Journal Journey – a Haikyuu Fan-Fiction -Prologue

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There is a sudden overwhelming feeling that one couldn’t deny when it occurs. 

The feeling of being so stunned that you couldn’t move or talk, just standing right there your jaw slightly moving to say something just to not make a sound at all. Surrealism, I think that what it was called, the muffled voices and cheers on the other side of the hall, people wearing blue and white chanting. 

One particular name fell ” push Tooru–“, the voices only becoming louder and louder. Do you know it, the feeling of overwhelming emotions mixing together, not able to differ between any of them or are they too many to differ anyways? 

Like the color black is a mix of many colors unable to differ them out anymore?

That was exactly the feeling when I was watching that person. 

It was the color black, standing out but at the same time indistinguishable. 

He was just like that. 

Did you ever see a person and think they are flowing?

A movement so raw and flawless that it was only natural to gape? 

That it was only natural to see it happen when it was him.

That every muscle was happily moving along, choosing to obey because it would mean that the outcome would be one hundred percent successful even if the outcome wasn’t always like that?

That’s what it feels like to watch Oikawa Tooru play, fascinating in any way. 

Don’t get me wrong, his childish and arrogant attitude wasn’t what I tried to describe here, I meant the other Oikawa, the one you only could cheer for.

Before I knew it my friend pulled me back on my seat and whispered, “are you crazy? You almost cheered for the other team, we are here for Karasuno!”

“I know”, I said my voice shaking, “I know but it was hard not to cheer for him”, her eyes widened like someone who thought you were either utterly out of mind or amazing.

Probably it was a mix of both in my case.

“Don’t start your thing, okay?”

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