Why you can’t get out of bed sometimes (and what to do) 2/2

Now you may already know why you sometimes can’t get out of bed, if not read the first part of this blog post here, but let us find out together what we can actually do against that!

First things first, if you want to get out of bed there are multiple things you can do to boost yourself. Still, there is one thing you will need especially to even start this whole process.

What is that you might ask yourself?


That is the first step to achieving skills that can actually help you get out of bed.

Routine is a very easy way for the body to signalise the starting of the day. 

The important part is to stick with a routine even if it feels very difficult at first. Try to start your day with a singular action that you repeat every time. The benefit of this is that you don’t focus your mind to dwell on too many things at once, but only one single task.

This small task can be anything from making yourself a cup of tea to just making your bed in the morning. If the task is repeated for a longer period of time, your brain will register  it as the actual start of the day. When you get that far, you will only have to set your mind to the first thing on your schedule, and it will get easier to navigate your day.

If this is also too much and you need the motivation to get motivated (yes that happens as well), you might have to start tricking yourself.

I have learned that the brain is actually easier to trick than anticipated. 

If you have a problem actually getting up, and this might be helpful for people who press snooze too often as well, place your phone or alarm clock far away from where you sleep. This actually makes you wake up before you can press the ignore button in a drowsy state.

The body also reacts very heavily to lighting. If you make sure to keep your room dark when you want to sleep and bright when you are working, opening the blinds in the morning can become your personal start of the day.

If you have now decided on your starting point, it is important to keep working on your routine so you can effectively plan out your day.

A routine is easy to implement into everyday life and can seriously change the way your day plays out! If you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too much planning, try to find small events in your day that you can use as checkpoints to schedule your day.

Scheduling your day beforehand gives you the opportunity to actually plan ahead what you want to get done, how many breaks you’re going to take and what you want to eat on that day!

Be sure to plan your breaks and stick to them! Oftentimes one can get so absorbed in the work they are doing or get carried away that taking a break seems impossible sometimes, but your body and mind really needs to rest so it can work efficiently.

Other important tasks that you should take just as seriously as work are drinking properly, eating, taking breaks and actually doing things you enjoy for your freetime! 

Managing everyday life can become a serious challenge, and no one should feel ashamed for having trouble keeping up. Every person feels discouraged, unmotivated or depressed sometimes. As humans we are very moldable and should never think that we are stuck wherever we are. You are not alone in your struggles.

Waking up everyday is another blessing and taking control of your own life is something that everyone can manage if they set their mind to it.

Yes, it is okay that you can’t get out of bed sometimes. 

But you should always know that you can be the one who makes the difference.


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