Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction (Teaser/Trailer)

First POV 

I didn’t realise my mistake at first.

I’m not the kind of person to observe everything around me. Sometimes there’s days where I don’t realise something obvious until someone says what is going on directly.

Today was such a day.

I didn’t notice the weird stares and didn’t mind some people bumping into me as I walked through the halls of my college building.

With a bounce to my step I walked to my next class.

I knew I still had 20 minutes until it started, but that gave me some time to go over my homework.

My cell phone buzzed and I opened it to find a text from someone in my class.

“Does someone have the reading for today summarized?”

About to push a reply into the keyboard, I was distracted by loud stomps coming quickly towards me.

Before I could fully process the expression of pure horror on my friends face she pushed my head down and dragged me under her arm.

“What the hell are you doing?!”, I asked her with annoyance in my voice.

I tried to push away her arms, but she just sucked in a quiet breath and kept moving.

What is going on here?

“Asami!”, I was getting mad, not knowing what was happening and getting dragged around wasn’t a nice feeling.

“Please move”, she choked out and drew around a quick corner to find a door that seemed to be her destination.

The door was just across the hall, and through a gate from the left side entered two familiar figures.

“Asami?”, Iwaizumi’s voice was calm but confused, but his appearance just made her fall into a sprint towards the door.

“What are you doing?!”, I yelled now as she fiddled with the lock of the door.

Meanwhile Iwaizumi and Oikawa started walking towards us.

“Mikoto are you oka-“, Iwa’s voice cut off and he clasped his palm over his nose.

He tried to hold Oikawa back who worriedly came closer.

I was still confused as to what was happening while Asami still tried to shove me into an empty room.

“Go inside. Go!”, she yelled almost pushing me in.

I toppled backwards and was about to protest as I saw how Oikawa’s worried gaze slowly turned into a different one.

Realization displayed in his features as his nose flared and his pupils dilated, a choked sound coming out of his throat.

“Close the door!”, Asami screamed and I fumbled with a lock before I could hear someone bang on the door and I flinched.

“Oikawa”, I could hear Asami faintly through the door, “Oikawa no stop. Wait”.

Something dawned on me as I turned around to find myself in a private room with only a bed and a small shower.

A private omega room.

“Stop”, I heard Asami struggling.

“You’re not listening, she forgot her suppressants”

I did? 

I did. 

The people almost running into me were Alphas trying to touch me. They didn’t mean it, but that would make sense. 

The stares where other students detecting my scent. 

It probably got worse as Asami dragged me here. 

Another bang but this time it was definitely someone kicking the door.

“Iwa can you get Kenma? And Akaashi maybe?”, Asami was in a panic now, “And don’t come back, you’ll be affected too!”

I heard someone running away and heavy breathing behind the door.

“Oikawa stop. This is not the right time”

“Open it”, he almost growled.

I felt my face getting hot in response to his voice, and I realised this was bad.

Really bad.



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