BNHA x MBTI Shuffle: The Analysts

The first series of the MBTI Shuffle was about the anime Haikyuu!! and now we’re going over to the next MBTI series which will be: Boku no Hero Academy MBTI Shuffle!

If you’re interested in the HQ!! Shuffle parts about the Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels or Explorers click on the category to read those!

Starting off with how MBTI works and what it is, then moving over to a deeper analysis of the Analyst personalities and lastly checking which BNHA characters coincide with the traits that will be mentioned, we’ll be left with a hopefully better understanding of those characters!

What is MBTI?

Now if you don’t know the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, it’s basically a personality test that divides every person into a set of letters that combine a certain type of personality.

There are 16 types in total, and they’re divided in four categories: the Analysts, the Diplomats, the Sentinels and lastly the Explorers.

Today, we’re looking a bit more deeply into the analyst category and see which BNHA characters fit into that mold! Quickly before starting: this is all just what I personally think, please feel free to elaborate on your theories and ideas in the comments below!

The Analysts: logical and enterprising

Analysts share the N for Intuition and the T for Thinking, both qualities that make them very rational but they’re intuition makes them think creatively.

These personalities have the balance of logic and rationality as well as practicality and creativity in them. They think deeply about what they do and how they do it, but will always reign in their surroundings. 

Another interesting point is that analysts love to think about concepts, and I do not necessarily mean overthink, but rather the actual thought process is so interesting to them that they sometimes forget to apply these processes to real life. 

Analysts aren’t antisocial, but they tend to want to have a certain amount of people that they trust and like around them. Some might be a bit more reserved than others, and a lot of it has to do with their intro- or extroversion, but they value time alone as well.

Just as the name says, Analysts detect and also like to solve problems. Sometimes that leads to them becoming too cocky and self assured or using a solution that is too abstract. Still, next to the other personalities they tend to have magnetic and almost leading pull wherever they go.

Now that you know a little more about the Analysts (or maybe you are one yourself?), let’s break the category down to our four personalities: INTJ, INTP, ENTJ and ENTP.

INTJ (Architects)

Architects have a thirst for knowledge and strive to learn in their own way. They are very rational and use knowledge as their tool to succeed in life. Their (J) Judging and (T) Thinking makes them excellent learners and strive to achieve any goals they might’ve set for themselves.

INTJ’s are rare but in the case of BNHA abundant. At least two of those are going to be presented here, and the Architects I would like to show are Shoto Todoroki and Kai Chisaki also known as Overhaul.

Full stop. I know these two characters seem to have nothing in common, given that one of them is a highschooler and the other a criminal germaphobe but this again shows that people with the same personality type can still exemplify the traits differently.

Todoroki is shown in the anime as a very reserved and cold person. He is known as the son of Endeavor, but he refuses to use his fire quirk and goes on his way very independently. 

So is the path of Chisaki, who works with alot of people but they are all under his jurisdiction.

They are both very rational, calm and collected. 

Todoroki is seen as emotionless in the beginning, he is rash and quick to jump to conclusions. 

We have to consider the fact that he is in his youth and in BNHA characters change drastically. Even though Todoroki has learned a lot about interpersonal relationships, in the end he stays dismissive when it comes to something he has set his mind to. 

This is observable in the Kamino arc when he was adamant on rescuing rescue Bakugo with Midoriya and the others even though he already had confrontations with the chief of police. 

When Chisaki is pushed to his brinks he lashes out and starts to push everyone away from him until he can achieve his goals. He is arrogant and dismissive of other people’s emotions when it comes to his ambitions.

The former chief of the Shie Hassaikai was one of the people Overhaul respected the most, as he nurtured and cared for him since he was a child, but the second he turned against Chisaki’s ideas he felt misunderstood and took his chance to show that if he just went through with his ideas he would be right.

INTJ may be calm and rational, but when their ideas and ambitions are disregarded, they lash out and form their own path. 

The ideal personality match for an INTJ is ENFP and ENTP! 

Slight reminder, even if two personalities are often described as “worst match” or “best match” doesn’t mean that they can’t have a relationship in any kind of way! It’s just interesting to see how statistics and core morals work with different types!

INTP (Logicians)

Logicians are a very rare personality as well as they make up 3% of the population. INTP’s are creative and find their own individual solution to their problems. They usually don’t flock with many people and are more private. The world is a playing field for them, they observe and learn steadily to get to their goals. 

From the outside they might show as closed off and condescending, although they just have a problem with explaining their complex thoughts thoroughly to people that don’t quite understand. When their attention is grabbed, they can spend a lot of time thinking about certain processes until they are satisfied. This makes them fast learners and very ambitious, but only if they can put their own spin on it.

Two INTP’s I would like to introduce are Hitoshi Shinso and Tsuyu Asui!

INTPs are logical thinkers, and Tsuyu is a very well versed and tactical part of class 1-A.

She might be undermined because of her cute demeanor and doesn’t seem like someone with a sharp wit, but contrary to that she always has an idea so solve a seemingly unsolvable solution.

We see this in the USJ attack in her first season and also her exam against Ectoplasm together with Tokoyami.

Like most INTPs she is very reserved. Even though she likes to ask questions and is very open to her close friends, she talks very quietly and keeps more to herself.

Shinso is a bit more erratic, even though he has the same cold demeanor.

He is adamant on getting the place he deserves even though he’s in the support class. 

In his fight against Midoriya we see his thought out plan comes to fruition and would’ve worked if it wasn’t for One for All. 

Due to his backstory of being told he has a “villain’s quirk” he learned to quietly traverse through the world without much of a ruckus. Instead, he enjoys outwitting his opponents and catching them off guard. 

Both Shinso and Tsuyu are fast learners and have an open ear to new ideas if they align with their own values and have a good logic base, and if they get the possibilities to be more free in their approach they soar to great lengths.

INTP’s supposedly ideal relationships are with ENTJ’s and ESTJ’s!

ENTJ (Commanders)

The first extroverts of the analysts are commanders! This type is often seen in leading roles as the name suggests, and they love to thrive and feel accomplished by leading others to victory.

They are assertive and thrive in situations where they can voice their opinion. Their strong will is what makes them tough and resourceful, and they love to see results and efficiency. 

Even though they sound very stern, ENTJs are passionate and love to connect to others through those passions. Getting the first word in doesn’t faze them at all, and their company is often aware of them when they enter the room. People around ENTJs respect them a lot and strive to be like them when it comes to living their own truth.

Our two ENJs are Bakugo Katsuki and Shigaraki Tomura.

What is it with these villain/hero parallels you ask?

In BNHA there is a very distinct border between good and bad. That’s why I like to show that a character with a certain personality type can be a certain way, but the way they use their traits and exemplify them is what makes them good, bad or both.

Shigaraki is the leader of LOV and strives to show the heroes what he is capable of. So far he has no ulterior motive but to make himself seen and mock hero society by attacking, terrorizing places and people that should be protected by said heroes.

Like any ENTJ he is passionate about his plans and loves to boast, he is the leader of the villain group and has no problem with risky behaviour, as long as his desired message gets across.

When Stains ideology gets more popular than his attacks he gets aggravated and feels treated unfairly, which makes him sound immature and very impatient.

Bakugo is very charming and charismatic barring his aggressiveness, which is a trait of ENTJ personalities. 

Still, he is very impatient and loves to have his way. If anyone goes against what he has to say it will probably end ugly, but people forget that Bakugo also works extremely hard to become the best hero possible which differentiates him from villains who just want to destroy.

This is a huge part of the Kamino arc, in which Bakugo makes clear that he is set to become a hero and not succumb to the childish works of the LOV.

When it comes to important situations, Bakugo can be calm and very rational to see what needs to be done, and he can act immediately.

His self-confidence comes from the abilities that he has built for years, but there is more to the hard exterior he shows. He might sound harsh and aggressive, but he cares for his friends and will do anything to become a great hero.

If you’re more interested in Bakugo’s character, check out Makii’s Oikawa and Bakugo comparison post.

INFP and INTP are the most compatible with these types!

ENTP (Debaters)

The Debaters are charismatic and energetic folks who love to challenge themselves mentally.As common for analysts they strive for knowledge and bring their own twist to things, but the extroversion in their type makes them speak out a lot in their surroundings.

They look at problems from all sorts of angles to analyse it, so they love playing devil’s advocate, brainstorming to get to the root of a problem or to accumulate ideas is a field they feel most comfortable in, and their flexible nature is what makes them so versatile in any kind of group work.

Now our BNHA ENTP’s are Denki Kaminari and pro-hero Hawks!

Denki has a brilliant Quirk that he can’t use too often or he’ll “Short circuit”. This lead a lot of people to believe that he is dumb and a good for nothing. While his grades can be improved, his emotional intelligence is very distinct. 

As a Debater Denki is very original and comes up with his own ideas. His creative mindset and carefree attitude are partly why he is an ENTP.

He is the typical person to open a topic and let himself and his friends go over the bigger picture to ensure a nice environment. In season four he brainstorms with the whole class what to do for the school festival, and he is ready to try out new things and help his classmates.

Denki is highly energetic and loves to enjoy quality times with his close friends, he often takes the initiative in social gatherings and is all in all extremely charming.

Now Pro-Hero Hawks also has some interesting traits for himself.

As the number two hero he knows how to sway a crowd and is in fact extremely charming.

His nature is free like a bird and he strives to build a world in which a hero has more freetime.

While he seems unassuming, Hawks is extremely knowledgeable and has tabs on everything around him. While patrolling, we see how quickly he can react to crime and felonies around him and during the intelligent Nomu attack, he uses all his capabilities to support Endeavor.

Even with the number one hero he always has something left to say and doesn’t shy away from saying controversial things. As long as his values of justice are met he stays carefree, but the second injustice happens before him he can get just as impatient and rash.

INFJ and INTJ are the personalities most compatible with our ENTP’s!

Well, now that we’ve concluded the analysis of our analysts it’s once again time for your opinion!

Do you think these characters suit the personalities I sorted them in? Are any of them your compatible type or is there another fact you wanna mention? Leave it in the comments!

My Quirk is conjuring tea bags! I’ll make some right now!


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