BNHA Quote Time: part 03

Can’t stand morons like you who can’t get the damned point! Basically, you’re saying: “we wanna cause trouble, be our pal!” What a joke! I’ve always admired All Might’s triumphs. No matter what any of you jerks say, nothings ever gonna change that.”

-Bakugo Katsuki

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Somebody who sees Bakugo Katsuki for the first time might think he is aggressive.

He is short-tempered and ready to fight anyone since day one. When Iida tells him to respect the etiquette of the school and take his feet off of the table he calls him stuck up.

He screams and shouts whenever he wants to and doesn’t take anything from anyone, be it a teacher or a student or even a child. He lives by his own ideals and won’t listen to others. We see this throughout the anime.

Contrary to first impressions, Bakugo Katsuki is hardworking and intelligent.

He placed first in the U.A. entrance exam and placed third with his grades on the midterm exams. He knows how to strategize and is observant not only in fight situations but also with his friends and people around him. He found out about Deku’s Quirk situation quicker than anyone anticipated.

Another trait of Bakugo Katsuki is his competitiveness.

From his childhood on he strived to be the best. He started making fun of Izuku for having no Quirk and continued bullying him throughout middle school. 

Until Deku got his Quirk from Toshinori, Bakugo was able to show everyone around him just how great he was. After that, when he started to realise there were flaws in the way he worked and went through some personal setbacks, Deku became his closest rival.

In class and in every situation where he can, he proclaims his victory and is ready to give everything so he can be the number one.

He would give everything.

Now all of these traits that were mentioned were seen by two different parties in a very different light.

U.A. and the honest people around him as well as Izuku who has known him since childhood, see these traits in a positive light. Bakugo is aggressive, sure, but it’s also his resolve that makes him admirable and the fact that he will fight tooth and nail to win. Bakugo is intelligent and hard working, so he will be a great student and learn a lot from his teachers. Bakugo is competitive, so he will take criticism from his teachers and classmates to fuel himself and work harder.

These are all good qualities that would make a great Hero.

But if we see how shallowly other people see Bakugo from the beginning of the story, we know that people get the wrong perception of him a lot of times. 

The League of Villains is an excellent example. 

Bakugo’s will and explosive side is seen as harsh and unfit to be a hero. 

We see this in the sports festival where he was chained up and enraged about his half-baked win against Shoto who gave up mid way. 

People were already afraid of Katsuki and the way he lashed out made everything worse. 

His drive for rivalry and competition is no longer an admirable trait but merely an excuse to say he is villainous or villain-like, if you look at his behavior from a darker perspective. 

People have high expectations for Bakugo. 

He has amazing grades and an amazing quirk, but his deteriorating mental health and the burden he kept shouldering were overlooked. 

In any other story, this would’ve been a great ruse for Bakugo to become a villain. 

Driven by this thought the LOV took it as an opportunity to take matters into their own hands. 

They truly believed Bakugo would fall into their arms readily. 

They were wrong. 

This quote shows it all, he basically tells them that his admiration for the number one hero and his actions are a deep inspiration to him. 

It may look like he only wants to punch and make a ruckus, but the ones who really know Bakugo know better than that. 

A good example for that would be his teacher, Aizawa Shota. 

Not only did he believe in his student to be righteous, but he also called the villains foolish for taking Bakugo only for his shallowly seen traits. 

That’s why this quote plays a pivotal role in explaining Bakugo Katsuki’s character. 

He will strive to be the best hero, and never succumb to being a villain. 

Toshinori as the number one hero was not only a big influence for Deku in his pursuit of being a hero but also for Bakugo.

They are both walking the same path to become the number one hero, even when they have different paths to take.

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