Kingdom Hearts Quote time: part 01

“Don’t stop moving, or the darkness will overtake you!”

@yuumei deviantart

Kingdom Hearts is not the only world where, the principle of darkness overtaking one, exists.

We, in our world, have all kinds of darknesses to overcome.

So let’s not take this quote lightly only referring to the game’s actual play-system of having to slay the “darkness” in literal means as well as mentally the more the game progresses, but let’s see this quote as a little reminder to our actual life.

“Don’t stop moving”, in a way one stops moving when there is no physical activity deliberately done by the owner of the body, yet what does it mean when we stop moving in our spirits and mind?

What happens if the things we chased after, the things we longed and fought for suddenly become so far away that we just stop in our tracks and start… to do nothing?

To not move anymore in a metaphorical sense is to not aspire what one used to aspire and to give and become hopeless, if seen in a rather psychological way of thinking.

Nowadays it’s even harder to not stop moving, our minds are constantly working and our spirit is constantly challenged by pressure and expectations.

Maybe even things we are sure are too heavy for us at first sight, so burdening and overwhelming that we just want to stop and not do anything anymore because it just seems so much easier than actually keep struggling and fighting.

“Or the darkness will overtake you”, because that is what follows, the aftermath of stopping, giving up and not moving anymore.

Darkness can represent many things depending in which situation one is or the circumstances.

It could mean mental health issues like depression, anxiety and panic attacks, also regrets and the feeling of emptiness, hopelessness, distance, lack of emotions etc.

No matter which kind of darkness it is, as soon as you stop moving you won’t be able to minimize the amount of impact it will have on you.

As we all fight daily with our darkness may it be small or big, we constantly try to shake it off, we are actively going against it. but the worst thing that could happen is stop fighting it and letting you overtake it… because at that point it’s even harder to get out of it.

Terra and Riku are a good example of that, despite that the latter one overcame it the marks of the darkness that overtook him once are still there.

Just like someone who experienced to stop moving and give into negativity, bad habits and other kinds of our world’s darknesses, it will still leave it’s marks in our mind and spirit.


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