Goodbye my dream part 13

I shifted a bit as I realized I was lying on a desk, head hidden between my arms as my eyelids opened and were greeted by a wooden plank.

As I slowly rose my head, still drowsy I noticed the familiar surroundings of a classroom until my eyes darted right in front of me meeting two chocolate brown eyes watching me with a grin.

The grinning face that sat facing me at the same desk, head propped on one hand as he pushed his cheek against his palm even more while tilting his head to observe my probably shocked reaction.

Being watched while sleeping is very creepy there is no other way to describe it…

“Finally awake, huh?”, I scanned the man who had dyed his hair blonde while his sides and neck still showed his original darker hair-colour and relaxed as ever on a chair that he sat on backwards.

“…”, it took me a second to realize that he actually asked me that and I nodded before inconspicuously checking the classroom again with side-glances not letting the man in front of me out of my sight.

Why does it feel so familiar?

Isn’t that supposed to be a dream, it doesn’t feel like one at all.

Straightening my posture as I tried to not touch my knees against his, I pinched my arm under the table knowing he wouldn’t see that.

It doesn’t hurt, means I am for sure dreaming…

Another trick I tried to push my hand against the other and I felt it slip through but I didn’t look down to not make him realize what I was doing, still his eyes shot down and back to me as only his index- and middle-finger were left on his cheek now.

“Don’t worry you are fully awake at the moment, well at least let’s say aware would be the much more fitting term”, he removed his arm that was propping his head and leaned in a bit to catch my gaze before his face had an eerie smile side-grin.

“I know, I know it’s a dream. I was just checking since… uh”, how should I explain it looked like my real-life classroom?

“I see…”, he muttered and the gaze that I had averted a second ago shot back to him as he heaved an eyebrow, “in your dreams you are a goody-two-shoes, aren’t you?”

The voice sent chills down my spine as his face surely was grinning but his overall aura wasn’t friendly nor inviting at all, rather it made me even more cautious.

What… does he mean with that?

Goody-two-shoes? in my dreams?

“Hey don’t get yourself worked up about it”, he leaned back and shrugged as I stiffened and the tension made me stand up slowly, walking around the classroom to avoid his piercing gaze.

Even so I felt his eyes watching me in every action I was doing with that plastered smile on his face.

Yet I was even more surprised about the details in the classroom as I stopped by the board which had the very same posters and pins as in real-life.

Does my brain still remember all of those details?

If I tried to remember them if someone had asked me I surely wouldn’t even think I noticed them.

I heard the footsteps behind me approaching and coming to a halt.

“It’s interesting, isn’t it? Of all the dreams you could have chosen you sure choose only things that are familiar”, he now stepped next to me as he leaned forward to read a list with one hand on his hip and the other rubbing his chin, still smiling as he was focussed.

My eyes darted to the list which was unreadable beside two names as the others were blurry.

Miya Atsumu.

And my name…

I surely know there wasn’t someone in my class who had the name Atsumu…

From the corner of my eyes I watched him scan the list further.

“Is that wrong or weird? I thought it was natural”, I muttered.

He as well fixed me from the corner of his eyes as his mouth dropped his smile looking surprised.

“Not at all, not at all”, despite the corner of his mouth lifting again his voice was weird.

I turned around to him and heaved an eyebrow in suspicion, his tone was ambiguous ever since I entered this dream.

He as well turned around, still one hand on his hip and the other on his chin as he faced me, his eyes smiling as well, “It’s just sad.”


Before I could see anything he grasped my shoulders with both hands tightly while his eyes widened just like his smile that almost seemed distorted while he leaned in closer to face me, his face only some centimeters away.

“Imagine all the things you could have dreamed, you could have felt and done all this time, but you chose this of all things? Because you feel safe and comforted here, a familiar place won’t make you feel scared that it would fall apart?!”, despite his voice being energetic it was not too loud which made it even more scary.

He is cunning.

A pair of fox ears and a tail suddenly popped out from him, his ears moving straight up and the tail waggled from side to side eagerly.

His head dropped for a second looking down and behind him, as stared down at himself, his smile vanishing in an instant.

“How disappointing”, his hands slipped away from my shoulder and he stepped back looking at the door.

“I guess a goody-two-shoes won’t choose a daring dream, that’s how it is. So many people dream of being in your shoes”, after the last words he started laughing dryly, “you know dreaming to dream like you”, then he chuckled before I started to see through him literally.

He slowly started to vanish, turning invisible slowly with every moment until I could only see his eyes that pierced through me.

“You do have the will and power, and yet all you do is waste it for nothing. Make sure to know what you really want before it’s taken away right in front of you.”



-Miya Atsumu-

@Ruttika_Shin on twitter

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