Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.05

art by @edalnem on twitter

I am so close to losing it.

I took Mikoto’s arm and started walking towards the entrance of the lecture hall. 

Oikawa was a couple of metres in front of us and entered first, and I purposefully slowed my steps a bit to hush something into my friends ear.

“This is why I came with you”, I mumbled and retracted my head from her ear.

“You do know you’re extremely dramatic right?”, and the smile on her face was evidence that she didn’t mean that really, but she was right.

I didn’t like this whole situation. I didn’t like the way I had to sniff the air every five seconds to check if everything was okay, and I sure as hell didn’t like the gazes Oikawa shot me.

We entered the room and I immediately checked for places in the back but I was slightly taken aback by how full it was.



The hall was packed with people and that really didn’t help me calm down. 

Smells everywhere and muddled together. I could smell all kinds of scents overlapping and reacting to each other. most of them bored and neutral, but some excited or even sad.

My head hurts.

Stepping closer to the rows of seats and uncomfortably shifting my eyes through the students. Somewhere sitting in groups, others blocked seats with their bags and to my utter dismay, the back rows were filled the most.

Damn it.

“Where do you want to sit?”, Mikoto asked me and I shrugged, but I wasn’t going to plop myself down between some strangers with Mikoto sitting away from me. That would defeat the whole purpose of this.

The only reason I was here was to pry off every eyeball that looked at Mikoto. Annoyingly enough, there was one pair of eyes trying to get our attention.

“Over here! There are still two seats left!”Oikawa waved and smiled for us to come closer.

I guess that’s nice, but again, the whole purpose was to be far away from an impulsive Alpha. 

Mikoto’s caramel scent puffed up into a cloud and the sweetness of it caught me off guard, until I realised we made our way to the row Oikawa was sitting in. My rosewater scent still clung to her, but it was a lot more faint now.

Mikoto had let go of my arm but I kept holding on to her sweater. 

Before we squeezed ourselves into the row we wanted to go in, my eyes caught Oikawa’s gaze for a short moment.

I knew that he probably had no ulterior motive of his own, I knew that most of this was just a natural reaction to me showing possessiveness over the omega.

Still, his eyes somehow made my head replay the scenery from a couple of days ago.

The piercing eyes I met that day that were glazed over and in another world. 

His eyes, they were determined and hungry and most importantly fearsome.

Instinctively push Mikoto to the side so I would sit next to him.

What. Am. I. Doing.

I pushed down the seat and sat down, noticing the bewildered expression on Oikawa’s features, so I just opted for my favorite option.

No confrontation.

I plopped my arms down on the table and pushed my head into them, making it impossible to look at anyone.

“Asami? You good?”, Mikoto had sat down next to me and touched my arm carefully.

Turning my head into her direction while still staying smothered in my arms I grumbled an “mfine” and closed my eyes. 

I was tired anyways, so this was a good opportunity to relax and listen to what happens.

The scent of coffee tickled my nose and I played unbothered as the Alpha started to strike up hushed conversation.

“I didn’t know you took biochemistry! What’s your major?”, he asked and Mikoto reacted with a sweet shift in her scent.

“I study biology, what about you?”, her voice was just as peppy as it always was, but I felt like there was very strong politeness in her demeanor.

She seems very guarded.

“Oh I am pre-med!”, I could hear his smile without having to see it, and I didn’t like it for some reason.

Why am I so grumpy today? 


A loud shush ruptured through the conversation and I had to hold my smile to not blow my cover.

“I wanted to go into medicine as well, but it didn’t work out”, she concluded, and I remembered the two years she worked in a hospital to gain experience for her studies.

“Oh that’s unfortunate, but why did you go ahead with biology then?”

“I always liked biology even in school, so I thought if med school wouldn’t  cut it I would still go into a field I enjoy, and technically it’s all connected”, I felt her shift a bit closer to not getting too loud and I moved slightly in my arms.

“Ah~ well, I guess we will be seeing each other more often than hm? I’m often at the labs as well!”, I turned around swiftly and opened my eyes to meet his“.

Before he could talk anymore, he looked at me and caught me staring at him.

“That’s interesting”, I chimed and looked him dead in the eye.

Only this time, he reciprocated the action, and for a fluctuating moment I forgot that as a beta I was not a match against him.

There was a knot building in my stomach and I retracted myself from the table.


What am I doing?

His eyes were trained on me and my fear grew naturally. 

I definitely went too far now. 

He was only nice to me after the incident and I am overreacting over nothing. 

Why am I so scared? It’s not like I was the one who was nearly assaulted. 

Still, something about this situation made me build up all these walls for nothing.

Was I really protecting Mikoto? Or was this just to cope with the fact I was scared?

The worst thing is, it even seemed like she and Oikawa had a good conversation. Why am I even standing between that?

I sighed and closed my eyes for a second.

As I opened them, I let them trail over Oikawa’s notebook and his arms, but couldn’t bring myself to look him in the eye.

Why do I feel like crying?

“I’m sorry”, I hushed and my eyes glanced for a second at his features to find him raising a brow. 

I quickly averted my gaze again and buried my head in my arms again.

A faint touch made me calm my nerves a little bit, as I realised that Mikoto gently touched my back.

Come on man.

Raising only my head and gulping as I looked at him, I waited for an angry retort but he only kept looking at me with curious eyes.

Like he wanted to solve a puzzle almost.

“I-”, my throat felt like closing up and I was determined not to cry in the middle of a lecture,

”I hope I wasn’t too controlling”.

The knot started to loosen itself.

Maybe this was something I needed to get out to finally get over this whole debacle. 

“We talked before, and I think I’m just getting- you know, weird because it’s Mikoto’s first day back”, my voice was a meer whisper now.

Oikawa’s eyes had a different connotation now. 

The hazel orbs softly crinkled a little under their lids and the coffee smell turned from strong to a fragrant fresh one. 

Behind me the caramel scent was at an all time high in sweetness, and both made me feel safer again.

Oikawa leaned his weight a bit to my side while making sure not to get too close and his smile took care of any residual anxiety left in me.

I have never met an Alpha that was this comforting to a beta like me, and I was shocked when I realised that in my head all Alphas were dangerous.

“Do you feel better now?”, he asked sweetly and I nodded and drowned a little more into my arms protective shield.

“I was actually wondering about this because you were so polite a couple of days ago”, he chimed, “I’m glad we’re okay now”, his gaze jumped to Mikoto behind me and I finally let them finish their conversation.

There were still over 50 minutes left, and I actually felt my eyes slowly closing to take a nap.



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