Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.03

art by @edalnem on twitter

I waited at the line to pay for my lunch and fumbled with my wallet as I tried to swipe my card at lightning speed.

If anyone says anything or ushers me to move I might evaporate today.

“Thank you, have a goo-”, the cashier didn’t even hear me and already greeted the next one in line.

Chivalry is dead I guess.

Sighing, I rushed out of the cafeteria and took the snacks with me instead. It’s way too loud here. 

My phone rang suddenly and the shrill ringtone almost made me drop my precious food.


“Hi!”, I chimed, only to get screamed at as to where I was.

This is how she shows affection I guess.

“Please tell me you have a nice seat somewhere because I wanna eat my food in peace.”, I pleaded.

“Yes babygirl I got you, come to the tables in front of building one!”, her peppy voice ensured me that this was going to be a great day.

“All right!”, I smiled while hanging up and started slowly jogging to get there faster.

So entranced in my environment it took me a while to register the person waving at me from my peripheral vision.

I scented the air just to make sure and got closer to a table at which I saw Iwaizumi and Oikawa sitting together.

“Asami!”, Iwaizumi called, not too loud but with enough force behind to actually get me there. 

No escape possible.

“Hi”, I got out and cursed my throat for closing up suddenly.

“How you doing?”, the alpha asked with a pencil twiddling between his fingers.

I focused on the swift movement and shook my head to reply with a quick “good!” and asked both of them what was up.

“Uh, well”, he asked with a twinge of uncertainty, “how is Mikoto doing?”.


“Iwa-chan you’re so bold~”, Oikawa replied in a sing-song, and the strong smell of coffee made my nose itch. 

I forgot that the pill he took also dulled his own smell, but now it was as aggressive as an alphas smell typically was.

“Shut up!”, he bellowed and Oikawa dodged a balled up piece of paper.

The quarrel made me chuckle and my scent probably widened its range because I saw both males relax and smile at me.


“Anyways, thank you for worrying so much, but she’s fine. I think she will probably come to class tomorrow!”, I smiled back and ground the heel of my shoe into the ground.

“That’s good, I’m glad to hear that”, Oikawa replied politely and I tried to understand the face he had while saying that.

“Yeah me too, I guess I’ll see you in class then?”, Iwaizumi’s eyes trailed to the foot that already tried to escape into my destination.

I really wanna eat man.

“Yeah I’ll see you around!”, I waved and made my way to Shiro.

It couldn’t get unnoticed that agarwood was stuck in my nose now, and the worst thing about it was that I didn’t mind it.

“Asami!”, a young girl’s voice yelled and I couldn’t help but laugh.

I raised my hands in defeat and already heard a low complaint from another crouched figure.

As I walked closer to the table, I saw Kenma and Shiro sitting next to each other and Akaashi opposite them.

She wasn’t alone, but I didn’t mind the presence of either of those two.

The table was made for four students and was outside in the gardens, but a glass awning saved the ones underneath from nature.

I slid in next to Akaashi and threw a glance at him reading before I slumped down. 

Akaashi was a bit harder to read. Since I shared some classes with him and saw him often in the library, we were bound to exchange talks sometimes. After joining the beta safety committee we started talking even more frequently.

But we definitely weren’t on a hugging basis. Kenma I knew a bit longer thanks to Shiro as they were childhood friends, but he was pretty reclusive.

Normally I would have hugged Shiro, but since this was a weird sitting layout I just extended my arm and awkwardly hugged her shoulder. 

Nice going Asami.

Kenma was sitting in front of me now, his eyes trained on his gaming console and his legs crossed on the seat. He was wearing a black hoodie and black sweats, and even I found that a bit too depressing.

“How are you doing?”, she grinned and her voice had a calm yet excited undertone.

“I’m good! Tired from class though”, I sighed and sinked into my arms again before I remembered the snacks I had.

I giggled slightly and put the bag on the table. For the first time in awhile I didn’t overthink my actions. I felt safe and accepted and this was my place.

But someone should be here.

Shaking away the negative thoughts I focused on the snackies.

I placed some packed sushi on the table and Shiro made a low sound in awe.

I continued to place various items on the table.

An iced peach tea and dumplings to go with my sushi, and some crisps for later.

I held the pack of two rice balls in my hand for a second and looked at the man seated next to me before I slid it over.

He made a short “oh” sound and bowed his head down quickly. I returned the gesture and felt happy I wasn’t rejected. Even though eating together isn’t a huge deal, I still didn’t want to come over as too quick. 

“You didn’t have to do that”, he fumbled with the wrapper and I smiled at his reserved attitude.

“No, you saved me at that meeting, so I have to thank you”, I patted the table instead of touching him and my face snapped to Kenma who sheepishly looked at the snacks.

“Uh, I got you something too, if you want it?”, I dug in the bag to pull out a small apple pie and his eyes lit up like the ones of a cat. 

“Thanks”, he mumbled with the pie in his hand but was already in a whole other world again.

“That’s so cute of you”, she exclaimed with a sheepish smile.

“This is for both of us! Come eat with me”, I shoved the sudhi into the middle and pushed chopsticks into her hand. She was about to say no but I ushered her again to eat.

I stopped talking and started to chow down on the food. 

As a matter of fact, most of us were quiet for a while until our bellies were full. Everyone engrossed into their studies, games or studies. Normally Mikoto would’ve already started a conversation, and although I always said I was tired I really missed her.

My mood dropped a bit, but I tried to play it off.

“Did you finish your essay for tomorrow?”, Shiro asked with sushi in her mouth. 

I distorted my face in disgust. 

“Do I look? Like I would?”, she snorted and I held back my laughter. 

“I do hope you finished your project for anatomy tomorrow?”, Akaashi asked calmly, soothed by the nice atmosphere but ready to expose me then and there.

I turned around to him and remembered the art project we both worked on together. 

“Ugh, yeah but I think I’m gonna fail it anyways. My hands are horribly drawn” 

“You didn’t fail last time, just finish it and we’ll see”, he prompted and I nodded off absent minded. 

Wait, was that his way to tell me get off my butt?

“You’re really in your head today”, Kenma slowly retorted. 

Am I? 

Is there something I’m thinking about? 


I rubbed my head in anger and shook my head. 

“No?”, but my voice was way too strained to sound confident. 

“Kenma’s right though. You are kind of absent”, Shiro tilted her head and looked at me and then at Kenma.

“Spill”, she grabbed my arm and I almost retracted it before she grabbed my other arm. 

A grin etched onto her face. 

Akaashi’s eyes sometimes drew away from his book to observe the chaos that was about to ensue, but had seemingly no inteerst to retort back.

Oh my god. 

“Who is it?” 


“Wh-what are you talking about? I’m just tired”.

“We know, you’re always tired”, Akaashi fired back. 

He’s right, but ouch!

“Ah”, I held my head raking my head for a coherent thought process.

What are they talking about? 


My heart picked up the pace but I refused to listen. Another stupid crush. 

It wasn’t worth the trouble. 

The sudden sadness overrode me and I slumped into my arms. 

“Alright, don’t mope around, I was just teasing myou”, Shiro patted my head and I pouted again. 

“Class starts soon”, Akaashi tried to start moving around and pack his stuff but nobody moved.

Probably his way to tell us to stop with the nonsense.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to ditch class? Again?”, Akaashi looked slightly annoyed, and sometimes I felt for him. 

“We’ll see where the way leads us!”, I retorted and Shiro gave me a Highfive. 

Akaashi left the table and I waved at him anyway. I should really get my senses into control, but all I could think about for the rest of the day was that earthy scent in my nose.



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