Haikyuu Quote Time: part 09

“It’s not like I have been playing in earnest the whole time. I ran away from it once too”

– Ennoshita Chikara

Ennoshita Chikara, the current second year of the Karasuno team and a wing spiker, might make the impression of being a simple guy. 

That is not the case.

His words to Asahi show us a strong regret that Ennoshita exhibits, a feeling that stays in the back of his mind. It also feels like a small encouragement from the second year to Asahi, in which he shows him that it’s okay to come back after having an impulse reaction.

Ennoshita is known to the fresh first years and his second year classmates as the hardworking and earnest guy who takes care of his team, he thinks of himself as very fragile and unfit to lead his team.

In the time in which senior Ukai was the coach for the team and the training and practices got too gruelling for the second years, Ennoshita among his classmates started to ditch practice. He felt bad about it at the time but repressed the feeling abandoning his team until he realised that his chance to shine was over. 

He actually wanted to play volleyball, he wanted to be there with his team and support them, but as he realized that and came back it was too late.

At that time, senior coach Ukai was hospitalized and the team slowly lost its original force. Slowly they fell behind and Karasuno turned from a team that resided in the nationals league to the broken crows that couldn’t fly.

Later on, with the help of the first years and the resolve of the third years as well as Takeda’s connections Karasuno got back to its original glory.

Now the third years worked hard from their first year on even when hope was thin, but Ennoshita left the team when he couldn’t handle the demanding practice which left him with a gnawing feeling of being a failure towards his peers.

In the interhigh-prelims, when Ennoshita was subbed in for Daichi he didn’t feel as if he could replace the strong mental support that their captain provided.

But Ennoshita was the only one who thought so.

The whole team was ready to listen to him and felt it was only right that he would be taking on the role as captain, which shows that Ennoshita sees himself as not fitting for the role.

This quote is a reminder that Ennoshita still feels inferior to the other players who have been working hard and doing their best to get the team to nationals, while our number six believes that he should stay behind. He tells Asahi that it is fine that his starting place was so easily given to the ace, because he shouldn’t hold onto something himself.

Ennoshita doesn’t feel worthy of it.

Why is that so?

Well, it is partly due to the fact that Ennoshita prioritized his own needs over the team, which is a decision that he would regret later on for a long time. Kinnoshita, Narita and himself even call each other the “ungrateful second years” because they didn’t appreciate the hard work that they had to go through to support their team.

Does that mean that Ennoshita didn’t want to support his team?

No, he definitely wanted to do so, in fact as he came back he became a huge pillar of motivation and earnestly for his underclassmen.

Ennoshita wants to support his team to the fullest, but still lets his regrets obstruct his own way.

It’s only after Daichi has to be subbed out and he is forced to take in the role as captain he realises, that everybody on the team dotes on him and truly believes in his strength.

Ennoshita might be a character with less screen time and a simpler appearance, but he is a core member of  Karasuno and everyone believes in him.

After winning the game against Wakunan, he himself realizes that wallowing in his regrets won’t get him further, but how he will challenge the future will.



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