Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.02

art by @akazumii_ on instagram

The aftermath of yesterday was still drilled into my head. I almost can’t remember what happened after Mikoto was pushed into the room in front of me. 

I remembered anger and possessiveness taking over, the need to take something that was supposed to be mine. 


I rubbed my head to try and alleviate the persistent headache, but to no avail. 

The nurse had given me a tranquilizer and a calming pill for today, and I hated the effect it had on me. 

My sense of smell was dulled and it gave me a distorted perception of everyone around me. 

So annoying. 

I took in a breath in hopes to force the clearing of my nose but it didn’t work. 

On my way to class I fumbled with my brown sweater and fished my phone out of my pocket. 

Iwa still didn’t reply. 

“How rude!”, I cursed under my breath and was startled when someone replied. 

“What is rude?” 

The beta stood before me and even her normally calm rosewater smell only faintly smelled like roses anymore. 

I caught her flaring her nostrils, probably to check on my scent. 

“Are you feeling Uh- better?”, she stuttered out when she realised my brows knitted and I tried to calm down. 

“I’m just fine thank you very much”, my fingers formed a circle and I smiled at her while stepping forward a little. 

Her immediate reaction was to take one back herself and I didn’t have to smell her to understand the short flaring of fear. 

“Ah- that’s good, I’m glad you feel better!”, her hands writhed against each other and her eyes darted towards the hallway next to me. 

She obviously knew something that I didn’t.

“Asami”, and my voice was harsher than planned because she flinched at me mentioning her name, “what happened yesterday? Can you tell me please?” 

It was never my intention to hurt anyone, ever. But it felt like the puzzle piece that was missing to wrap everything up. 

“You should ask someone else I really shouldn’t”, she interrupted herself and fumbled weirdly with her arms. 

“Oh no it’s okay I don’t mind. You were there right? And you’re part of the beta committee, so you can tell me?”, I was confused as to why my heart started thrumming now. 

Why don’t I remember? 

I remember checking for Mikoto and a door. A door closing. 

” So uh-“, her voice snapped me back from my focus,”Mikoto was in heat”. 

Her eyes darted away but I couldn’t say much because all of the memories came rushing back. 

I was banging on the door. 

I was growling and pushing at the door. 

I punched-

Asami looked at me concerned and I tried to rearrange the horror that must’ve been on my face. 

“I am s-” 

“Don’t apologize!”, she almost screamed. 

“Please just, forget it happened, the beta committee already had a meeting and I just want to not talk about it any more”, she concluded. 

“It’s really not your fault Oikawa. That wasn’t you. I really wanted to calm you myself but it didn’t work”, she looked down. 

It was my turn to reassure her. 

“Oh no! It’s okay! You helped me out of there and Akaashi and Kenma as well!”, an almost grotesque smile etched on my face as I closed my eyes for a second. 

Asami looked a bit calmer now, and she smiled at me. 

“What happened to Mikoto? Is she okay?” 

Another flash of yesterday and I balled my hands to fist for a short relief of the anger I felt against myself. 

“Well Uh- she is – uh you know in her room and, and”, she flushed red and I almost did as well. 

Still in heat of course. 

So I can’t visit her. 

I have to stay away for a while. 

It’s my fault all of this happened. 

“Ah, I understand. Thank you so much”, I nodded with a smile and walked into the direction of my class. 

She passed me with a crooked smile and as she left my vision my smile dropped completely. 


Asami: Are you okay? 12:34 sent. 

After that conversation I sighed and dropped my phone into my non dominant hand to fetch the water bottle out of my bag. 

I gulped down a little to help against my sore throat and help the cold container against my recent eyebags.

That meeting yesterday was way too long. I still have two assignments due. 

I sighed as my phone vibrated. 

Mikoto: I’m okay! 12:36 read. 

I scoffed. 

Asami: No you’re not?! 12:36 sent. 

Even in this state she swallowed down the pain. 

She sent me back a whatsapp sticker. 

Stifling a groan I angrily typed back. 

Asami: let me helpppp, I can soothe u 12:37 sent.

Mikoto: nöp. 12:38 read. 

She made me wanna throw myself out of the window. Wait, that’s not helpful now. 

I knew that if I went there now anyways, she would be sulking and her ego bruised for a while. 

Ah, why!!

The flash of a familiar face that made my face flush in my head popped up. 

I quickly typed. 

Asami: if u let me help u ill tell you a secret. 12:41 sent. 

Mikoto:…. 12:41 read. 

Asami: I swear it’s something you don’t know. It’s a boy secret. 12:42 read. 

Mikoto: you can come after class. 12:42 read. 

Curiosity kills the cat! 

She said after classes which is a long way to go still, but a win is a win. 

No, I actually have to tell her my secret.




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