BNHA x MBTI Shuffle: The Sentinels

If you’re new and don’t know what I am talking about, in this post we’ll be exploring the blue category of Myers Briggs personalities and add BNHA characters into that mix.

If you’re more interested in in-depth character analysis according to the MBTI test then check out Makii’s analysis on the similarities between Oikawa Tooru and Bakugo Katsuki and the first part on the BNHA Analysts.

I have already made a shuffle about Haikyuu!! Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels and Explorers! Check those out in that order to get the best experience.

Now for those who are here for the next batch of personalities, let us begin!

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator uses letter combinations of four to categorize people into their respective personality type. I have taken these four categories piece by piece and analysed what Boku no Hero Academia characters exemplify them most!

This one is the third part and will be dealing with the sentinels category.

What is MBTI?

For everyone who needs a short recap from my previous post:

“[…]It’s basically a personality test that divides every person into a set of letters that combine a certain type of personality. There are 16 types in total, and they’re divided in four categories: the analysts, the diplomats, the sentinels and lastly the explorers.”

Every person leaves a mark by interacting with the world, and everyone does that differently. 

By sorting every person through a matter of traits they exhibit, we will see what BNHA characters fit into these molds! 

Remember that this is my personal opinion and in no form indisputable, but only from researching with the help of the first four seasons of the anime.

If you have anything to add while reading, be sure to leave it in the comments!

The Sentinels: hardworking and dutiful

Shared personality traits: Observant (S) and Judging (J). 

The pillars and grounds of the personalities are the Sentinels. 

Sentinels strive for stability and strong foundations in life. They work hard to achieve what they want and stick to traditional values such as security and order. They’re known to be rigid and relentless when a goal is in mind, which makes them the backbone of every community.

Sentinels don’t need much inspiration and spontaneity but will get motivated by the task itself. If the task will bring them closer to their goals or if it has a logical explanation, that alone is enough for a Sentinel to pursue it with a rigorous work ethic.

Approaching things with a clear mindset is important to them. 

They will look into the methodical approach of something and what will be gained from it more than the emotional value of it.

Instead of working with sporadic energy outbursts that are unpredictable, Sentinels prefer slow and steady improvement that they achieve with relentless work.

One thing that is certain for them is that Sentinels stick with what they personally know.

If a method or approach has been deemed successful, it is hard for them to change their pace or adapt to others.

That is not to say that they don’t work in groups.

Sentinels can be a very crucial part in any group project, and not all of them are as rigid as others might be. However, when they work together with others they might get overwhelmed if they can’t work the way they’re used to. 

If everyone has their role, their task and a plan, a Sentinel can easily manage and strives for order to keep existing. Sentinels are either hidden in the sidelines building the foundation of a project, or carry the weight of superviser or even leader. 

Sentinels are reliable and like to have reliable people amongst them.

Their patience runs for a long while but is definitely ested by people who go against the rules they have set up.

Someone who doesn’t confide in the environment a Sentinel has built and goes against the rules is aggravating for them and might make the Sentinel snap.

Sentinels shouldn’t be seen as emotionless, even though they might look calm and rarely show admiration in a typical way.

Rather than showering someone with compliments or buying you chocolate, Sentinels will work behind the scenes to make the life of their friends and loved ones easier.

They’re way of showing affection is unconditional, they might not tell you what a good friend you are to them, but they will most likely help you with practical problems you have and give you advice on how to tackle them.

If that’s not the case they might suddenly bring you items and things you like because they work well with information they have accumulated in the past.

So! This is the first step to knowing your blue category a bit more. Let’s delve into the types ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ and ESFJ and see which BNHA characters fit here!

ISTJ (Logistician)

One might say that ISTJ are almost brutally honest.

With the way they live their life, unnecessary empty phrases are not part of their tool belt.

Logisticians are interested in bringing out the best out of themselves or other people and they work hard to accomplish whatever goal they have set for themselves. 

Niceties and words that have no action behind them are of no interest.

ISTJ are of strong will and have high standards for themselves. 

They are determined and won’t show weakness in front of a troubling situation which also makes them very stubborn sometimes.

Wherever they go, they like to stick to the traditions applied before and get suspicious with new approaches to activities they’re passionate about. 

A Logistician thinks that textbook knowledge is what everyone should abide by. Having unconventional or risky ideas is new to them, and they believe the old fashioned way to do something is the right way to do it.

If the way they work is not accepted, they can get insensitive and judgmental. 

While often taking on more than they should and working on their own accord, they run the risk of running dry and hitting a wall since they need to get everything done themselves.

Two examples I have for ISTJs are Tokoyami Fumikage and Nighteye.

Tokoyami is a student with a very fascinating quirk. Together with Dark Shadow he quickly became one of the strongest students ability-wise.

While mostly reserved, Tokoyami is a fan of alternative and dark culture and often talks very dramatically. When he is together with people that are close to him, he is known to lead and strategize, as well as try to push his own abilities to the maximum.

He often speaks from the heart and doesn’t sugarcoat his words to convey something important to him, but he understands common courtesy and enjoys working to improve himself.

When faced with abilities stronger than himself, he takes himself back and realises to be stuck in the same place if he doesn’t come out of his comfort zone for example in his fight against Bakugo in season two.

Nighteye goes more into the technical side of things.

He is adamant on rules and regulations and sets very high standards for himself and people around him.

His work ethic is tied to his Quirk and he looks very intimidating to the outer eye. 

Textbook is a part of his way to communicate, he only says what is needed and keeps very calm and rational.

When Sir Nighteye believes that a certain plan is correct he will most likely stay with it until proven otherwise. We see this with his tragic end in which he realises that the future he predicts can be changed.

The most compatible to this type are ESFPs and ESTPs, but remember! Compatibility is only a statistics and doesn’t actually define how a personal relationship might work!

ISFJ (Defender)

Defenders tend to have a flexible balance in their traits when compared to other personalities in their category. 

Albeit that, Defenders are very warm and supportive people. They tend to go out on a limb to help others and forget themselves easily in such situations. 

They sit at the sidelines and observe thoroughly and have a more imaginative mindset than others.

While they also tend to have fixed methods which correspond to them being a Sentinel, ISFJs are also open to other peoples approaches if they fit them. 

Thanks to their altruistic nature they tend to glorify small and mundane tasks that keep everyone else going but themselves. Defenders see everything that is helpful to others as a blessing and have no problem taking themselves out of the equation.

Staying humble and shy, even when they get credit for their work they tend to brush it off and try to focus on other people’s victories.

ISFJs repress their feelings and are very sensitive when it comes to their own emotions. They gravitate to being more private than outspoken which can lead to other people forgetting their presence or taking what they’ve  worked hard for for granted.

Yaoyorozu Momo and Inko Midoriya are the ISFJs in question!

Inko Midoriya supports her son immensely after coming to UA.

Her guilt for not supporting her quirkless son to become a hero from the beginning plays a pivotal role in her character.

Inko wants nothing more than for her son to be successful, which is a huge trait of a Defender, as they tend to stay on the sidelines and support everyone else.

This goes so far to the point that she breaks down in front of her son, as she s´can’t take him getting hurt, but she doesn’t want to take away his dream of becoming a hero.

Still, as a mother Inko gives her best to help Izuku become a hero, even if she has to stay afraid of losing him.

Yaomomo is a very interesting character, as she was invited into UA due to connections and her incredible quirk. 

While being one of the smartest students, she still doesn’t trust herself completely with her abilities and falls short because she is reluctant to jump into action.

The beautiful thing about Momo is that she is still supportive of her friends and loves to help them in dire situations f.e. when some of them had problems studying.

In the episode “Yaoyorozu Rising” we see how Momo swallows her own feelings and listens to Todoroki because she doesn’t have the confidence to express her ideas.

After Shoto nudged her to use her own way we see how she learns from her mistakes and takes pride in her abilities.

Defenders have the same ideal types as Logisticians!

ESTJ (Executive) 

The Executive Personality is strongly linked to their own belief system.

If they think that something is right to do, they will keep going at it until it is solved.

Their dedication is unmatched, and they won’t stop working for a task because it gets boring. 

ESTJs work on mundane and repetitive tasks because they know they need those as well to succeed. 

Grueling work is just work as well, and their energy is very balanced when they set their mind on something.

Just like their ISTJ “cousins” they are very strong willed and can be overbearing at times, as the standard they set for themselves is just as high for other people.

When something is on their mind they will straight out say it, and their honesty is a double-sided blade. It can encourage and also deflate other people who are more sensitive to criticism. 

Despite that, Executives are extremely loyal and have a lot of patience. 

When working on a group project with others, they will help you to achieve the goal that is most beneficial for everyone involved and give you pointers to achieve whatever is in the groups best interest.

Therefore whenever something isn’t going according to the Executives plan, their patience might run dry and they can get overly sensitive over other people’s mistakes.

ESTJs can get judgemental when they think someone else is not really of the same opinion as them. 

When an ESTJ sees something that feels wrong to them, their strict sense of judgement might let them lash out on others peoples moral statuses.

Endeavor and Lida are the ESTJs in question!

Endeavor’s hero name already shows the determination he puts into his hero work.

Being the number one hero and surpassing Toshinori is his ultimate goal that he wants to achieve in any way possible.

Here we can examine a trait of the Executive, which is the stubbornness when setting themselves a goal. Endeavor was so focused on surpassing Toshinori, that he even trained his own child to the extent of abuse to surpass the number one.

Despite that when he became the number one hero due to Toshinori passing the torch he feels inconvenienced that he won the title through other means than his own.

As a hero, he works hard to redeem himself and protect everyone around him, which was beautifully shown in the last episodes of season four.

Lida on the other hand is still a student and has a lot to learn, but the traits that make him an Executive are shown from the very beginning when he was introduced.

Raised in a household of successful heroes, Iida likes rules and obeys them willingly.

He believes it important to do as the adults and heroes say and his classmates often joke about him being uptight.

Lida sees every part of the UA curriculum as an important task for him to accomplish and doesn’t get swayed by boring or repetitive tasks. 

The only thing that strays him from this path is the accident involving Stain and his brother, which pushes his emotions and irrational side to come forth.

Still he learns from his mistakes and even keeps his damaged hand as a reminder to stay on the right path.

This personality type has three ideal matches: INTP, ISFP and ISTP!

ESFJ (Consul) 

Consuls know how they can deeply connect to other people.

They are often popular and well-liked in their community and become great leaders wherever they go.

ESFJs are the  people that will get a group project going and have a strong sense of duty.

They will always offer help when needed and love to serve others and give very solid advice.

As great organizers they have no problem planning social gatherings and are a joy to have at every place in life. 

Consuls strive to help others and won’t back down when someone needs help.

Harmony and peace is very important to ESFJs, as they like to keep a balance in everything in their life, their dedication to doing good is part of that and their loyalty is very apparent.

As they have a huge influence on their team, they are often worried about how they are perceived and don’t like to be seen in a bad light.

Therefore they stay with old methods they know and are scared to take on new risks.

Consuls definitely avoid confrontation, and get very sensitive when criticised harshly, especially from people they care about. 

Their fear of what light they are seen in also drives them to stay in their lane and being reluctant to change their ways. They get uncomfortable in new situations that call for flexibility and varied approaches.

In this case I would like to present to you Ochako Uraraka and Kendo Itsuka!

The times we see Kendo in the anime show us that she is a big part of the class 1B dynamic. 

She is very nice to everyone around her and loves to help her classmates whenever she can.

Whenever Monoma makes ruckus she is sre to hold him back and apologize profusely, showing how important it is for her to keep the relationship between class 1A and 1B intact.

While working in her internship she complains that she won’t be able to really do something heroic as she is prone to support whoever is around her.

Her loyalty to her class is proven in the villain attack during the trainingscamp, in which she sacrifices herself to take down the villain producing lethal gas.

Ochako is a very warm and cheerful character. From the beginning of the anime she loves to protect and support all of her classmates and has a very welcoming aura to her.

During villain tactics and after Bakugou is kidnapped, her observational skills are shown when she talks about how Bakugo would react to the rescue mission.

Keeping the harmony of the class intact and making sure everyone is taken care of is one of her main goals.

After she realises she might have a crush on Izuku, she keeps to herself and is sure to support him from behind so long as he can be happy.

Even her ultimate goals of becoming a hero is tied to her wanting to support her parents.

Ochako is very emotional and swallows her own feelings to make others feel good, especially her close circle of friends.

ISFP and ISTP are most compatible with this personality!

This was the second part of the BNHA x MBTI Shuffle! Since we’ve already finished the first Haikyuu!! series and this is next, I would love to know what you guys think about this series and what you like about it.


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