Goodbye my dream part 08

The sky was even dimmer this time, a mix of greyscales and some white clouds almost resembling those monochrome pictures I used to like so much.

But now the feeling that I cannot simply like them anymore like I used to, it may have come from the recent events.

I kicked my legs back and forth as I was sitting on the edge of an empty skyway bridge leaning backwards to support my body with my arms on the concrete.

Wherever my eyes fell, all I could see was gray.

Even my usual colorful dreams, they are now just a monochrome remainder of emptiness and sorrow.

No sounds, no cars, even the ocean far beyond me looked a tad too quiet.

Birds were flapping the wings with no sound at all and scattered leaving their feathers behind like confetti.

“It’s been a while since I was at such a quiet place”, a deep rough yet gentle voice said.

I turned my head to see that someone was already sitting next to me, wearing a school uniform known for their white blazers blue shirt and plaid pants.

He is… someone from Aoba Johsai, right?

The slightly tanned man, whose half-lidded eyes were colored in an olive-colour did not look at me at all.

Before I didn’t even realize he was next to me, my legs ceased to kick forward as the surprise took the better of me.

His presence had an impact, I wondered deeply how I didn’t realize until now.

He rubbed the back of his neck and then ruffled through his spiked-up dark hair as he sighed.

“The place where I am from is kind of loud, there is this annoying guy”, he gave me a side-glance before continuing.

“Just like you he has those weird and impure way of smiling that doesn’t seem honest at all, ugh talking about him already drops the mood”, I stiffened as I touched my face to see that I was really smiling while the inside of me must have resembled this monochrome world.

This time I won’t interact at all, I won’t talk.

It will end just-

“Can you imagine being childhood friends with someone just to see them suffer? It really annoys me how people can be somehow, no rather it’s only him to be honest. Kind of reminds me I headbutted him, I am still wondering if his head got messed up in a way or two”, the leisure talk went on as he still didn’t face me and loosened his tie, a bag was lying by his side and some practice clothes were peeking out.

I almost wanted to answer but held my breath.

“Then again there are some things that are simply messed up in this world”, he covered his mouth with his hand, “and it wouldn’t be challenging at all to always win right away, so only complaining that the world is such a wrong place, it’s not mature.”

Why do I feel called out?

I started playing nervously with my fingers in order to keep myself from asking or talking to him.

His leisure talk kept on and on, it was soothing to hear him talk, while he seemed scary and harsh at first he actually is someone very caring and soft.

I even closed my eyes and needed to focus to hear his voice since the waves of the ocean distracted me.

With wide eyes I looked down and realized something.

It’s moving and the sound is back.

“You sure are a quiet one”, this time he faced me.

I looked at my fingers and shook my head.

“You know it’s uncomfortable to babble on with no response. I am usually the one listening to some nonsense actually, not that I was talking nonsense but-”

I shook my head again and he frowned in surprise, a slight pout on his face as he turned away.

“I guess I will take that as a way to continue?”, another side-glance as I nodded.

“Scared huh? No wonder this place looked so gloomy in the beginning”, he rummaged in his bag and my eyes fixed the paper he folded neatly into a paper plane.

“D-Don’t laugh, okay? If you make such a face and that place looks like that, then you force me to do stuff like this”, there was a slight blush on his face as he turned back and leaned his arm back, his fingers perfectly holding the plane in place.

A high amount of focus was visible and at the same time he looked very composed as he swung his arms and let the plane slip away from his fingers.

“H-How?!”, I leaned forward to see the paper plane far away in the distance.

I faced him to see his reaction but he looked taken aback as he blinked several times and looked away again his ears red.

“A-Are you a moron? It’s just a simple throw I didn’t put that much power into it”, then he pinched his arm and looked back,”that face suits you better.”

He then pointed with his thumb towards the horizon.

My eyes followed his gesture and tears started to dwell.

The monochrome world turned into beautiful colours, the sky died in dusk and dawn at the same time, the birds dancing in circles as they sang their song and lastly the paper plane that landed on my lap suddenly.

“You know, I don’t know what is scaring you but if you can’t see the problem in front of you, you can’t see the problem that lies even beyond that”, those words he said in a harsh manner but the slight flush on his face told me he was worried all along.

I nodded and this time smiled from the bottom of my heart that made his corners of his mouth turn into a slight smile as well, lifting the constant frown from his face.

“Now you look like someone I would believe in!”, as I wondered what he meant, a sudden strong gust mixed with blue leaves hit Iwaizumi coming from the direction of the ocean.

The gust and leaves were strong, heaving him up into the air, further away from me as he became smaller and smaller.

So it doesn’t matter if I talk or not, it will be always the same?

It can’t be!

Why is this-

“Don’t make that face!”, he yelled smiling in a challenging way.

“Don’t forget this simple thing, you got me?”, it started with his arms slowly turning into leaves and gusts as well, indistinguishable from the gust that heaved him up until there was only half of his face still smiling.

“It will be fine, you are not alone, you don’t need to be strong alone, in life the more people you have the stronger you will get!” 



-Iwaizumi Hajime-

@kkumri instagram

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