MBTI Romantic Compatibility: Studio Ghibli pt.2

After showing you the relationships of two pairs in ghibli movies last time, let us see what the next two are and how romantic relationships get depicted in these mesmerizing movies.

In this post we will look at the relationships of two ghibli movies and what makes them so compatible with the help of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

What is MBTI?

For those of you who aren’t familiar, let me quote myself!

“[…]It’s basically a personality test that divides every person into a set of letters that combine a certain type of personality. There are 16 types in total, and they’re divided in four categories: the analysts, the diplomats, the sentinels and lastly the explorers.”

For everyone who doesn’t know the specific personalities that will be discussed, let’s look at the singular personalities first before delving into the relationships!

The types that will be discussed here are INFJs ISFPs and ESFPs!

INFJ (Advocate)

In this post we will be seeing the INFJ personality again in both pairings!

INFJs make great advisers and strive to live their lives looking for the deeper meanings of things. These personalities are some of the rarest there are! Advocates tend to be quiet and reserved but they definitely leave their mark in society with their creative mindset. 

Understanding others is really an easy feat to them, as they like to see others reach their full potential. Although their strengths lie in helping others and seeing the deeper meaning in everything, their own personal struggles are locked within. Advocates don’t open up very easily and like to stay on the sidelines. Sometimes that might look like they’re uninterested or cold when they’re just trying to keep themselves out of the situation. 

Perfectionism is nothing new to the diplomat category, and an Advocate often feels like they need to give their all to attain the goal they set for themselves. They stick to their principles and can get sensitive when criticised harshly. If criticised too harshly they, unlike their ENFJ cousins, quickly retract themselves from a situation and even people.

ISFP (Adventurer)

The charming and shy Adventurer type is adamant on finding and pursuing their own way of life. They are very sensitive to other people around them and tend to have a burning passion inside them. ISFPs are inherently curious. They have a knack for visual thinking and can be very imaginative. Even though the Adventurer might seem reclusive, that is just their introversion speaking. Still, when they start to come out of their shell they can give very good input into their team.

They need time to recharge and get easily overwhelmed in stressful situations.

Some ISFPs can get very competitive especially when they are challenged in their favorite field. While they are passionate, their self-view can be distorted and their self-esteem quickly fluctuates.

As Adventurers, their name is true to their nature. While keeping to themselves they aren’t afraid to pursue their version of a pleasant life by exploring. After finding what they desire to be their ideal, they are hard to steer away from it.

ESFP (Entertainer)

Last but definitely not least we have our Entertainers, and as their name says these free spirited people will always bring light to wherever they arrive. 

Their strengths encompass their beautiful way to see life in itself. A challenge to be who they truly want to be without jeopardizing their individuality. ESFPs are very practical and go about everything they do in a carefree and liberal way. Working hard to attain their goals, they do everything and talk to everyone on their big journey.

Rules and regulations only weigh them down, and they are very emotional and can get extremely sensitive when criticised. Entertainers have incredible people skills and know how to lighten up a room immediately. Their emotional intelligence is very distinct and they can almost feel the atmosphere around them.

While all of that sounds amazing, ESFPs live greatly in the moment but have problems thinking ahead and planning their future, often setting themselves up for failure in academic terms.

Ashitaka and San (Princess Mononoke): INFJ x ISFP relationship

Ashitaka and San have lived their lives very differently and collide in critical situation that means drastic changes for both of them

Ashitaka as the INFJ is a reserved yet stubborn man who loves and cares for his village. He knows when to step up and the honour of his tribe means everything to him. As the prince and heir of a dwindling bloodline, he is still pushed to stay away from his village and never turn back.

He lives his life in solitude and does not rely on anyone, which is a trait most INFJs have, since they would rather help others and keep to themselves. If we weren’t the viewer of the story, we wouldn’t know anything about Ashitaka until very much later in the movie.

Behind the quiet demeanor of Ashitaka lies a burning passion to do what is right in his mind. He becomes the mediator between two parties, looking out for either one and doesn’t shy away from telling off figures of authority to fight for justice.

While living with humans and being one seems to be normal, it’s his natural bond to life, animals and the forest that made him the powerful person he is. He looks behind temporary profit and strives to protect those in need of protection.

San is very different in this sense, as she is a human that was brought up by wolves therefore making her believe she is a wolf as well. The way she runs, talks and interacts with other animals shows that she truly believes herself to be part of the forest and nature.

San hates everything that has humans in it, be it the humans themselves or the things they manufacture, as in her opinion it brings only destruction and hatred. But she is clueless when she finds herself being saved by Ashitaka.

This is where the relationship becomes interesting. Two people coming from very different parts of the world collide and the things that result from it first is nothing other than conflict.

When Ashitaka wants to save San she doesn’t listen and even after saving her she continues to distrust him.

This is a typical reaction for an ISFP, as their values are very important to them and they feel betrayed by everything that doesn’t fit the same mold. In the beginning, Shitaka is just a useless human like everybody else is, and she isn’t interested in whatever he has to say.

But while he is unconscious and in need of help, she takes him in and nurses him anyway, realising on the way that he is much more close to him than she might think.

What makes their relationship flourish is Ashitaka’s resolve in staying with San and fighting for her even as she stays distant. In the  end, when push comes to shove they both have each other’s backs and would sacrifice their own lives for the other.

@yuumei deviantart

Pazu and Sheeta (Castle in the Sky): ESFP x INFJ relationship

Similar to Ashitaka, Sheeta keeps to herself for most of the movie.

In the narrative, she starts off as the mystery girl that is chased and gradually through information from her or her pursuers we get to know her actual role as Princess Lusheeta Toel Ul Laputa.

She lied from the start to protect Laputa, the stone and her families heritage and anyone could say that her show was manipulative, but there is one person who is with her from the start. 


As the more impulsive ESFP, Pazu takes Sheeta in when she fell from the sky and immediately cared for her.

His story seems simple and he lays it out in front of Sheeta the minute she is awake, but his seemingly unattainable dream and his drive to get to Laputa is what sets the ball rolling. He takes pride in the accomplishments of his father and for a young boy he has huge dreams that he is sure to fulfill.

When he finds out that Sheeta is in danger, there are no questions asked. Pazu steps up and leads her to safety.

Sheeta as well as Pazu try to help each other in the ways they know. Pazu risks his life and his dreams to be with her and help her fulfill her destiny with all hands on deck, while Sheeta is ready to sacrifice herself and her family treasures as long Pazu can live a normal life.

Pazu however doesn’t want a normal life. He even manages to get on a pirate ridden ship to Laputa and take Sheeta with him.

Even though both characters are pretty young for a serious relationship, it’s safe to say that they both have  a very strong connection and feel as if they have to protect each other. 


This is the last of two parts for the Ghibli MBTI compatibility post! How did you feel about the relationships in this post? Do you feel differently about the compatibility or dynamic that was mentioned? 

Until the next very compatible post!


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