BNHA Compatibility : La Brava and Gentle/Sidekick and her Villain pt.1

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La Brava and Gentle Criminal, the power duo villains that touched our hearts in the last episodes of season four in Boku no Hero Academia, yet despite knowing that they are with no discussion literal partners in crime they share an even more special bond than you think.

What is it that makes the power duo tied together like this and stand up for each other in the most crucial of times?

Why of all people La Brava and Gentle Criminal in the whole series of Boku no Hero Academia? Why should they be the most compatible team?

In the following blogpost, I will give you a slight inside on each of their personality traits, types and their relationship.

Because despite the proof that they surely are a perfect match due to the events of season four, we will use the magnifying glass on their MBTI match as well!

For those of you who never had anything to do with MBTI and what a little insight into that first while still being tied to the topic Boku No Hero Academia and personality-types, I recommend reading Nissa’s Bnha Shuffle Diplomat post that covers both INFPs and ENFJs short and clearly.

Gentle Criminal – The not so Protagonist (ENFJ)

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Gentle Criminal, for short Gentle is one of the Villains presented in the end of season four as mentioned.

He is someone who does minimal crimes that come off as rather prankish and not thought through while in the series it was actually confirmed that the way he plans things out never leaves a trace behind without intending to and following a certain pattern.

As he stated his primary goal is to carve his name into history to not be forgotten after he dies someday leaving nothing behind when he had passed on and making a name for himself.

Despite such selfish claims and the action that follow through, he is rather seen as a harmless villain which people make fun of on the internet, his one and only loyal fan would make La Brava.

As some may wonder: why would an ENFJ potentially be a villain?

I mean even the personality type is called the mentor or protagonist and part of the diplomats category and is mostly known to be one of the most altruistic personality-types next to INFJs.

Yet, as mentioned Gentle plans do not show a hint of altruism or traits that a potential ENFJ could hold, or does he?

For that we need to dive deeper into his character analysis, which will not be too long but cover the most important aspects of his personality.

As seen in the series Gentle doesn’t shy away from being in the spotlight it’s quite the opposite he seeks for a certain amount of attention both his goals and himself. 

Nonetheless if not needed he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight but wouldn’t mind as well if the situations worked out like that. 

The clear sign of extroversion is also shown in his demeanor beside being calm and composed, Gentle doesn’t shy away from being his eccentric self in front of people or even strangers. 

Explaining others his ideals, confronting even heros when needed and wanting to become part of a bigger community he is shown to be a people person who not only wants to talk to others but also engages in interactions with them. 

Dominant Fe:

ENFJs are known for their dominant trait which is the Fe, as they deeply care about the people around them more than they care about themselves which is the extraverted feeling.

They strive to be part of something bigger in the world which we clearly see in Gentle wanting to be known by people while doing his videos, as he wants his name to be left into history tying his emotional connection not to himself but with the world.

As the Fe shows that Gentle clearly knows how the people feel around him and especially sees and observes the feelings for example with La Brava, he doesn’t take a second time to use his natural understanding and motivations.

One special scene where we see that is that La Brava was clearly concerned about the dark circles around her eyes which won’t go away and Gentle saw he secretly struggling with it, the next time he started drawing those black circles under his eyes as well making him matching to her in order for her to not feel as concerned about them.

He immediately acted upon the feelings that someone else didn’t need to tell him about.

We also see in Gentle’s backstory that he used to dream about becoming a Hero and save people as he worked hard for that goal in order to connect and help others, despite deriving from that part he never hurt a person nor did he severely damage anything, as he only needed a certain amount of attention before leaving the crime scene.

It shows despite later on claiming to be a Villain Gentle never wanted to hurt anyone which showed his whole life changing into ruins when he obstructed a Pro Hero back in his younger days to save a person causing his natural emotional investment to overload a burden of guilt that he never could lay off anymore, as hurting someone else is the most scaring thing for an ENFJ.

Auxiliary Ni- Tertiary Se:

Gentle has one major goal which he tried to mainly fulfill through an infiltration of U.A during the sports festival: carving his existence and name into history.

Why would that be so important even if it meant to only make a point ,Yes, I infiltrated the most secure place in the whole country during the most crucial of times in which security is the most dense there

For anyone else this could have been viewed as a meaningless act that was irrational planned on a whim, why would someone of all things want to prove existence by infiltrating a high-school for such a reason?

Simply said, because it is not something Gentle planned out on a whim, quite the opposite he took all means to follow through his personal beliefs and values to make a perfect plan out of this scenario.

He did not simply decide to go there and infiltrate but planned everything ahead, within a strict time-schedule, path and a lot of research which would have led him to success if it wasn’t for Midoriya’s sudden appearance which wasn’t supposed to happen on both sides school and villains alike, as Gentle didn’t want to leave room for any incorrect or incomplete reasonings showing his strong development of Ni here.

In a world where Heroes are representing security and stability, which in the very series is shown to break down around season three, Gentle chooses the perfect place, time and goal for that yet in everyone else’s interest it might seem egoistical while for Gentle it held a noble cause and value.

The latter one is shown to be overindulgence of his Ni as Gentle is sure and irrationally amandant in going through with his plan since his fear of not being able to become known as Villain after failing to become a Hero is taking over his rational thought process.

If I can’t do that, who am I anyways?

ENFJjs are fully-known to indulge into a lot of work or relationships which need a lot of emotional investment to constantly feel like they are busy to avoid their own inner world, feelings and conflict with themselves.

The combination of auxiliary Ni with Tertiary Se shows that when Gentle’s Ni is missing or underdeveloped at times, as said his fear of nothingness is subconsciously driving him into a corner which justifies his own means and make them rational for him to ruin and endanger U.A’s school festival to carve his name into history.

Despite the fact that ENFJs are known for their will to cause good for others, in this case when being emotionally exhausted or driven into a corner in which an ENFJ is forced to confront their feelings they may show signs of selfishness to make themselves feel at least visible to others if they cannot feel that way, speaking here their missing Ni trait at times like that can make them jump to wrong conclusions and hinder them into seeing the bigger picture.

When that happens the common defensive behaviour results from the Se-loop as we see that Gentle is still deeply emotionally attached by his setbacks from the past as well as his outer easy-going attitude shows he may be fine he still takes the criticism to heart making him choose extreme ways to find a way to feel accomplished.

The feeling of being someone who cannot help a single person even if that person might be La Brava he forces an idea upon himself that this infiltration plan is his only way to redeem himself.

Despite that we can also see the balance of Ni-Se as Gentle still takes things easy before the big event of the U.A school festival as he enjoy tea at any places and speaks to La Brava over the wonderful meaning and beauty he puts into his work, wanting to create a much better place for people like them in the world.

Inferior Ti and J:

Last but not least comes the Ti.

As the inferior function shows when the dominant one is missing, it can be described as not being oneself when acting upon the inferior.

Gentle who has a dominant Fe but inferior Ti was also seen in the last episodes to act upon his Ti rather than his usual dominant Fe.

His reasoning towards the end became more muddled and biased as his judgement wasn’t based on a good plan anymore but due to him running into Midoriya who was a copy of himself when he was younger destroyed his well-thought plan that was potentially a success if it wasn’t for the former.

Also when he tried to save La Brava against her own will and forcing his own judgment upon her to meddle into her decision of wanting to stay with him even if it was in Jail, he still refused to accept her criticism on that.

Gentle is also shown to be easily influenced by how people approve of him in any way, which means despite him not being shown to heed any attention to what people say he still does measure his worth by the recognition which again shows that the former discussion that he fears to be forgotten is connected to this aspect.

He grows pessimistic by people around him which is shown before he met La Brava he was a total mess right after the incident in which he hurt someone as he couldn’t even take care of himself and his classmate didn’t remember him.

The worst thing happening to an ENFJ not knowing who you are but others don’t remember you as well.

Fe which shows emotional connection and meaningful bonds with people like Gentle did in his school time and with La Brava, when absent he seems to not be able to sympathize with Deku fully as he needed a bit before actually seeing the similarity as he before judged him to be a nuisance that he has no time for since his bigger plan that was totally selfish overtook his mind.

As ENFJs have the Judging trait, they tend to see further in the future and being able to break themselves into working for what lies ahead, sometimes even further than the actual goal as their heads are clouded by what still needs to happen instead of what is happening.

Gentle as well could bear with all that is happening and his big plan that was thought through since he hoped for a much bigger goal in the future.

Even if that meant to take years and emotional effort shown in his slightly perfectionistic nature.

Compared to other people in Boku no Hero Academia with the same personality type it is clearly seen that despite the many differences due to their position in society Gentle shows a lot of similar traits with his type siblings Toshinori and Mirio who also are ENFJs.

As all of them share the reckless behavior of not valuing their own feelings and self in order to sacrifice themselves for a greater cause in which they believe in. 

All of their efforts initially were driven by the feeling of being useless, meaningless and of no use for others, especially Toshinori who originally was quirkless and Mirio whose quirk was not useful back in his childhood and teens. 

The approval of others which they indirectly seek does influence their own self-confidence and awareness, as well as pressuring them into working more than they could take. 

Like Gentle both of them ignore the advice or threat of others as they see their own truth as meaningful enough to justify their actions despite the fact that in the end it caused more damage than needed when the Ni-Se is unbalanced. 

There is also the weird switch between a thorough thought plan/action and sudden behavior of irrational selfish behavior that stems from the desire to be of use to someone and going through which seems meaningful to oneself. 

It’s not easy to spot since Gentle is a villain unlike his hero ENFJ peers but Gentle is the manifestation of what is possible if things do not work out and get off rails if an ENFJ is not mature and supported enough in life balancing out extreme traits that may conclude into the path Gentle took.

In the next post we will cover the best partner you can have – La Brava our INFP love mediator!

Stay tuned for the next parts as they will all connect to each other, they are a bit longer so we split them into three.

La Brava some royal flush please!

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La Brava INFP Analysis(Next)

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