Goodbye my dream part 09

“Ah! Stop struggling!”

“Moron! You moron! You are the one pushing me back!”

I blinked several times until I understood that out of a sudden two young men fell right in front of me, picking themselves up and the struggle they already had midair now continued on their feet.

It’s the third time I had seen Hinata but unlike our meetings before he was now glaring at Kageyama as he pushed his face away. Kageyama on the other hand was grabbing a handful of Hinata’s hair and shirt as if he wanted to throw him back on the floor.

Before I could even raise a hand to make them notice me they continued their word exchange that had paused only for a second while they stood back on their feet.

Their faces and clothes were a bit dirty as little leaves were sticking in both of their hair, Kageyama whose hair usually was silky and straight, pointed in several directions, only his usual scowl was the same.

They are really fighting, aren’t they?

Did they not notice me?

And did they not care that they suddenly fell through a tree and hit the ground?

“What are you talking about?! You were the one saying stupid things and kept shaking me when I said you were wrong!”, with that Kageyama’s face darkened and he was about to throw Hinata back to the ground when I stepped behind Hinata to stop him.

“Why are you guys fighting?”, Hinata who craned his neck back made a surprised noise and both of them tripped over.

“Hinata you stupid airhead don’t make yourself heavy all of a sudden!”, Kageyama managed to hold both of them back and balance was restored as they both now stared at me.

“We are not really fighting… “, Hinata averted his gaze and let go of Kageyama, the latter didn’t bother to do the same and tightened his grasp even more angry than before.

You were obviously fighting.

“You”, Kageyama gritted his teeth and turned him around ready for another yell before I stepped forward which made Hinata flinch and push Kageyama away.

“It’s fine you don’t need to come in between-”, as Hinata was about to scratch his head and reassure me with a smile on his face, Kageyama stormed back and pulled him close by his collar. He fixed me with his eyes and pulled Hinata towards my direction while he stepped forward as well.

“He said I can’t learn the toss!”

I tilted my head as my eyes wandered to Hinata’s shocked and angry face.

“H-Hey stupid-yama, no need to get so angry about it. Don’t involve her”, despite the fact I was right in front of them he whispered those words loud enough for me to hear.

I guess Hinata is really not much on the brain side…

“Toss? But I don’t think Hinata would ever say something like that while fully aware of your capabilities? I thought you were a duo”, as I muttered those words both of them looked at each other and then glared back at me.

“Yeah this guy can hit any toss, that’s what I tell him, but what I meant was a whole different thing”, Kageyama now let go of Hinata and towered over me.

“He said I can’t do the toss you mentioned. The one you said wouldn’t arrive last time, I tried it over and over again and when he asked me I told him”, he threw a special dark glare at Hinata and looked back at me, “I wanted my toss to arrive, but he only said you can’t do it that stupid moron!”

Hinata stepped forward as well facing me with the darkest expression I had ever seen and never imagined he could make. He looked intimidating and it seemed like he forgot to blink. “You can’t , I said those words”, his voice was cold and distant, “because he wouldn’t understand”, his eyes darted to the ground and a breeze made his usual fluffy-looking hair dance like a wild small animal. Kageyama seemed just as intimidated as me, but unlike me he was good at switching back. 

“He wouldn’t understand what it means to see it in person. When he explained to me his memory, I wondered if he had experienced it”, he fixed Kageyama, “but he didn’t, the way he casually says those words can only come for someone who didn’t see it.”

My heart grew heavy as I understood why Hinata was so adamant and emotional about when he struggled to keep him away.

Kageyama wasn’t aware at all, so he is much more relaxed for him he only experienced the time limit restriction in this world, but for Hinata-

“Kageyama”, I said firmly and with a nod I tried to reassure Hinata who looked at the ground.

His usual energetic and unfaltering will seemed so frail right now, but the last dream showed me being all gloomy about it… it would just end the same way.

‘Don’t make that face!’

“Hinata”, I pinched his cheek and he looked at me completely shocked, “don’t make those faces”, I smiled and Hinata was very much the only one who could understand those words as his eyes teared up. The black-haired young men darted his blue eyes back and forth utterly confused, letting out a sound of not understanding a thing.

“Kageyama I am sure, someday your toss will reach me but there is a thing you might not know and that’s why Hinata tried his best to not make either you nor me experience it again. All he wanted was to not make you feel the same helpless feeling”, this time I pinched Kageyama’s face who in contrast to Hinata blushed and looked embarrassed even a bit pouty as his eyebrows knitted.

This time it didn’t happen that fast… is the time limit extending?

I retracted my hands and watched the tree where both of them fell off earlier.

“Back then what I tried to explain to you with the example of a toss, you will shortly see what I meant. And then maybe you will slowly understand Hinata’s feelings more”, Hinata shook his head vigorously, stepping forward with shaky legs. Kageyama was still confused and pulled Hinata back by his collar who swung his arm back to remove Kageyama’s arm and run towards me.

“Last time I was the one criticizing you, but it really hurts”, he grasped a hand full of his shirt and gave me a desperate look. It took me a lot of courage and I bit my lip as I grabbed his shoulders and then his cheeks heaving his head up.

“You were very angry at Kageyama for not understanding since he lacked the experience, but the first time I met him he said those words, ‘I will make sure to toss to you until it will arrive!’”, Hinata’s eyes widened.

“Especially you must know how much value lies in those words coming from Kageyama. Everyone is trying their best and those words gave me a lot of hope”, I turned to Kageyama and waved him towards me. Hesitantly he came closer still a bit offended but slightly regretful. “Don’t make those faces, both of you. You may not know what the other thinks but still here we are at the same place.”

“At the same court”, Hinata muttered and his expression softened, “Thank you”, he looked back to Kageyama, a cheeky but still very sad expression that was clouded by a smile, “I will never say you can’t manage that toss anymore stupid-yama!”

“You shrimp!”, as Kageyama was about to yell, Hinata melted slowly, slowly into a puddle that was swallowed by the meadow. 

Kageyama sat down on the meadow and patted his hands on the ground as if to check that he really vanished like that, a despaired and utterly scared expression.

“H-Hinata you idiot, that’s not funny, come back!”,  he ripped away some weeds as he yelled at the ground, several times calling the name of the boy who was no more. Until his fingers started melting as well and he jumped back staring at them and then at me.

The distorted look as now half of his arms already transformed into a puddle was accompanied by heavy breathing as if he was panicking.

“W-What is this? What is happening?”, his voice was shaky and I sat next to him watching it happen another time, in another dream, with another person.

“I told you, I told you he wouldn’t understand… but I am sure he will toss to you one day like he tossed to me!”

“Hinata tried to save both of us, but in the end this is what is supposed to happen”, I wiped away a tear from Kageyama’s face, “but don’t worry we might meet again.”

As the same process was over and Kageyama vanished I stood up and watched the crows flying through the sky.

“Those words I said so easily, I will make them real, I- I will win next time!



-Kageyama and Hinata-

@kkumri on instagram

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