BNHA x MBTI Shuffle: The Explorers

Next round of the MBTI Shuffle! If you have no clue what I’m talking about, the BNHA Shuffle is an analysis according to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. 

Before this BNHA Shuffle I have already posted the four parts to the Haikyuu!! x MBTI Shuffle: The Analysts, the Diplomats, the Sentinels and the Explorers

There have been two BNHA parts prior to this one, both tackling the categories of the Analysts and the Sentinels. 

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator uses letter combinations of four to categorize people into their respective personality type. I have taken these four categories piece by piece and analysed what Boku no Hero Academia characters fit into that mold!

This one is the third part and will be dealing with the orange category of the MBTI personalities: The Explorers.

What is MBTI?

Again, to starting from the beginning and quoting my first Shuffle post:

“[…]It’s basically a personality test that divides every person into a set of letters that combine a certain type of personality. There are 16 types in total, and they’re divided in four categories: the analysts, the diplomats, the sentinels and lastly the explorers.”

For the third time we will see what kind of BNHA characters make sense in this category while looking at their mannerisms and how they interact with their surroundings to see where they fit! This analysis only encompasses my personal opinion and reflects the research I’ve done with the first three seasons of the anime. 

If you have any other ideas while reading please be sure to drop them off in the comments!

The Explorers: curious and fun-seeking

Every Explorer shares the S (Observant) and (P) Prospecting trait.

Flexible and ready to go! Explorers are very spontaneous and love to just do what they feel like doing in one exact moment.

Without having to be prepared for a certain moment, they will just go with their gut and accomplish what they wanted.

Getting the broad picture done and polishing it later is more important to them than immediate perfection. They’re very versatile and tend to learn in their own unique way.

Although they sound rash and improvised, when an Explorer focuses people around them are mostly shocked. When they get into their zone nothing can get in their way.

Constant change is a normal feat for an Explorer, living their life to the fullest means to not look back too much and just start surging forwards.

That doesn’t mean that Explorers don’t get things done, it’s just that their pacing is very fast and sporadic. 

There’s always something new on their mind and achieving that is of utmost importance to them. Still, when that new interest dissipates because it starts to become a boring routine, it fades quickly.

Explorers like to be roaming free of obligations and strive to be their own person in their own world. They make their own rules and live their life how they want to live it, without dwelling too much on practicality and efficiency. 

Resourcefulness is a core part of the Explorer personality. While walking through live it is that ingenuity that leads them to meet the most interesting people and tell the craziest stories.

Socially, they are great conversationalists and the way their curiosity and spontaneity paves their way they tend to be known as funny and outgoing people.

Always being on the move is important to Explorers, and they don’t like to be held back. 

Sadly, that’s what life sometimes does. Not everything is new, fun and exciting, and doing menial tasks can become quite the challenge for them.

Exploring the big world is much more interesting, and that’s what most Explorers love to do.

Well then! Now that we’ve established a base of information about the Explorer category, let’s see which BNHA characters fit in the following types: ISTP, ISFP, ESTP and ESFP!

ISTP (Virtuoso)

Virtuosos love to get their hands dirty. They are practical and innovative and they use all methods known to them to navigate through their field of passion.

With ISTPs you get a more relaxed version of the Explorer type. They are more rational and combine their spontaneous behaviour with a bit more logic than other Explorers. 

As long as their freedom is still in their hands, they don’t mind other people in their own special area and strive for innovation.

While enjoying a bit of risk in their lives, Virtuosos are well suited for crisis situations. 

They stay calm and collected and know how to conserve their energy well.

While all of these are admirable traits, everyone still has their faults as well.

Virtuosos are very stubborn and are adamants on doing things their own way. 

Somebody else butting into their affairs can easily make them insensitive and blunt, especially since the introvert in them makes it harder to break their shell.

It’s not hard to befriend ISTP’s at all, they’re mostly open to new acquaintances but they keep everyone at a safe distance. Banter and surface friendships are easily acquired,but actually breaking through their bubble is not so easily done. 

The ISTP’s I would like to present to you today are Aizawa Shota and Jirou Kyoka!

Relaxed is a good way to describe the class 1-A teacher, also known as Aizawa-sensei. He frequently is seen napping or sleeping in class and generally sees any shallow effort with disdain.

That is before we find out more about him. 

Rationality is nothing new to Aizawa, in the first episodes of him and class 1-A he tricks them by dawning with expulsion from the school and later calling it “rational deception”.

Keeping up with appearances and sugar coating his words is not something that comes with his character. He tells Izuku right off the bat that he can’t become a hero if he relies on others to patch him up and puts his whole class through rigorous training so they can soar.

While appearing very gruff and reserved, when he truly gets to know his class he takes his role as a teacher extremely seriously and is the driving support behind every single student.

Jirou Kyoka is our second ISTP in the bunch.

Kyoka is ready to speak her mind when she feels her values are violated or her sense of justice is wronged. Despite her shy nature, she loves to support her classmates and friends which we can see in the trainingscamp arc and during the preparations for the school festival.

Jirou thinks every strategy through in a logical manner but is ready to jump into action with her abilities, which makes her a very interesting candidate for the ISTP personality.

When a crisis hits, she stays calm and tries to solve the situation at hand quietly and with the highest efficiency, which makes her a great asset to any team.

Her introversion is what inhibits her from showing her true passions and motivations, which we saw when Denki and her friends encouraged her, but when she is encouraged she allows herself to show her amazing abilities.

Despite her obvious love and talent for music, she doesn’t see herself in the spotlight and would rather help others achieve their goals.

The most compatible to this type are ESTPs and ESFPs, but remember! Compatibility is only a statistics and doesn’t actually define how a personal relationship might work!

ISFP (Adventurer)

The charming and shy Adventurer type is adamant on finding and pursuing their own way of life. They are very sensitive to other people around them and tend to have a burning passion inside them.

ISFPs are inherently curious. They have a knack for visual thinking and can be very imaginative. Even though the Adventurer might seem reclusive, that is just their introversion speaking. Still, when they start to come out of their shell they can give very good input into their team.

They need time to recharge and get easily overwhelmed in stressful situations.

Some ISFPs can get very competitive especially when they are challenged in their favorite field. 

While they are passionate, their self-view can be distorted and their self-esteem quickly fluctuates.

Mahirao Ojiro and Kota Izumi are the ISFPs this time!

Ojiro’s Quirk is exceptional and very durable in battle, but he is called plain and simple as a joke by friends and people around him.

As an ISFP, which makes him sensitive to other people’s viewpoints, he reacts negatively to such claims and wants to showcase his abilities to anyone who disagrees.

These negative feelings can also result in being self conscious or bottling up his feelings.

While shy and sometimes sheepish, he still has the utmost resolve to become a hero and works hard every day to become one.

He might now have a rarer or flashy power, but people who see him as generic underestimate his continuous work ethic that will make him a great hero.

Kota is still in his development as he is still a bit young to have a fully developed personality, but from what we can see of him in season three he is a very interesting ISFP.

After losing both of his parents due to a gruesome villain attack, he now despises heroes and their abilities to cope with his parents’ death.

He won’t let anyone that isn’t close talk to him in a leisurely manner and is very closed off. His introversion is also partly the reason why he seems so reserved, but it is also due to his detest for heroes in general.

Still, as he saw Deku’s resolve in saving him and beating the villain muscular with his sheer power of will and strength, he risks his life and tries to distract the villain with his own Quirk.

That is the making of a great hero and an amazing character in the future.

This personality type has three ideal matches: ENFJ, ESFJ and ESTJ!

ESTP (Entrepreneur) 

ESTPs are their own unique breed. They’re the most spontaneous of their kind and defy all kinds of convention. Their goal is it to surge forwards and be unique.

One thing Entrepreneurs are is bold. They speak their mind excessively and immediately, with no thought of how others might react. They are mostly out of line and jump to every occasion they find worthwhile.

Not to say that they can’t be rational, ESTPs just enjoy the more relaxed and carefree thing in life while staying true to their ambitions and passions.

Entrepreneurs perceive change really quick and change quickly as well when needed, they’re versatile and ready to try new things all the time.

Two great examples for ESTPs are Sero Hanta and Pro Hero Midnight.

Midnight-sensei, also known as R-rated Pro Hero Midnight is a very special character.

While her whole image and gimmick is about a bit more mature themes, her general personality is very outspoken and carefree.

In front of others she loves to start the show and her voice resonates with everyone around her. 

At the sports festival of season two she kept a level head about the situation and still manages to perform in her own way in front of a lot of people.

While she still prioritizes her work as a teacher, the students often get flustered by her carefree speech and alluring words.

She leisurely comments on the students behaviour and has no filter while describing them. This goes so far that sometimes she is scolded by her peers.

Still, Midnight isn’t just the flirty spontaneous Pro Hero, she is also a great teacher and is never afraid to help and support her students.

Sero Hanta has amazing abilities and shines from the beginning of the anime with his incredible Quirk, but it’s not just his Quirk that is amazing.

Sero is ready to speak his mind and knows exactly what to do or say to get his way or support his friends. He isn’t tied down by any conventionality and loves to be his unique self. Even though he might seem plain, his classmates are positively surprised as they saw his intricate decoration in his dorm room.

Sero is not afraid to go against people with possibly higher abilities than him, he is ready to work the best way he can and use his quick reflexes to try and outwit f.e. Todoroki in season two. He is laid-back and loves to crack jokes, sometimes even getting very loud and lifting the mood in his class.

Knowing that hard work can get him to where he wants to be as a hero, his motivation and spontaneity is a great asset to him.

ISFJ and ISTJ are the most compatible with the Entrepreneurs! 

ESFP (Entertainer)

Last but definitely not least we have our Entertainers, and as their name says these free spirited people will always bring light to wherever they arrive.

Next to the Entrepreneurs, the Entertainers are almost as impulsive and rash. 

Their strengths encompass their beautiful way to see life in itself. A challenge to be who they truly want to be without jeopardizing their individuality. ESFPs are very practical and go about everything they do in a carefree and liberal way.

Rules and regulations only weigh them down, and they are very emotional and can get extremely sensitive when criticised.

Entertainers have incredible people skills and know how to light up a room immediately. Their emotional intelligence is very distinct and they can almost feel the atmosphere around them.

While all of that sounds amazing, ESFPs live greatly in the moment but have problems thinking ahead and planning their future, often setting themselves up for failure in academic terms.

The two bright shining Entertainers I would like to present are Kirishima Eijiro and Mina Ashido!

Entertainer is a great category for both of these characters, as they are both very outgoing and love to make people laugh.

Mina is very bubbly and has a lot of energy. From the first days on she quickly befriends the girls and boys of class 1-A and she is a great mood maker.

Kirishima in this sense is very similar, as he quickly makes friends with even Bakugo, who is very reclusive at first.

They take care of their friends and make sure that no one feels left out in their activities. Both love to hear out what others have to say and make great support characters. 

Kirishima loves to work hard and help his friends whenever he is able to. He asks a lot of questions on how others around him do or experience things and loves to give his own input as well.

In the instance where he doesn’t do something well, he can quickly get dejected and feel unsure of himself. Kirishima was shown to be extremely anxious and insecure in his past, until no other than Mina herself helped him regain his confidence.

In a close circle of girls, Mina funnily probes around to see what interest her friends have and what encourages them. While being extremely giddy and loving flashy and girly attire and decor, in her heart she is very fierce and in a situation of danger she switches gears easily to protect everyone around her.

At last, both of these characters live in the present and have a problem looking too far in the future and planning, so they might fall short on mundane and academic tasks because they struggle to organise ahead.

This leads to both of them needing help studying and landing in the nightly tutoring sessions at the trainingscamp.

They are most compatible with more mellow personalities like ISFJs and ISTJs

After going through all of these personality types I would love to know what you guys think! Is there anyone you would’ve sorted differently, or is there another character I didn’t mention that you think should’ve been here? 

Please leave that in the comments. I would love to see it! 

Until the next tea time! 


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