louder as her face turned into an excited smile.

Hinata on the other hand stared at Yachi’s hand touching him and back to Yachi, his face turning red.

Then he turned to me still utterly flustered.

“Yes, I don’t get the whole explanation, but look”, he suddenly pulled Yachi towards him and made her lean against his shoulder, “if this is fine, you can rest for a bit,right?”

Seeing both of them all flustered and embarrassed, yet trying to cheer me up and help me as much as they can made my heart ache, the nostalgic yet sweet kind of aching.

The playground bursted into colours making Yachi and Hinata let go of each other in surprise as they watched the now crystal-clear and blue sky spread out.

I stepped closer to both of them, making them turn their heads back to me as I reach out to touch both of their heads and pat them.

They blushed and looked at me with a slight smile asking me if everything was fine.

I pushed them together and hugged them closely, hiding my tears in their shoulders.


It was the sound again…

I looked at my fingers that were glowing a bit knowing my time was almost up after touching them.

First I took Yachi’s hand and put it into Hinata’s, making it close around hers.

“Even if I can’t touch you be sure to always show each other that you are close to each other”, I whispered, “not letting them go, if you are able to hold onto it.”

I stepped back and watched their worried looks as Hinata was the first one that started to turn into several little light orbs that dispersed into the sky.

Yachi shivered in fear as her hand was still holding something that looked like a Hand of light and back to me as her face distorted into a painful expression almost about to cry, until the same happened to her, yellow and orange lights dancing in the sky.

The grey playground had turned colourless, only the lights kept it a bit cheerful.

“Was that what you feared so much, does that always happen?”

“I-It wasn’t that scary, I mean at least not like last time! One more time! Give us one more time!”



-Yachi and Hinata-

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