Kingdom Hearts Quote time: part 02

“Got it memorized?”

– Axel

@yuumei deviantart

The famous quote and whenever you hear it you will always think of a special red-head, Axel.

Over the course of the games he often uses the quote, especially in reference to make sure someone understood what he said.

But what does it actually mean to memorize something?

We memorize to not forget, telling someone to memorize something means to emphasize the fact that the other person should not forget about it.

We could assume now that since Axel is a Nobody, that he doesn’t want to be forgotten like Roxas did once, but this quote has accompanied the character even before his being as a Nobody.

The former Axel with a heart, Lea.

In Birth by sleep Ventus meets him for the first time and when they are about to go separate ways again, he tells him his name and follows it by, “got it memorized?”

This habit stuck with him even after losing his heart and his leftovers becoming a Nobody.

Why would someone emphasize to not be forgotten, right after stating a name?

It’s simple, yet very sad.

The fear of being of no presence, the fear of being forgotten and the insecurities of leaving no trace behind someday.

Axel or Lea, no matter in which form are always seen as strong-willed, fierce, energetic and stable, but right in the moments when he says, “got it memorized?”, he seems concerned and even insecure, wanting to make sure his name will leave an impact someday on someone.

It has nothing to do with whether he is a Nobody or not, but with the fear of being forgotten and of not much worth to be remembered.

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