Goodbye my dream part 14

This time I woke up in the midst of water, it was reaching up to my hips but I wasn’t particularly bothered but surprised by the very realistic feeling of it being cold.

Below my feet I saw railways that must have belonged to a train station and indeed when I started turning around I saw the clocks, benches and awnings of a typical train station despite the railways reaching upwards twisting towards the sky and back as they either were below the water when on the ground or dripping when in the sky.

I climbed with all my might up to the actual station, heaving one leg up before realizing someone was already sitting and waiting there as he was observing me with a nonchalant expression which he averted immediately.

The moment I looked down it must have been due to my insensitive behaviour thinking I was alone as I heaved my leg in a dress with no regard to my surroundings.

With a swift movement I jumped to my feet, dusted off my dress and gazed back at the person.

How could I think I wasn’t alone, it was never the case before anyways…

“Hello”, I called him which made him glance from the corner of his eyes before turning back completely with a nod as response to my wave.

As I stood in front of him facing the metallic blue eyes that wore a frown most of the time he stopped leaning forward and straightened up.

“Akaashi, I didn’t see you at all  before I climbed up”, I tried to hide my embarrassment of the little accident but in return the usual stoic face looked surprised and he stopped playing with his hands that were hanging between his legs casually.

In an instant the surprised face turned into a natural and composed smile that was much more soothing than anyone’s smile I had seen yet, especially since he seemed like a person who rarely smiles but is much more on the serious side of things. 

“Does that mean you intentionally brought me here? Was it that you wanted to see me this time? Or maybe it turned out that I was the one coming while you wished for somebody to come-“, he stopped his deduction when I walked up to him and took a seat right next to him, putting my hands in my lap and trying to follow his train of thoughts. 

Despite Akaashi being very calm and quiet he seemed to be a rather cautious person. 

I wonder if it was a coincidence since he seemed like someone who knows a lot. 

Maybe I really wanted him to come because unlike Bokuto last time he knew what was going on or at least it sounded like that… 

Lost in thought I didn’t even realize I was staring at him before I saw his face tense up more and him playing with his fingers again hiding them from my gaze. 

“You know if you have a question you can just ask, it would be rather bothersome if you left again and kept it in… Could make your next dream much more troublesome and I don’t want to be in it when that happens”, he simply stated with furrowed brows but unlike before he seemed more concerned or even annoyed than confused. 

“You know I wondered… last time we met you wanted to avoid a scenario like the others to happen. It seemed you knew much more than either I or Bokuto did. So I wanted to ask if you could help me out a bit with this confusing thing about awareness”, my voice trailed off as his gaze was fixed on me. His mouth was slightly open as if he was caught off by that question.

“Is that what bothered you? I mean I said I won’t let that happen again but it sure did happen several times. Yet the only thing I can tell you it is not that I particularly know the answer to this and I am not much wiser than Bokuto-san in that matter as well”, his eyes wandered to a train that was moving on the rails in the sky as it quietly chimed several times.

It sure looked like he knew.

I caught him doing the same thing as I did in my last dream, as he pushed one hand against the other one which slipped through while watching the train.

“Then who knows the answer? I really thought you could give me a hint”, when I said that out loud his eyebrows twitched for a moment before going back and he looked back to the ground watching me from the corner of his eyes.

“The answer is not universal, that is the first thing. The first time we met it was simply that you were like Bokuto-san almost unaware of what is happening around you, but still a bit wiser what could possibly happen from past experience”, he closed his eyes for a moment.

“But Bokuto-san is rather simple-minded as he takes things as they are and you are quite the opposite”, with a very soothing voice he turned his head to me and put an index-finger against his temple, “Unlike him who is simple-minded and doesn’t complicate things as he doesn’t think them through, you are much more on the overthinking side which makes you rather similar to…”, he stopped and averted his gaze again, his finger slowly falling back to his side.

“You know”, there was a helpless little grin on his face as he was surprised by the train holding right before our eyes.

The door opened as no one was in there, but a sudden force pulled me into the wagon when I turned around Akaashi stood outside of it and looked to the side before muttering something I didn’t clearly understand.

Chiming sounds announced the closing of the doors before I could see Akaashi waving with a slight smile.

What did he want to tell me?

I really wanted to know…

“Dear passengers-”, the announcement had a weird static noise as it shut down and I saw the sky and clouds from the windows of my passenger seat.

The announcement noise came back and the voice was replaced with a message.

“You know, sometimes being simple-minded can be a blessing. So I don’t think I am much wiser than Bokuto-san or you.”



-Akaashi Keiji-

art by @miu_akatsuki on instagram

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