Haikyuu!! Quote Time: part 02

Even if a game doesn’t seem clearable at first, after playing it over and over again, you can conquer it” -Kenma Kozume

art by @01ki on instagram

Kenma Kozume is the brain of Nekoma.

He is also very fond of video games.

While strategy is a very important part of both of these things, Kenma merges two worlds together by using his tactical wit to outsmart his opponents.

He might not use brute force like an ace and he is not as precise as most setters we have seen so far, yet he is still part of a very strong volleyball team that isn’t easy to beat.

The first time Nekoma and Karasuno face off against each other is in the first season in a training match.

At that point Hinata was still a new opponent  to the Nekoma team, and his quick running technique caught all of them off guard.

While Kenma looks unintimidating, in that exact episode his observational skills are shown in a very detailed manner.

Kenma doesn’t like to stand out so he keeps his eyes out for everyone around him. 

Even Coach Ukai had mentioned that “the cats” look like they’re observing and planning in their heads.

When his team gets hung up on Karasuno’s extreme and unconventional attacks, Kenma is the one who stays calm and observes.

His quote in this instance builds on the experience he has made while playing countless video games and putting that knowledge to use in his strategy.

Sometimes when you find yourself facing an opponent that seems a lot stronger than you, someone who seems unbeatable, your first reaction might be fear.

In a game, if you’re not experienced enough a certain boss can kill you in an instant and you will gain no satisfaction from dying all the time. 

You have to consider your level and your enemies level before going into the dungeon with no plan.

This alone is a deterring moment for many people. When a situation is too intimidating, why even bother trying to clear it?

Kenma is different in that sense.

He knows that experience can make a huge difference when you are trying to become better at something.

In videogames of course you have unlimited tries. When something doesn’t work out, you can just try again and again until it works.

Reallife doesn’t work that way. In most instances people get limited or even one chance to conquer something before it’s too late and regret fills them.

Kenma says this quote to the whole team in a time out while playing against Karasuno.
It’s shown that immediately after that, Kenma’s words are what gives Inuoka the drive to keep covering Hinata and to just push against him again and again until he can block him.

With these words he gives the pivotal message that as long as you try something again and again, against all odds you can find a pattern in your opponent’s attack and track it down.

If you find yourself in a new situation that makes you think it’s impossible to get through, think of these words and believe that with enough observation and enough tries you can break through the biggest boss levels in your life.




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