Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.01

New POV 

I struggled against an Alpha who was not only stronger and obviously bigger than me, but one that was in his utmost determination to go through the door behind me.

Oikawa’s eyes were almost glazed over, his face flushed to an almost obscene amount.

My heart dropped, and I shifted my gaze behind him to see if anyone was approaching.

Panic only sullied my scent even more, giving it an almost sour touch.

This is not going to work at all, I really need to calm down. 

At this point I was sure to be crushed or pushed away soon, the only thing that calmed me down was that the door was made sturdy for situations like these.

A fist slammed onto the door and landed right to my face which made me scream and slide down the door. 

Tears pricked my eyes while the door kept rattling due to the Alpha. 

This is pathetic. As a beta I should at least be able to get him a bit calmed down, but my own fear was clogging whatever scent should be calming normally.

Before I could hear the steps I found myself drowning in the smell of jasmine and faint vanilla. 

My eyelids fluttered and a sigh escaped my lips. 

The scent clouded around us thickly and every anxiety fell from me in an instant, my mind was full of calm and relaxing thought almost as if a close person to me held me close.

I hadn’t realised that I closed my eyes and slacked against the door until the scent of Jasmine came closer and made my head snap up.

Akaashi stood in front of me and rubbed his wrists together close to my neck without being too close. The smell engulfed me and I quickly realised he tried to calm me down in his own way. 

Normally if it was a betas job to scent mark somebody to calm them down, be it a colleague or a friend they would connect their scent glands on their wrist with the other person’s hand or even neck. It was a normalized gesture and typical for a beta to do.

Still, Akaashi seemed to shy away from the thought of touching me, which I was very grateful for.

“Are you okay? Can you stand?”, he asked calmly.

I nodded, afraid my voice would pull something weird and hoisted myself up with the help of the door behind me. Swallowing, I held my hand out as a thanks and motioned that I was really okay.

I rubbed my temples and looked next to me to find Akaashi holding Oikawa’s shoulders who slowly staggered away with Kenma who trailed behind them with his vanilla scent focused on the Alpha.

“We’re getting him to the nursery and sending a beta nurse for Mikoto okay?”, Akaashi looked at me in reassurance and I smiled lightly.

I was just happy that the situation was over.

Turning to the door I slowly knocked and waited for an answer.

Mikoto knocked back, probably too strained to say anything.

As there was no impending situation now, I rubbed my wrist on the door to hopefully at least leave a trace of my supposedly calming scent. My nose twitched to check and the door in fact smelled like rosewater.

“Mikoto? I scent marked the door okay? Just focus on that”, I felt something pressing slowly against the door and hoped she leaned against it,” they’re bringing a nurse and Oikawa is doing fine okay?”.

“Okay”, her voice was shrill and high pitched and I felt a sting in my chest.

I should’ve been faster.

At least everything was resolved now I guess. Scratching my head and making my way towards the hall I spotted someone behind the glassdoor to the left at the far end of the hallway.

Starting to jog towards the figure I instinctively started sprinting as I picked up the familiar scent of Agarwood. 

Normally the scent was rich and strong, wafting around with an earthy touch, but right now an rotten undertone was overshadowing it. 


My scent reacted immediately and I caught Iwaizumi’s hand straining against the door framing, his veins popping out and holding onto for dear life.

With a rush I stood in front of him, checking for any indication of injury.

His back was pressed against the doorframe and his gaze was tilted upwards and away from me.

What is he doing?

“What are you doing here? I told you not to come back”, I stole Akaashi’s technique and rubbed my wrists together in an attempt to strengthen my scent. As a result, a long sigh came from him and his head dropped down to the floor. He let the door frame go and the flush in his face receded a little bit.

This couldn’t just come from me scenting the air. His self-restraint was unreal. Something that was designed to lure him in and capture his arousal and he still stood here straining against it.

Something broke a string in my heart. Alpha’s would always have a strong reaction to omegas. Always.

Iwaizumi gritting his teeth brought me back to this plane of reality. This wouldn’t help a lot.

This was always the case in the end. 

Alphas need to be calmed down, Omegas need to be consoled. As a beta, it was merely my job to oblige. 

I would rub my wrists and touch necks and even let others slump down on me. It was normal in this society and no one ever bat an eye at the beta touching the alpha, even if they were strangers. 

“Oh no we’re not involved, that beta just calmed me down.”

It’s always the same. 

I was glad I could help my friends if they were in trouble, but I was tired of coming to the rescue and to get used like a last resort to save others . 

I hated to touch people I don’t know, but I didn’t have a choice. 

Awkwardly I stepped a bit forwards, my chest almost touching his torso. He gulped and I tilted my head to the side, my neck wafting in a wave, a smell that was made to soothe everyone else but me.

How could he resist? It’s his nature to follow my scent. For a moment at least. 

It was always just a moment. 

I shuddered as he plopped his head on my shoulder and our scent glands touched. 

He relaxed against me and I almost took too much pride in that. Despite not alluring anyone around me, in the end they always needed to calm down from their high.

But it’s always just for a moment.

He inhaled deeply and somehow tears jumped into my eyes.

His scent resorted into the normal earthy smell I was used to and the stress dissipated completely when he retracted his head and looked at me.

Face no longer flushed and pupils a normal size his gaze snapped to the side in embarrassment. 


Don’t apologize.

“I’m sorry”, he let out and I sighed. 

“It’s okay, but I told you not to come back. Akaashi and Kenma took care of it”, I explained as slowly as possible. Everything in me screamed to run and escape.

“Is Mikoto okay?”

I hope so.

“Probably, yeah. I think the nurse is there already. Oikawa is fine as well”.

“Y-Yeah I know”.

Something gnawed at me and I was about to burst out and say it but I couldn’t. He would probably feel ridiculed or even worse, push me away.

“Are you okay?”, he asked and the sincerity in his voice caught me off guard.

My heart swelled but I immediately buried the feeling again.

“I’m okay”, I smiled a little but he wasn’t done.

“I can’t help it you know?”

I nodded, but I didn’t quite get what he meant.

“I hate the effect it has on me. I try to go away from situations like these, but Oikawa and Mikoto were there and I-” , he didn’t finish his sentence. His face scrunched and he turned away from me again.

I couldn’t help but smile more.

“Why are you apologizing? You wanted to get Oikawa away but you didn’t want to get too close right?”, I took a small step back.

He nodded.

“And you also brought Kenma and Akaashi? What are you apologizing for? You protected everyone and even came back, no need to apologize”, my gaze trailed over the floor, “it’s the betas job to calm you down. That’s all we do”.

His scoff made my head snap up. 

He looked annoyed, and I knew I had said too much. The moment was over.

“That’s all you do? You’re basically tearing every beta down with you when you say that”. 


He turned around and slowly walked away. 

What the hell was that? 

I’m tearing every beta down? 

His words followed me into the opposite direction, as I walked the hall to my down.



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