Karasuno’s Anatomy HC

It is now 3:48 am. In the middle of the night.

When you listen closely the beeping machines and the shuffling of the nurses in the halls starts to become the only rhythm in your head. Hushed voices in the patient lounges, occasionally you would spot an intern speed walking behind an attending surgeon holding myriads of documents. 

Still, for a surgeon this was a quiet night. Do not let anyone hear you say that out loud.

The unspoken rule. Like Murphy’s law. What can go wrong, will go wrong.

So don’t ever say it out loud that it may.

“It’s pretty quiet tonight right?”, a med student said to his colleague, his back leaned next to the door of the on-call room. 

A loud groan suddenly emits from the inside of the room.

“What was that?”, the colleague mumbled. 

“Probably an attending, they’re always hogging the on-call rooms anyway”

In a blunt movement, the door opened to the surprise of the two students. 

“Never mention how quiet it is ever again-“, the attending straightened his scrubs and threw on his coat aggressively. 

“You’ll jinx the already scarce breaks that we have”, and as if that alone triggered it, the pager of the doctor beeped and a groan escaped him. 

“See?”, he disapprovingly shot towards the students and dashed into the hallway.


“Page OB, I think this is happening now”, a doctor with silver hair emerged from a room full of incubators and shot a look at his resident, “Book an OR, ill see you up there!” 

The doctor made his way up to the elevators and bumped into a figure quickly hopping through the hospital. 

“Watch it!” 

“Sorry!”, the redhead retorted, as he threw a glance at his pager. “Trauma?” 

His small frame started jogging in the direction of the ER. 

“Hinata! Idiot come here!”, a dark splotch of hair cowering over a patient in a bed and ushered him closer. 

“What is it? Do you need a consult?”, Hinata curiously looked at the patient file. 

“A consult from an idiot like you?!” 

“Don’t be mean! You paged me!” 

“You do see the patient in front of you right?”, Daichis voice held a dark undertone and both of them flinched. 

“Yes sir”, they both barked back quickly. 

“Let me handle this, you both go check which patients to discharge, I heard a big trauma is coming in”

“Yes chief!”, Hinata replied and elbowed Kageyama in the side before running away.

“Come here you little-” 


“And there we have it”, Oikawa threw the last stitch before triumphantly raising his hands and turning away from the table. 

“You almost killed the guy”, Iwaizumi retorted. 

“Uh- excuse you? I saved the guy! He could’ve had major defects! I clipped the aneurysm!” 

“You almost killed the guy is what you did!” 

“How can you always be so mean to me?”, the brunette whined and threw his disposable gown in the bin. 

“You’re just an idiot”, Iwaizumi passed him and patted his shoulders as he walked by. 

A silent way to say good job. 

Oikawa dropped his shoulder and left the OR while grinning, but as soon as he found a bed in a dimly lit hallway he crashed on top of it and hoped for a quick slumber. 

Just being paged 911, Kuroo passed Oikawa on the bed and continued to sprint towards the elevator. 

As he got in, a familiar pudding head greeted him with a glare. 

“You’re late”, the smaller one grumbled. 

“I was sleeping! And some med students said the night was quiet” 

A loud groan came from the other. 

“Great, now I know why both of us were paged.”, Kenma sighed. 

“Mass trauma. It’s gonna be a long night.”

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