Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.04

 art by @edalnem on twitter

I sighed. 

Is she actually asking or is this her way to try and coax something out of me? 

No way. 

“Guess”, I replied and relished in the annoyed groan she let out. 

“Okay, so”, she stood up from the bed we both sat on and propped herself up next to me, “you were in heat for four days?” 

I shivered at the thought, so I just made a sound that should count as affirmative. 

“At least once a day right?”, she asked with a naive tone to her voice. 


“You’re kidding me!” 

I wish I was. 

“Ten times total!”, she exclaimed. Proud to have thought of such a high number.

Looking at the clock and realising class started soon, I started to gather my notes that I would need. 

I had to revise a lot even on my sick days, and I hated to be behind schedule. 

” Actually, I had to shower like almost three times a day”, I shot a knowingly playful glare to Asami, whose mouth just popped open. 

“You’re kidding me”

“Not even a bit. I would get out of an ice cold shower and it would help for like half an hour until I felt like burning up again”, I really tried most heat remedies like teas and exercises, but in the end everything I could think about was…


And his eyes as they widened in excitement and his nose twitching. 

The power he must’ve used to punch and kick the door. 

His scent. 

Freshly ground coffee. 

What a nuisance. 

I felt powerless against the things my instincts as omega made me feel, but I hardly could do anything about it. 

My heat probably came earlier because it was triggered by something, and it really was a hassle. 

But why? Is that actually a thing that happens? I’ve been using suppressants most of the time since I’ve presented as omega. 

It really bugs me

“Anyways”, I composed myself and threw a smile on my face, “I’m good now, so! Off to class!”  

“I’m coming with you”, Asami stood up, patted her legs and started to walk towards the door. 


“With me? Wait why would you come with me? I have biochem now”, I retorted with a confused expression. 

But as I saw by her keeping still by the door and waiting for me that this was a stubborn day. 

“Why would you wanna come to my bio chemistry class? Deliberately?”, the question would obviously be avoided by her but I tried anyway. 

“Hm, I just feel like it”, she swirled around and looked at me with a wry smile. Her eyes didn’t meet mine properly. 

Do I say something now? Or wait and see what’s going on? 

I didn’t like not knowing what she was planning in her head, but her wariness made me think this right now was not a good time. 

But something is fishy. 

“You coming?”, she asked and extended her hand but I playfully ignored her and wanted to leave the room before she could. 


Before I could get far away, something pulled me out the hallway and I was too shocked to punch back until my back crashed into Asami. 

“What in the-“, I cut myself off as she turned me around to face her and I looked to find her gaze. 

“Don’t move”, she said slowly and placed her wrists on my shoulders. 

What an attitude. 

“Aren’t I the older one hm?”, I teased and her eyes softened for a second before getting more focused again as she now placed her wrists on mine. 

The scent of rosewater enveloped me and wafted in waves over me, and while I felt comforted and protected, I didn’t understand why Asami looked so distant while doing so. 

We probably scentmarked each other a lot since we’re always around each other, but there was a silent aggressiveness to it this time. 

As she finished, she looked back at me and took a whiff of the air before nodding to herself.

“Satisfied?”, I asked calmly and she nodded again. 

“Can I hook your arm in?” 

“Sure if you wanna?”, she dipped my arm under hers just as I said that and we walked outside. 

We walked towards my class and we talked as if everything was normal again. I couldn’t shake the feeling I was missing something. 

“So you like biochem now?”, I tried again and was surprised by how annoyed she looked. 

“Biology is cool and all, but chemistry? Nope”, she shook her head and I laughed. 

“You could do something else, get snacks? You normally don’t come to class with me if it’s not interesting right?”, the question was legitimate. I wasn’t quite sure why she was so adamant on accompanying me. 

“Mikoto”, her tone was serious, but implied I didn’t get something. 

Don’t do that. 

“What?”, I blew back and she gave me another knowing look. 

I shook my head exasperated and she looked shocked and disappointed at the same time. 

“Oh my god just tell me!” 

Her arm pressed harder against mine as we arrived at the lecture hall. 

The doors were wide open and students were starting to go in and fill the auditorium. 

The person that stood in front of the entrance and used their phone to check a text shifted my perception and I subconsciously drove closer to the beta holding me. 

With a side glance at her I found out that she didn’t realise what I did because her eyes were trained on the Alpha before us. 

The smell of dark coffee came closer and closer and it became less intense when he looked up from his phone to us and spotted his signature smile. 

“Hi!”, he chimed and his wave was a stark contrast to the guy I met during my heat. 

“Ready for class?”, he asked, and I could visibly feel Asami gulping. 

He leisurely walked towards us and I wasn’t sure how to feel. His smile was a permanent feature on his face, almost looking too nice. 

“Hey”, Asami choked out and I was amazed that she was the one to say something first. 

Initiating the conversation? No way! 

I followed with a curt greeting myself, but only to be polite. I still don’t know what to make of this situation. 

Is this the reason Asami wanted to come with me? As protection? 

“Are you feeling better?”, Oikawa held a bigger distance than someone normally would, and I don’t know if it was for him or for me. 

Maybe the both of us. 

From the looks of it, his demeanor was very put together, but I felt something eerie waft from smell. 

It wasn’t stress or anxiousness, but his coffee scent felt a little stale almost. 


I mean it made sense he probably felt bad about everything that happened, and Asami told me about the conversation she had with him. 

He seemed remorseful, but not the type to apologize quickly. 

I don’t need an apology from him anyways. Was I even allowed to think that way? It was basically my fault that I didn’t catch my heat. 

I don’t know if it was me zoning off or if I was just in a whole other plane of existence, but Asami had tugged on my sleeve and I replied with an absent, “I’m fine, thank you”.

Anisaa caught my quick side glance and she seemed to feel something  I didn’t. Her scent was relaxing, so I thought it was okay to let her arm go. 

As I lost contact with her she let out a low hum and pulled me back in. She was smiling, but I knew that was just her way of masking. 

Even Oikawa seemed to have caught that. 

“You guys are good friends right?” 

“Yeah I guess so!”, I chuckled and I noticed both the alpha and the beta sniffing in the air. 

Asami cleared her throat and looked at the clock on the wall. 

“We should probably head inside”, with a tone that was harsher than I expected. 

Oikawa put his hand on his hip and tilted his head back in interest. 

“Yeah we should”.

I could feel the tension in the air. 



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